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A high-performance IT organization sets itself apart from others through excellent service management, successful project management and pronounced agility. These organizations are able to react quickly and competently to changes and at the same time deliver top performance in the provision of IT services and solutions. As a pioneer in this field, we shape such extraordinary IT worlds through our bold consulting and training that not only imparts knowledge, but truly inspires.

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Michael Kresse, SERVIEW
Michael Kresse, Owner
"SERVIEW Trainings: Knowledge transfer in an entertaining way."

Imparting knowledge in a fun way, often referred to as "edutainment," is a method that makes educational content engaging and engaging to engage learners of all ages. This technique combines educational elements with entertainment to make learning less formal and more accessible, often resulting in a deeper and more sustained absorption of information.

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Brand new in the course program: Lean Six Sigma

Brand new in the course program: Lean Six Sigma

PeopleCert exam acceptance now possible via "Web Based Version"

PeopleCert exam acceptance now possible via "Web Based Version"

BMPK student ticket for only 19 euros

BMPK student ticket for only 19 euros


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Marco Bichel, Managing Director
"SERVIEW Consulting: Foresight and drive to reshape the future ."

To help you realize your full potential, we bring over 20 years of expertise in service management, agile approaches, project management and many other IT best practices to your organization.

This is how we specifically find the perfect mix to move your organization forward.

The most important thing is that people are at the center of everything. Because a team that is inspired, passionate and knowledgeable in pursuing a common goal can achieve anything.

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