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Press release: We also have big plans for 2024

New year, new opportunities and challenges: What will 2024 bring? The IT landscape is evolving at an unprecedented pace and is being revolutionized by sustainability, advances in artificial intelligence, strategic planning and cloud migration. No one will be able to avoid these major trends this year. We also want to inspire and develop organizations and individuals in 2024 - and not just in Europe, but also in the USA: international projects and programs are waiting for us, especially in the consulting sector.

In May, we want to rock the BMPK, this time with an extended range of topics and a glorious event program. I'm really looking forward to it! As you can see: Exciting things lie ahead. We are ready to give it our all - because true heroes always find a way. And we will be happy to take you with us on this journey in 2024!

Michael Kresse, Owner and Managing Director SERVIEW GmbH

Video greetings: "This will be our year!"

A big thank you from our management team to you, dear readers, training participants and customers - together with you, we have achieved a lot! In 2024, we will continue to step on the gas to bring out the best for you. Changes, challenges, innovations: We are tackling them with heroic strength. And what about you? Make 2024 your year with lots of bold steps that will take you further!

Looking back: A cracking atmosphere at our Christmas party

Shortly before Christmas, we really let it rip again: Together with our colleagues from UnitedCreation, we came together on December 19 for the "Christmas party with a story" - and spent an entertaining evening with good food, music and great conversations. Business outfits were swapped for nativity play costumes and angels, shepherds, sheep and kings mingled with the guests. Even Santa Claus himself dropped by and delighted everyone with a personal gift. The traditional "Schrottwichteln", where many a curiosity changed hands, provided plenty of laughs.

Instead of job talk and business strategies, the focus was on community and enjoyment - and reflecting on what counts in both of our companies: Friendship, exchange and inspiring togetherness. This is how it can continue in 2024!

Top marks for our training courses: Thank you for the fantastic feedback!

"Lots of information packed into an exciting package": This is how Manuela K. from Mercedes Benz AG titled her evaluation of the "Leading SAFe 6.0" training - and thus drew the quintessence from the many outstanding evaluations we received this year. Many thanks for that!

Virtually all feedback praises our trainers, who convey the sometimes rather dry material in a tangible, clear and entertaining way. We are also pleased that our teaching materials and rooms are well received, as Nicole K. from Lufthansa Industry Solutions AS GmbH writes on behalf of many others: "Alex Bremer underlined the dry theory with many good examples. His pleasant personality contributed greatly to the good atmosphere. The rooms were well equipped and the teaching materials were well designed. The catering during the breaks was also excellent. 10/10 - would recommend!"

So we are not surprised that many course participants passed their exams afterwards - like Oliver L. from ghc solutions GmbH: "All in all, a successful course for passing the certification. Clearly structured approach - content brought to the point, without unnecessary boredom - summary of the most important content based on the workbook - practical examples also provided an insight - lively exchange was possible, which enriched both sides - pleasant and appealing communication to convey the learning content - very good tips for preparing for the exam - exam questions were integrated into the training at the end of each chapter - exam was passed afterwards."

Such great feedback is the greatest reward for our work. It's best to see our training courses for yourself and use our experience to develop your career!

To our training courses

Network & stay overnight: Welcome to the Boardinghouse!

Are you planning a multi-day training course with us, but have a longer journey? Then combine the pleasant with the useful and stay overnight in our boarding house!

The guest rooms have direct access to the Education Center with all our modern seminar rooms. Benefit from short distances and start the day with a hearty breakfast after a restful night. Well fortified and with no need to travel, the training can begin! After work, you can network with the other course participants in the English pub or relax in the leisure room with Playstation, TV or board games. So if you want to save yourself unnecessary travel stress, book a room in our boarding house for your next classroom course!

Digital offers: Learn when and how you want

Learn independently at your own pace: we have developed our digital offerings for you! We offer a lot of content not only as training courses, but also as e-learning.

This means that you receive 365-day access to the SERVIEW Digital Academy. During this period, you can complete the material flexibly according to your personal schedule. Start whenever you find the time. Take a break in between and continue when it suits you again - at home, in the office or on the road!

You will learn all the content with memorable images and extensive examples, while animated practical scenarios deepen your theoretical knowledge in an entertaining way. Learning checks and sample exam questions are also included and prepare you optimally for your exam.

We have also produced two comprehensive video libraries for ITSM and agile topics. They each contain over 40 specialist videos with 300 minutes of knowledge and serve not only as exam preparation, but above all as a supplementary reference work: the video collection will remain at your side as a loyal companion even after the exam. You can book the libraries as an additional package for €99 to your ITIL training or agile training courses such as Scrum - and access them 24/7 via desktop, tablet or smartphone.


Discover all e-learnings To the Agile Video Library To the ITSM Video Library

Agile and project management

Masterpiece on paper: The printed Scrum book is here!

The digital version is now followed by the hardcover version: our reference book "Scrum Master & Product Owner - Everything you need to know" is now available everywhere for 39 euros. You can expect almost 300 pages packed with useful knowledge: From the advantages of agile working methods to roles, artifacts and events to complementary frameworks, our masterpiece will take you deep into the world of Scrum.

Of course, methods and techniques for Scrum Masters and Product Owners are also included, enriched with practical examples and tips for your success in everyday working life. There is also plenty of advice on exam preparation. The quickest way to obtain the printed Scrum book is via BoD Buchshop, but it is also available in stationary bookshops and from all well-known online retailers.

I must have it!

Proven meets innovation: how modern project management succeeds

From now on, a series of guest articles will enrich our MAG: author Madlen Lipski is an ITIL Master and Management Consultant at SERVIEW . She is passionate about supporting companies on their path to digital transformation - and shows in her article how modern project management combines traditional methods with the latest trends and technologies.

1. basics and proven methods

Project charter and planning: The project charter sets out the framework and objectives, while the project plan defines the activities, resources and schedules. Flexibility is essential here in order to be able to react to changes.
A rigid approach can become a problem if unexpected events occur. Therefore, the adaptability of the plan is crucial for the success of the project.

Stakeholder management and communication: Effective communication and involvement of all parties involved are essential for the success of the project.
Example: Regular updates and feedback loops can avoid misunderstandings and promote a common understanding.

2. modern trends and technologies

AI and automation: Artificial intelligence can support data analysis, risk assessment and decision-making.
Example: An AI-supported analysis could predict potential risks and provide recommendations for action.

Cloud-based project management tools: Tools such as Asana and Trello make it easier to organize and track projects.
Example: A distributed team uses boards to visualize project progress and improve coordination.

Remote working and managing distributed teams: Effective management of remote teams requires special approaches and tools.
Example: Regular virtual meetings and the use of collaboration tools keep the team synchronized.

Data analysis to improve performance: The evaluation of project data supports continuous improvement.
Example: By analyzing past project data, future projects can be planned and managed more efficiently.

Gamification to increase motivation: Introducing playful elements can increase commitment and satisfaction within the team.
Example: A points system for completed tasks increases motivation and promotes healthy competition within the team.

3. emotional intelligence and agile methods

Emotional intelligence in project planning: The importance of emotional intelligence in team leadership and communication is crucial.
Example: A project manager who is able to perceive and respond to the moods of his team can avoid conflicts and increase motivation.

Agile methods in practice: they offer flexible, adaptable approaches for different projects.
Example: In a software project, the use of agile methods such as Scrum or Kanban can help to respond quickly to user feedback and improve the product effectively.

4. conclusion and follow-up

Documentation: In addition to the final report, lessons learned and forward-looking recommendations should also be documented.
Example: A careful analysis of project obstacles can help to avoid similar mistakes in future projects.

Post-project evaluation and benefits realization: Checking whether the project objectives have been achieved and what impact the project has had is essential.
Example: Tracking the project objectives after 90 days can show whether the intended benefits have actually been realized.


Today, project management is a combination of proven methods and modern technologies. It is not just about managing projects, but about enriching them with innovative approaches and tools and thus leading them to success.

Structure or flexibility? PRINCE2® vs. PRINCE2® Agile

Both methods are used successfully in project management. But when should I use classic PRINCE2 - and when should I use the agile variant? In our blog post, we reveal the specific characteristics of each method, name the differences and show which approach is suitable for which challenges. You will then be well equipped to make the best choice for your project challenges!

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What is DevOps and is it agile?

DevOps is a culture, practice and philosophy that aims to improve collaboration between software development (Dev) and IT operations (Ops). The term DevOps is made up of the words "development" and "operations" and emphasizes the integration and communication between these two areas.

In the traditional model, development and operations are often separate departments with different goals and processes. DevOps strives to break down this separation to enable a more efficient and smoother software development process.

The most important features of DevOps are:

  1. Collaboration: DevOps promotes close collaboration between developers and operations teams. By breaking down silos, teams should pursue common goals and learn from each other.
  2. Automation: This is a key aspect of DevOps. Automating tests, deployments and other processes increases efficiency and reduces the likelihood of human error.
  3. Continuous delivery/integration: DevOps emphasizes the continuous integration of code changes and the continuous delivery of software. This allows smaller, more frequent updates to be made, resulting in more stable and agile software development cycles.
  4. Monitoring and feedback: DevOps attaches great importance to monitoring applications and infrastructure in order to react to problems at an early stage. Continuous feedback enables rapid adaptation to changing requirements.
  5. Cultural change: DevOps is not just a collection of tools and practices, but also a cultural change. Open communication, trust and shared responsibility are crucial elements of this new way of thinking.

DevOps enables organizations to deliver software faster, more reliably and in close alignment with business requirements. It promotes an agile mindset based on flexibility, adaptability and continuous improvement. DevOps and agility are therefore closely related, although it is important to note that they are not the same thing. DevOps can be seen as an extension or evolution of agile principles.

Both approaches share similar goals and values, including:

  1. Rapid deployment: Both DevOps and agility strive for rapid and reliable deployment of software to meet the ever-changing needs of the business.
  2. Flexibility and adaptability: Both approaches emphasize flexibility and the ability to adapt quickly to changing circumstances.
  3. Collaboration: Both promote collaboration between different teams and emphasize the importance of open communication.
  4. Continuous improvement: Both DevOps and agility rely on the continuous improvement of processes to increase efficiency and quality.

While agility often focuses on software development and project management practices, DevOps extends these principles to the entire software development lifecycle, including deployment and operations.

A key difference is that DevOps focuses more specifically on the collaboration between development and operations. The integration of automation, continuous delivery and monitoring are key aspects of DevOps that help to bridge the gap between the development and operations phases.

Overall, it can be said that DevOps can be seen as a practical implementation of agile values and principles that focuses on the seamless integration of development and operational processes.

To the DevOps training courses

Service Management

Interview: "Check it out, it's going to be super exciting!"

New year, fresh wind: In the second part of our exclusive interview, Markus Bause, Vice President Products at the PeopleCert testing institute, reveals what will change in 2024.
And this much can be revealed: It's a lot!

What is the new web-based examination option all about?

Markus Bause: "In the past, our ExamShield application caused some difficulties. You had to install this application on a computer in order to take an online exam. Especially on company computers, there were always challenges with rights and security requirements. To remedy this, we are now introducing a purely web-based version. It will no longer be necessary to install anything on PCs and laptops.

This is another step towards making it easier to take the exam and improving the exam experience. This makes life much easier, especially for learners who work in larger companies. And for companies too, as no special technical configurations are required on the end device for the exam. The application is currently undergoing final testing."

What changes around MyAxelos can we look forward to?

Markus Bause: "Users will no longer recognize our membership platform at the beginning of the year. The next step is to convert MyAXELOS into PeopleCert+, a project that is currently underway. This is not just a rebranding, but a complete technical modernization of the platform. It will give us many new features, which we will gradually make available to our members over the course of the new year.

In addition to managing the certificates and CPDs acquired, we will provide a lot of support for adapting our best practices. Playbooks integrated into PeopleCert+, for example, give users exactly the level of implementation support they need in relation to the maturity level of the organization and their current role.

There will also be official templates and informative case studies. There will also be a forum area for direct exchange between experts and users. In addition, there will be a tool that enables direct feedback on publications, added-value material, exams or official training materials. This is a further step towards direct interaction with the community in order to continuously improve best practices. After all, best practice always means "from the community for the community".

Last but not least, there will be access to a library of publications and practices - in the form of eBooks, events and webinars, master classes, podcasts, job search and career offers, self-assessments for individuals and organizations, application tools and an AI assistant. Check it out. It's going to be super exciting!"

Can you give us some initial insights into the accreditation program for consulting companies?

Markus Bause: "As already explained in the first part of the interview, the accreditation program for consulting companies is the next logical step after the implementation of the Accredited Tool Vendor Program. Our aim is to ensure the effective application of internationally recognized ITIL best practices.

This program includes a review of the processes, skills and experience of consulting companies to ensure that they meet high quality standards. Regular updating of the accreditation ensures that companies keep pace with changing ITIL best practices and recommendations.

User organizations benefit from accredited ITIL consultancies through the assurance that these organizations adhere to best practices and quality standards. Accreditation signals reliability, expertise and a sustained focus on international ITIL guidelines, resulting in more efficient and effective IT service management solutions for customers."

ITIL re-certification: a guarantee date every month

ITIL certificates are only valid for three years. According to the recommendations of PeopleCert, the official rights holder of ITIL, you should renew your ITIL 4 Foundation certificate before this period expires. Are you affected by 2024? Don't worry: our one-day ITIL 4 Foundation re-certification training (formerly update training) will help you to refresh your knowledge and prepare you optimally for the upcoming re-certification. It's compact, effective and time-saving!

In 2024, we will be offering a recertification course every month, and the guarantee dates have already been set until the fall. The training lasts from 9:00 to 15:30 and takes place in Frankfurt and online. It's best to secure your place now!

On the renewal course

Black on white: Paper exams for the ITIL 4 Foundation

Your wish is our command: Due to high demand, we are now offering paper exams for the ITIL 4 Foundation. You will take these directly after your classroom training. The online exam is of course still available - for those who need more study time or prefer to take their exam from home. You will find both options in the booking process, where you can choose your personal favorite. So simple, so flexible!

To the ITIL 4 Foundation

ITIL 4 Foundation mastered - and now? How to continue

With the ITIL 4 Foundation you have the most important basics in your pocket. However, your ITSM journey doesn't have to end here: You can build on this by completing further courses to deepen your knowledge step by step and advance your career in IT service management. The options are varied: Practice Manager, Managing Professional or Strategic Leader? In our new blog post, we present all three advanced courses in detail - and reveal which one is best suited to whom.

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How to implement service management: the big picture

We spent a year looking at the various steps of service management implementation together and drew a comprehensive picture of the necessary success factors. In the last issue of our series, we would like to look back once again: Which steps will lead the project to its goal? Which aspects need to be in place for the entire duration of the project? Which parts of the project should we focus on in which phase? You will find a clear summary of this and more in this article.

Step 1: Establish urgency and find a sponsor

"What if we do nothing?" You can only start the service management project once the answer to this question has sufficiently shaken you up. A tried and tested method for this is to carry out a quick assessment, which can be used to identify the most important areas for action and deficits. In this way, you will find a fact-based answer to your question and can gain a sponsor in the top management of the IT organization. A powerful sponsor is crucial for ensuring that the project is given long-term priority and is not thwarted by "more commercially interesting", often short-term projects.

Step 2: Form a leading coalition

A strong coalition forms the management team that supports and drives the project throughout its duration. The team is responsible for the strategic management and representation of the project. The right composition of the management team is a critical success factor for the entire course of the project. It must lead the project with credibility and professional expertise and have sufficient power to implement changes even in the face of resistance. Ideally, the management team should consist of people from different disciplines and departments to ensure broad influence and diverse expertise.

Step 3: Develop the vision

"Who is my customer? What are their goals and what processes are they using to achieve them? How can we support them optimally as a service provider?" With the answers to these questions, the management team develops a service management vision that becomes the guiding principle and goal of the project. It is important that the vision is able to address the organization as a whole and motivate it to change.

Step 4: Ensure empowerment

The management team should lead the project and create strategic guidelines and framework conditions. However, in order to develop an organization further, we need the entire organization. A service management role model must be developed and coordinated for this purpose. The most important roles must be filled right from the start. In addition, the role holders must be empowered, i.e. they must be trained and prepared for their role. At this point, we uncompromisingly remove any obstacles so that the empowered employees can fully commit to the project.

Step 5: Carry out assessments

The vision as a target image is a central aspect of solid planning. However, it is just as important to know where you are coming from. The next step is to address this question. Assessments are carried out in the areas of process maturity, process-supporting tools, employee qualifications and management to get a complete picture of your organization's current service management capabilities. In the next step, you can determine which steps are still missing on the way to your vision.

Step 6: PLAN

Now that the destination and starting point are known, we close the gaps between the two. You can see this step as route planning for your service management journey. In addition to detailed project plans and action plans, the desired results are also designed. This includes an overall process model, detailed individual process designs, determining the requirements for service management tools, tool selection and the creation of a training concept for employees and managers in service management.

Step 7: DO

In this step, implementation takes place in accordance with the previously developed planning. To this end, the processes and procedures are handed over to the persons responsible in the company. We also adapt the service management tools, implement them and hand them over to the company. To ensure the smoothest possible transition of operations, all employees who are to assume responsibility are initially trained accordingly. Particularly in the initial period after the handover, they must be actively accompanied and supported by the project team to ensure a smooth start to the journey.

Step 8: CHECK

The central guiding principle of service management is continuous further development and optimization. This already applies during the implementation phase. Following the implementation of one or more processes, you should therefore carry out an initial success control and review round. This identifies any weak points with the cooperation of all process participants and managers and ensures that you have not only handed over the processes to operations, but are also anchoring them more and more in the organization.

Step 9: ACT

Identifying potential for improvement is one thing - exploiting it is another. This is why the next step is to implement the optimization measures identified. In particular, the prompt elimination of minor defects and the implementation of supposedly small improvements often leads to a considerable increase in the acceptance of processes by employees. At the same time, this step allows us to clearly demonstrate once again that service management is taken seriously as a task for all managers and employees.

Your organization goes through steps 6 to 9 iteratively in order to transfer and anchor more and more processes and procedures in the company in phases over time.

Continuous: Program Management & Management of Change

Together with the communication strategy, program and change management form the supporting foundation of your entire service management project. Projects like these are strategic organizational development projects that require a corresponding amount of effort and are not a side job. Using recognized methods and techniques, we give you the freedom to actively concentrate on the technical content and the transformation of your organization.

Ongoing: Communication strategy

Communication is a central component of every service management project. Like the project itself, this communication must be managed and promoted. The right words at the right time to the right audience have helped many a project take off. Unfortunately, the opposite is also true: the wrong message can quickly lead to the failure of a project. Failure to communicate is just as dangerous, as experience has shown that such an "information vacuum" is quickly filled with rumors that are usually not conducive to project progress. The communication strategy and planning will help you to avoid these risks. What's more, targeted and professional communication can become a powerful and effective tool in your service management project.

In conclusion, we can say that the journey to excellent service management is a long one, but it is worth it! Our SERVIEW consultants will be happy to assist you as guides and active helpers throughout the entire project. We have exactly the experience and methodological expertise you need to crown your service management project with success. Let's talk without obligation about how we can provide you with specific support - just get in touch.

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Know where you stand: The maturity level of ITIL processes

Are your ITSM processes running smoothly? Where might there be a problem and how can performance be optimized for even better business results? This is where a well-founded analysis by external experts is worth its weight in gold. Our maturity assessment is based on four pillars:

  • Our experienced consultants provide a clear overview of the current maturity level of your ITSM processes and identify potential for improvement.
  • We identify areas in which your ITSM processes are underperforming and where optimization makes sense.
  • Based on our comprehensive analysis, we create a strategic roadmap for improving your ITSM processes.
  • We support you in monitoring progress towards your goals and making any necessary adjustments.

With the ITSM process maturity assessment, we enable your company to take proactive measures to optimize your IT processes. Strengthen your ITSM capabilities and increase your business efficiency with our practice-oriented analysis!

Details & Contact

Missed the ITIL TOOL DAY? Here comes your second chance!

Over 2,200 enthusiastic ITIL enthusiasts from all over the world gathered virtually for ITIL TOOL DAY in December. ITIL rights holder PeopleCert provided information about its Accredited Tool Vendors program at the large online event - and presented the global seal of approval for ITIL-compliant software of the highest standard.

The program included interviews with experts and practical experience reports - from convinced tool users as well as certified companies, including industry giants Atlassian, BMC and DCON. Exciting keynotes and a lively exchange between all participants rounded off the event.

Did you miss the ITIL TOOL DAY? Then watch the recording and find out how you can get the best out of your IT thanks to the ATV seal!



3 trails, 1 goal: your success!

We have been organizing the BMPK for over 20 years now. During this time, the industry event has grown steadily and evolved! This year, in addition to a new motto ("Wild Wild Best") and a slightly different name ("SERVIEW Summit"), you can expect an absolute premiere: In 2024, we will take you to the Wild West of IT methods - on three trails!

For the first time, we are offering three special themed trails from May 15 to 17, 2024: the PM Trail for project management, the ITSM Trail for IT service management and the Agile Trail for agile methods. On these trails, leading experts will share their knowledge in an innovative way in keynotes, at exhibition stands, in workshops and specialist presentations. This means that the range of specialist topics is wider than ever before! Whether you are interested in ITIL, PRINCE2, Scrum or SAFe: You can choose each trail individually or combine several trails for even more input. You decide where the journey at the SERVIEW Summit takes you!

Here we go

2.5 days full of highlights: Experience our glorious supporting program!

With the BMPK-Nugget 2, congress and expo become an unforgettable experience:

Saddle up your horses and take part in the Peter Maffay Foundation's 7-kilometer Walk & Run for a good cause! The proceeds of the run will be donated to help traumatized children.

Afterwards, relax at the Round-up & Bonfire, the Wild West-style networking event: between barrels and campfires, you can barbecue under the stars, throw horseshoes and make interesting contacts at the saloon bar.

At the Pony Express you can enjoy a guided tour, immerse yourself in the ITIL-TOOL MEETUP or experience an interactive exchange at our Brown Bag Session. Your choice!

The big highlight is our Wild Wild Best party, where the congress hall is transformed into a western town. If you feel like it, come in the right outfit - we look forward to Belle Starr, Billy the Kid and other daring western heroes. The legendary German country band "Truck-Stop" will be on stage to ensure that the western party really gets going.

With the BMPK-Nugget 2 you get:

  • Access to the main congress from May 15 - 17, 2024
  • Access to the BMPK-Expo from May 15 - 17, 2024
  • Participation in the Pony Express on May 15, 2024 from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
  • Participation in the Peter Maffay Foundation "Walk & Run" on May 15, 2024 6:30 p.m.
  • Access to the Round-up & Bonfire on May 15, 2024 from 7:30 pm
  • Access to the Wild Wild West Best Party on May 16, 2024 from 7:00 pm
  • Free shuttle service for arrival and departure
  • Break catering and lunch buffet

Book here

Special conditions for teams: more fun - lower prices

Looking into the campfire, sitting at the saloon bar, rocking out to country music: It's even better in company! So why not come to the SERVIEW Summit BMPK24 with your favorite colleagues and benefit from unbeatable advantages:

  • Bring yourself up to date professionally.
  • Shared experiences from our social program raise the mood in the team and strengthen cohesion.
  • We support teams with a 10% discount for three or more participants. For five or more participants, you even save 20% on the total fee.

You can receive the estate in two ways:

  1. Register all participants for the BMPK and contact us personally afterwards.
  2. Have all booking participants in your team add a corresponding note to their personal booking.

We would also be happy to make you an individual offer for the participation of your team - just contact us.

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IT marketing

The rebel archetype: radical rule-breaker

The second part of our series focuses on the punk archetype: the rebel. He is not afraid of radical ideas, is loud, courageous, anything but run-of-the-mill - and deliberately sets himself apart from the crowd with his provocative attitude. His motto: "Rules are there to be broken!"

Rebellion against norms:

Brands that use the rebel archetype break with traditional expectations and norms in their industry. They can challenge conventions and present a completely new point of view.


These brands are often perceived as authentic and genuine because they dare to be different and deviate from the mainstream.

Do your thing:

Rebel brands encourage you to be yourself and express yourself without worrying about the opinions of others. They promote individuality, autonomy and independence.

The courage to change:

These brands can tend to challenge the status quo and question existing structures. The rebel wants to make a difference. To do so, they are prepared to take risks. Rebels are often committed to social or cultural change.


Rebel brands often build a strong community around themselves by appealing to people who can identify with their rebellious spirit.

Provocation and humor:

They often use provocative messages or humor to attract attention and spread their message.


If he overdoes it with the provocation, the rebel can overshoot his target, come across as aggressive and offend others. The key to success lies in communicating a clear and consistent brand message that embodies the rebel attitude while building a strong bond with customers who share these values.

Examples of brands that successfully use the rebel archetype include companies such as Harley-Davidson, Tesla, True Fruits, MTV and Diesel.

What is the archetype behind your IT brand?

Find out - with archetypal brand positioning from UnitedCreation! In the workshop, agency head Andreas Lehnert introduces you to the archetype model, locates your brand between the different poles and works with you to identify your archetype. Both the values of your company and the character traits of your brand translated from them play a role here. You will also be given methods for bringing your archetype to life.

Now I'm curious!

IT marketing that hits the mark: these references are impressive

We have already reported on how UnitedCreation always puts our services and events in a radiant light. The marketing agency has also helped many other IT companies:

New website, new logo, new claim

UnitedCreation has completely redesigned the website for ERP provider emediaone: Clearer, clearer, more structured - with a fresh design, modern colors, new logo and claim as well as revised texts. The special feature: All elements are perfectly aligned with the magician archetype.

Brand alignment & corporate design

Following its reorganization, the system house juunit was given a brand positioning. It set the direction for the brand communication and ensured coherence in the external presentation. The developed corporate design including logo, colors and fonts created a modern and flexible brand image.

Landing pages & worldwide campaign

For the exam provider PeopleCert, UnitedCreation not only designed and programmed landing pages, but also planned and implemented a worldwide campaign around a global online event - with newsletters, social media strategy, paid ads and much more.

Sound branding that catches the ear

UnitedCreation also knows its way around the audio sector: The sound experts have taken over call management for CAS Software, and Alfahosting has received professional sound branding.

Of course, this is only a small selection of references. It's best to see for yourself!

View project examples

The next issue will be published on

February 08, 2024