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Back by popular demand: the paper tests are back!

Print is dead": Course participants have repeatedly asked us whether we also offer a paper exam in addition to the online exam. Now the time has finally come: for the ITIL Foundation classroom training and the PRINCE2 7 classroom training courses, you can now take a paper exam again! SERVIEW has fought hard for this option, with success: the "paper exam" option is now available in the booking process. With this option, you take your written exam together in the training room on the last day of the course - if you need time to study, you can also arrange a later date. The same applies to our in-house training courses: Paper exams are also available here with immediate effect. Good luck!

PRINCE2 Training ITIL 4 Foundation

Press release: 2024, we are ready for you!

What a year lies behind us! We have created places of learning, advised companies, facilitated encounters and exchanged ideas. When I look back on 2023, I think of entertaining events, exciting consulting projects, our revamped website and lots of new training courses, some in English to boot. We have achieved a lot this year and you have contributed to it. Thank you very much for that!

But more important than looking back is looking forward - because standing still and resting on our laurels is not an option for the SERVIEW team. That's why we're not taking a long break, but will continue in January, motivated and full of energy! In 2024, we will continue to support you with excellent training and extensive consulting expertise. I'm looking forward to everything that's to come!

Michael Kresse, Owner and Managing Director SERVIEW GmbH

BMPK24 congress program: The first speakers have been announced

Shortly before the end of the year, we put the pedal to the metal on BMPK: In addition to numerous Wild West specials and stage acts, the keynote speakers for 2024 have now been confirmed! Among them: top speakers from major companies such as Stada, Schwäbisch Hall, Fressnapf & Co. You can view the program in the web version of our app, which is now online. Have fun browsing!

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It pays to book early: 20 % for all IT pioneers

The bad news: Our 40 % promotion on BMPK tickets is exhausted. All tickets are gone! The good news: You can still save money, because from now on there is a 20% early bird discount on all BMPK tickets. This promotion is also limited, so don't wait too long!

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Heroes wanted: Your project for the BESTEXPERT Award 2024

This trophy brings the unforgettable adventurous spirit of the Wild West to the world of information technology! In 2024, we will once again present the SERVIEW BESTEXPERT Award at the SERVIEW Summit - BMPK, this time in three categories: ITSM, Project Management and Agility.

Have you successfully mastered a challenging project? Overcome obstacles, creatively improved processes or introduced something innovative into your company? Then share your experiences with us and show everyone what you have achieved - by submitting your project to the BESTEXPERT Award!

The expert jury will select two finalists per category from all the applications. They are allowed to present themselves and their project at the BMPK24 and have the chance to receive the accolade of IT pioneer. However, the ultimate decision as to who wins the BESTEXPERT Award lies with the audience. They decide which visionary pioneering achievements should be honored. The award thus stands - to stick to the motto "Wild Wild Best" - for the rapid ride through unexplored areas, for the masterful lasso throwing of innovative ideas, for the determined duel attitude in the confrontation with challenges. And so it goes:

  • Nominated teams will receive - 2 tickets for the main congress and the Expo (2.5 days) to experience the BMPK together.
  • They present their project on stage for about 5 minutes to convince the attending professional audience.
  • The teams that receive the most votes from the public in their respective category will be awarded the coveted trophy and the title BESTEXPERT in ITSM, PM or Agility.

Be brave, apply now with a short project description - we are excited!

Submit project More about the BESTEXPERT Award

Awarded: German Education Award for SERVIEW

Time to celebrate - us! SERVIEW has won the German Education Award 2023/24 in the category "Continuing Education PM Certificates" and that makes us incredibly proud! The German Institute for Service Quality, together with the news channel ntv, collected over 33,000 customer opinions - with the result that we are one of the most popular training companies. That's great! Such a fantastic achievement goes hand in hand with teamwork, a fearless determination to constantly improve and an uncompromising passion for our job.

Get started at SERVIEW: We have the career that suits you!

Are you passionate about your job and fully committed - but don't want to bend and expect your employer to take your personal needs seriously? Do you value an energetic environment and want to develop personally and professionally? Then get started with us!

Sales Manager in field sales: scope for development seeks exciting ideas

Do you love dealing with people and selling successfully with creative ideas? Then become a sales manager in SERVIEW's sales department! We give you the freedom to develop and prepare you optimally for your role.

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IT management trainer: Best practices in the spotlight

Do you sparkle on stage and ignite a rousing fire in the audience for your topics? Do you entertain complex issues in a playful way and get them across in an understandable way? Scrum, ITIL and PRINCE2 are not foreign worlds to you, but home territory? Then we should get to know each other!

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No suitable job for you? Then take a look at our careers page, we have other exciting positions to fill. We look forward to receiving your application!

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Agile and project management

Course comparison: IREB Foundation or IREB RE@Agile Primer?

Decision support for successful requirements management

The International Requirements Engineering Board (IREB) offers two important certifications in the field of requirements engineering: The IREB Foundation and the IREB RE@Agile Primer. Both certificates are designed to qualify professionals in requirements management; however, they differ in their focus and applicability. We take a closer look at both training courses and show you which course is the right one for your professional requirements.

IREB Foundation: A broad basis for beginners

The IREB Foundation is a training course that focuses on the basic concepts, techniques and methods of requirements management. It covers general aspects from identification and documentation to quality assurance. This training forms the basis for well-founded work in the area of requirements analysis and specification.

To the Foundation

IREB RE@Agile Primer: Requirements management in an agile environment

This course looks at requirements management in the context of agile development methods: Agile approaches such as Scrum and Kanban require an adapted approach to requirements management, and this is where the RE@Agile Primer comes in. This training is intended for professionals working in agile environments or supporting projects that use agile methods.

Discover the course

Differences: A key difference between the two courses lies in the focus of their content. While the IREB Foundation deals with general concepts of requirements engineering, the RE@Agile Primer focuses specifically on agile methods. This is reflected in the subject areas, which range from the identification of agile requirements to the integration of requirements management into agile processes.

Similarities: Both training courses focus on the quality assurance of requirements and the importance of a structured approach to requirements engineering. While the IREB Foundation serves as a solid foundation for all aspects of requirements management, the RE@Agile Primer offers an in-depth look at the challenges and requirements in agile projects.

Conclusion: The choice between IREB Foundation and IREB RE@Agile Primer depends on individual professional requirements: Foundation is the ideal solution for professionals who need a broad foundation in requirements engineering. The RE@Agile Primer, on the other hand, is the hero for all those who work in agile environments or support such projects.

Both training courses complement each other and offer the opportunity to expand your skills in requirements management. If you want to gain comprehensive knowledge about IREB, we recommend our compact course, which combines all the learning content of IREB Foundation and RE@Agile Primer and turns you into an IREB expert within 5 days!

2in1compact seminar

PRINCE2 recertification: What you need to know about expiration dates and renewing your certificate

Since 2023, PRINCE2 certificates are only valid for three years. This means that you should regularly refresh your knowledge to ensure you are always up to date. In our blog post, you can find out everything you need to know about recertification: we explain why it is worth renewing your certificate in good time, the three options available and the deadlines that apply. 

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How do I best prepare for my PRINCE2 7 exam?

Step one: Learn, learn, learn! But you can do even more to be optimally equipped in terms of content and technology.

For content security: mastering sample tests

Once you have worked through the material, you can tackle sample exams. These are questions that are also used in official examinations. You will receive the solution directly with them. This allows you to check which topics you should study in more depth. Tip: If possible, don't just take one mock exam. Repeat the material after the first time and then try the questions again. You will find that you answer more confidently and correctly each time.

For technical routine: Play through a test run

Technical exam preparation is just as important as content preparation. For proctored online exams, you need to install programs on your device or register on the exam provider's website. You should do this in peace and preferably a while before the exam.

Are you wondering whether you will be able to cope with the software during the exam and would like to take a trial run? At PeopleCert, the official examination institute for best practices such as PRINCE2®, you can take a so-called mock exam. This is a one-off run-through of an online exam in which you familiarize yourself with the technical conditions and the exam setup under "real" exam conditions.

Once you have gone through the procedure once in the simulation, you will know what to expect and can go into the actual exam with more confidence. Good to know: The mock exam lasts just as long as a "real" exam - this helps you to improve your time management skills. After completing the mock exam, you will receive a test report with the results.

To the mock exams

Service Management

Exclusive interview: "This is a success story"

What will happen to ITIL in 2024? And how is the new PRINCE2 7 being received by experts and users? We asked Markus Bause, Vice President Products at PeopleCert, the rights holder of these and other best practices. In this interview, he reveals how the project management world has reacted to the new version, which titles and qualifications were particularly in demand this year - and what we can expect in the new year.

PRINCE2 7 has been on the market for a few months now. How has the new version got off to a good start and how has it been received?

Markus Bause: "The response to PRINCE2 7 has been excellent. Project management experts around the world are giving us very good feedback on the changes and additions. Over the past few weeks, I have had the pleasure and honor of exchanging ideas with many experts at the international PRINCE2 7 launch events. We were in London, Frankfurt, Bangalore, Sydney, Tokyo and Beijing. The unanimous opinion everywhere was that the changes and additions, such as sustainability, data and AI, precisely meet the current challenges in project management.

PRINCE2's strength has always been that it can be adapted to any size and type of project. This flexibility in particular has been greatly improved in the eyes of the experts. Furthermore, the integration of the topic of "people" into all areas of project management has been very well received.

I am also very pleased with the feedback from employees who are new to project management. The fact that PRINCE2 is now easier to understand linguistically helps enormously with acceptance in companies."

What developments can members of the ITIL community expect in 2024?

Markus Bause: "Last year was very much characterized by the introduction of the ITIL 4 Practice qualifications and the ITIL 4 Master. This is a success story: never before has a new ITIL qualification been accepted so quickly! This shows how important it is to provide support for the practical application of service management based on ITIL. The ITIL 4 Master has also been well received: We already have 10x more ITIL 4 Masters than was the case in ITIL v3.

With the introduction of the ITIL 4 Practice qualifications, the 15 most popular Practice Guides have been brought up to date. ITIL has a total of 34 practices. The 19 remaining practices are now also being revised by international experts and will be released in phases over the next few months. No training or certification is planned for them for the time being.

Furthermore, 2024 will be all about providing assistance for better adaptation of ITIL in practice. We are working on playbooks, official templates and many case studies that will be published throughout the year. The publications will be characterized by quality rather than quantity. Following the extremely successful launch of ITIL Foundation eLearning, we will also be introducing official eLearning courses for all ITIL qualifications next year - and for PRINCE2 too. This will enable users to get to grips with ITIL individually and flexibly.   

Last but not least: Following the successful launch of the ITIL 4 Accredited Tool Vendor Program, a new ITIL Accredited Consulting Partner Program will be launched in 2024. Background: To ensure that ITIL is implemented with the best possible results in the user organizations, three pillars are needed. The first is well-trained professionals. The second pillar is a suitable implementation of automation, transparency and visualization - this is where the tool manufacturers come into play. And in most cases, experts are needed to help with the adaptation and application of best practices. Consulting companies take on this role. We see ourselves not only as owners, but more as guardians of ITIL. It is therefore very important for us to influence all areas of this eco-system and ensure top quality. This is why, after the accredited training companies and the tool manufacturers, the third logical step follows - the accredited consulting companies."

You can read more about this in part 2 of our big interview in the January issue. If you subscribe to SERVIEW MAG, you will receive automatic notifications every time a new issue is published. If you haven't already done so, sign up now to receive every issue straight to your email inbox.

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Input with added value: That was the ITIL TOOL DAY

Over 2,200 enthusiastic ITIL enthusiasts from all over the world, plus expert interviews, testimonials and a lively exchange: The first ITIL TOOL DAY took place on December 5, 2023 - the online event for PeopleCert's Accredited Tool Vendors program. Moderated by SERVIEW expert Björn Hinrichs, the event was a complete success!

In keynote speeches, the CEO of ITIL rights holder PeopleCert provided information about the ATV seal of approval and its many benefits - and made it clear why this is a real game changer in the ITSM market. Companies that have already successfully introduced ATV-certified software reported on their practical experiences - including AOK Baden-Württemberg and the construction company Leonhard Weiss. Last but not least, speakers from Atlassian, BMC and DCON also had their say - tool providers who have passed the extensive ITIL certification process and are among the first to carry the ATV seal of approval. This means that they demonstrably meet the highest standards in the industry!

Three hours full of input, Q&A sessions and professional exchanges between IT experts, managers, consultants, IT project managers and decision-makers went by in a flash. Anyone who was unable to attend the ITIL TOOL DAY can find all the important information about the ATV program at ITIL rights holder PeopleCert.

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ITSMF23 in London: We were there!

Last month, our two Managing Directors Michael and Marco and Sales Manager Sabine traveled to London to attend ITSMF23. At the invitation of PeopleCert, our management team were guests at the major service management conference in the UK. The program included first-class presentations from the industry, round table discussions, networking and face-to-face interactions. Thank you for the valuable exchange, the visit was definitely worth it!

How can ITIL be applied in the IT industry?

Day-to-day IT business in the digital world is characterized by flexibility, speed and constantly changing requirements. As a modern framework for IT service organizations, ITIL provides clear approaches here: It offers proven best practices and processes to efficiently plan, provide, support and improve IT services.

  • Service provision and support: ITIL helps to establish clear processes for the provision of new IT services and to optimize ongoing support. This includes, for example, incident handling, problem management, change management and release management.
  • Customer service: ITIL makes it possible to view services from the customer's perspective and ensure that they meet the requirements and expectations of users. This can be done through service level management and the creation of service catalogs.
  • Increased efficiency: The framework offers methods for analysing, optimizing and standardizing IT processes. This allows resources to be better utilized and costs to be reduced.
  • Risk management: ITIL supports the identification and management of risks in the IT infrastructure. This helps to minimize downtimes and increase security.
  • Continuous improvement: A central aspect of ITIL is the PDCA cycle (Plan-Do-Check-Act), which makes it possible to continuously review, improve and adapt processes.

Leadership and knowledge building as cornerstones

Two aspects are essential for the successful application and implementation of the ITIL framework in the IT industry. Firstly, successful IT service management requires real leadership: IT management with executives who want to drive change and modernization. And managers who want to build and establish modern and scalable organizational and service structures with vision and motivation. Employees must be given a central role in shaping and implementing these structures on their own responsibility. On the other hand, it requires the development of appropriate areas of knowledge relating to modern and agile IT service management. These branches of knowledge act as the basis for a solid and continuous design of the required structures in accordance with the ITIL framework.

Do you have further questions about the ITIL framework or its practical adaptation? Then please get in touch with us! Of course, you can also find out more directly at our various ITIL training courses for specialists and managers. Good luck with your next steps!

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How to implement service management: The communication strategy

In the last detailed article in our "How to Implement" series, we look at another crucial success factor for your service management implementation: the communication strategy. Communication is a central component of every service management project. A well thought-out and proven communication strategy therefore forms the foundation of your project.

Why? Quite simply, the larger the project, the more important it is to communicate clearly about the underlying causes and motivations, the expected benefits, the plans for implementation and the intended results. Communication must be directed at the right target group and it must convey the desired message and overall benefits clearly and consistently. This is the only way to ensure transparency and meet the entire organization where it stands. This reduces resistance, creates a common understanding and encourages everyone to pull together for your service management vision.

Communication must take place in all phases of the project. Even the first step, creating a sense of urgency, contains communication as a core element. The further the project progresses, the wider the circle of people with whom communication is required. After all, a service management project usually affects many, if not all, employees of an IT organization.

Style and sound make the music

Unfortunately, the principle of "a lot helps a lot" does not always apply in the area of communication. Rather, it depends on well-planned communication at the right time. We therefore define the following points, among others, in the strategy:

  • Who is responsible for the respective communication?
  • What are the messages?
  • Who are the target groups and when should you communicate with which target group?
  • How should the information be staggered and how often?
  • Which communication methods and which media should be used?
  • How is it ensured that feedback is possible and also obtained?
  • How is the success of communication measured and ensured?

It is well known that style and tone make the music. This also applies to communication as part of your service management project. Professionally prepared glossy brochures can make an impression in some organizations and convincingly illustrate the seriousness with which the project is being run. In other organizations, such brochures tend to create the image of an overpriced consulting project that only serves to promote the career of some executive who has no interest in the project or the employees. It's all about hitting the right note on the right instrument. Every organization is different and so it varies from case to case which medium is used to explain the project and in what style.

Anyone who sets up and implements the communication strategy in a service management project needs various skills. These include technical confidence and the ability to present complex issues in a professional and easily understandable way. After all, not all employees in your organization have the same level of knowledge. They may feel the need to discuss the measures taken on a technical level or need the opportunity to form an opinion without prior experience. An experienced consultant with specialist expertise and strong communication skills can help here. He or she also has the necessary sensitivity to address each interlocutor in a unique way and in a suitable "tone color". Our SERVIEW consultants will be happy to assist you throughout the entire implementation process - because they have the experience and know-how to make your service management project a success - not just in terms of communication, but every step of the way. Get in touch with us!

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"Get your employees on board early!"

Michael Heyn
Head of Consulting, SERVIEW

"SERVIEW has supported many consulting projects in recent years. Experience has shown: Implementing software alone is not enough. The human factors are just as important as the technical components: For a transformation process to succeed, it is crucial to get everyone involved right from the start. This point is regularly underestimated by many companies and can cause major problems in retrospect. As a consultant, I have often experienced this: when IT organizations present their employees with a fait accompli and only involve them once a lot of money has already been invested, there is usually a lot of resistance. The employees feel left out - it is then all the more difficult to promote acceptance and convince your own people of the new structures.

Early communication is therefore essential: it should be at the top of your list at the beginning of a transformation. Get your employees on board, present your plans transparently and generate enthusiasm! Are you unsure how to do this? Then we can support you with a targeted communication strategy. So that the whole team is on fire for your project right from the start!"

Michael Heyn, Head of Consulting

Only with a seal of approval: Why you should rely on certified tools for ITSM software

There are many ITSM tools out there, but beware: not all of them are ITIL-compliant. This can lead to considerable frustration and disappointed expectations among users later on. Save yourself time and effort and opt for tools that carry the "Accredited Tool Vendor" seal of approval! Your advantages:

  1. The seal of approval comes from the ITIL rights holder itself, is internationally valid and is therefore highly relevant.
  2. Each tool is tested for ITIL conformity according to over 650 criteria and accredited if it passes.
  3. This gives you high-quality tools that meet the highest industry standards.
  4. The ATV seal of approval also confirms that employees who develop, sell and implement the tools have an appropriate ITIL qualification and are constantly renewing it.
  5. You save a lot of time in pre-selection and research, because rights holder PeopleCert provides a list of all certified tool providers. It serves as a practical guide for you.
  6. Choosing ATV-certified software also ensures compliance with intellectual property rights and puts you on the safe side legally.
  7. The exchange of knowledge between the ITIL tool providers and the ITIL rights holder PeopleCert promotes innovation and contributes to tool development at the highest level.

You can find all certified ITIL tool providers on the official premium list.

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Your 2024 event calendar: You should make a note of these dates!

The old year is almost over - time to fill the 2024 calendars!

Here are our event highlights to make a note of:

May 15 to 17, 2024: SERVIEW Summit BMPK 2024: Congress & Expo for ITSM, PM and Agile (Pre-Congress from May 13, 2024)
September 12, 2024: ITIL-TOOL MEETUP in Frankfurt
September 17, 2024: ITIL-TOOL MEETUP in Munich
September 25, 2024: ITIL-TOOL MEETUP in Hamburg


We cordially invite you to all events and look forward to an exciting year full of encounters and knowledge exchange!

Overview of events


From basic to premium: BMPK tickets at a glance

As precious as a gold nugget: these are the BMPK admission tickets! If you want to visit the trade fair and/or congress, you can choose between six different tickets - also known as nuggets, in keeping with our motto "Wild Wild Best". From now on, we will be presenting them to you in detail one by one each month.

Expo-Nugget: The day ticket for the trade fair


With this ticket you have one day access to our large expo with around 50 well-known exhibitors, such as HALOITSM, DCON, or Atlassian. Wednesday & Thursday 9:00 to 18:00, Friday 9:00 to 14:30.

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Would you like to experience not only the trade fair but also the main congress with renowned speakers, lively networking parties and an exciting stage program? Then choose one of five BMPK nuggets!

About the nuggets

BMPK-Nugget 1: Expo & 2.5 days main congress including evening events

With this nugget you get:

  • Access to the main congress from May 15 - May 17, 2024
  • Access to the BMPK-Expo from May 15 - May 17, 2024
  • Participation in the Peter Maffay Foundation "Walk & Run" on May 15, 2024, 6:30 p.m.
  • Access to the Round-up & Bonfire on May 15, 2024 from 7:30 pm: After the charity run, there will be a barbecue and dinner under the stars
  • Access to the Wild Wild Best party on May 16, 2024 from 19:00 with a live concert by country band Truck Stop
  • Free shuttle service for arrival and departure
  • Break catering and lunch buffet

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The big IT industry get-together: Are you an exhibitor?

Everyone who is anyone in the IT industry will meet at the SERVIEW Summit BMPK24 in May 2024. As an exhibitor and sponsor, you will have a comprehensive opportunity to present your product portfolio and services to the right target group at the largest congress trade fair for IT best practices in Europe. Around 1,000 specialists and managers visit the BMPK every year and are inspired by your vision. Be there and give yourself the decisive edge in the competition for new customers and team colleagues!

In addition to an exhibitor stand, there are a variety of sponsorship opportunities, including

  • Sponsoring the BBQ
  • Cocktail in your company colors or with individual name
  • Beach flags and company logo on the big screen
  • Running shirt, water bottles & towels at the charity run
  • Congress bag with logo
  • Flyer display
  • Lecture slot in the stream
  • Company presentation in the app
  • Customized advertising banners with slogan option and much more.

All the leading providers are at the SERVIEW Summit BMPK24 - are you?

You can find more details in our exhibitor guide.

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IT marketing

Interview: Project marketing as a central key to success

A project that nobody knows about or that your own employees are critical of has little chance of success. This makes project marketing all the more important, says agency head Andreas Lehnert - and explains in an interview why companies should advertise internal projects more.

What is project marketing?

Andreas Lehnert: " Without marketing, internal projects are often not perceived at all or only with reservations - because they are too technical, because people are afraid of change and worry whether they will be needed at all afterwards. With project marketing, you make internal projects attractive to your own employees and the entire organization."

Why is project marketing important? 

Andreas Lehnert: "This ensures that your project gets off to a good start right from the start. You remove reservations, create transparency, motivate the workforce, reduce fears and build trust."

Which projects lend themselves to project marketing?

Andreas Lehnert: "In IT organizations, project marketing is often used when implementing new software and in change processes - in other words, for projects that take a while and are often considered tough. Project marketing plays a key role in gaining acceptance, especially for projects that are likely to be rejected or that entail far-reaching changes."

What measures and methods are there?

Andreas Lehnert: "From the intranet to creating videos and newsletters to events and equipping the rooms in which the project takes place - the range of communication options is huge."

What role do the archetypes play in this?

Andreas Lehnert: " The archetypes (see below) make it possible to communicate more emotionally, so that the message is intuitively understandable. Each project is considered independently and positioned on a suitable archetype - it can also consciously deviate from the company archetype."

To the professionals in project marketing

The ruler archetype: leadership, power & authority

Hero or magician? Rebel or protector? Brands that tell a story and touch their customers with words and images are particularly successful. This is achieved with the twelve archetypes - identification figures with emotional appeal that really bring brands to life. In our new series of topics, we will be introducing you to one of the twelve archetypes in each MAG. Perhaps you recognize your company in them?

The ruler makes the start, and that is no coincidence - after all, he is a born leader. His motto: "Follow me, for I know the way!"

Visionary leadership:

Brands that belong to the ruler archetype like to lead the way and have a strong leadership personality. They often have a clear vision and set themselves ambitious goals, radiating self-confidence and authority.

Examples of well-known ruler brands are the companies Louis Vuitton, Rolex, Mercedes Benz and Hugo Boss - in the case of the latter, the ruler personality can already be found in the company name. They all see themselves as leaders in their respective fields and convey a certain status of power.

Building authority and trust:

Herrscher brands like to be in control and demonstrate responsibility and commitment to their customers. They value quality, reliability and customer satisfaction. The pursuit of excellence and influence helps to create a strong brand image. They communicate with authority and persuasiveness. Ruler brands aim to lead customers and bring order to their lives.


However, the ruler archetype also poses challenges. An excessive urge for control can lead to the brand being perceived as too authoritarian or distant. It is important to find a balance between authority and accessibility in order to build a strong but also emotional brand.

What is the archetype behind your IT brand?

Find out - with archetypal brand positioning from UnitedCreation! In the workshop, agency head Andreas Lehnert introduces you to the archetype model, locates your brand between the different poles and works with you to identify your archetype. Both the values of your company and the character traits of your brand translated from these play a role here. You will also be provided with methods for bringing your archetype to life in your company.

Yes, I want my brand to shine

6 reasons for LinkedIn & Co: why social media marketing makes sense for every IT company

Is social media marketing only for fashion and beauty influencers? Not at all! IT companies also benefit from targeted communication via Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn. Here are six reasons why you shouldn't do without them:

  1. Interaction and image: Social media offer a platform on which companies can interact directly with their customers. Questions can be answered and problems solved here. This improves the customer experience, creates proximity and trust.
  2. Brand awareness and reach: By being present on various social media platforms, IT companies can increase their brand awareness, strengthen their image and increase their reach. Sharing relevant content can help to position the company as an expert in its field.
  3. Customer feedback and market research: You receive direct feedback from your customers via social media. Companies can obtain opinions on products or services, identify trends and better understand the needs of their target group.
  4. Employer branding & employee engagement: Social media platforms also serve as a recruitment tool. Companies can showcase their company culture and job openings to attract potential employees. In addition, a strong presence promotes employee engagement by making employees proud of their work and their company.
  5. Customer acquisition: Social media platforms offer a wide range of opportunities for targeted advertising and marketing. Companies can effectively reach their target group and acquire new customers through paid ads or organic posts.
  6. Industry relationships and networking: Social media platforms enable companies to network with like-minded people in the industry, create collaborations and benefit from the experience and knowledge of others.

Bring on the social media strategy!


The next issue will be published on

January 11, 2024