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New now: Testing via the web browser

Anyone taking their exam with PeopleCert can now do so directly via their web browser (Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Opera or Safari). This means that course participants now have a third option in addition to paper exams and online exams with software download.

Advantage: Thanks to the "Web Based Exam Driver", you no longer need to install any special software on your computer. This makes taking the exam even easier and more user-friendly. When you register for the course via the SERVIEW website, you will receive all the information you need for your web-based online exam.

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Press release: A significant step forward

"Fewer technical hurdles, more convenience: with the Web Based Exam Driver, the online exam process at PeopleCert has now become even more convenient. This makes life much easier, especially for learners who work in larger companies. And for the companies too, as no special configurations are required on the end device for the exam.

The introduction of this exam option reflects the changing needs and expectations of today's learners - and is a significant step forward in the world of certification. We are proud to offer our students access to such advanced solutions - paving the way for success in an ever-changing professional landscape.

SERVIEW fully supports PeopleCert's initiative as it aligns with our commitment to ensure the best possible exam experience for our students. The high safety standards are maintained thanks to live monitoring by trained exam invigilators. This is what modern exams should be like today!"

Yours Michael Kresse, Owner & Managing Director SERVIEW GmbH

Let us celebrate you: your project at the BESTEXPERT Award 2024

Only two months to go until the BMPK - and with it the presentation of the BESTEXPERT Award! The prize for pioneering innovation projects will be awarded in three categories this year: ITSM, Project Management and Agility. Let your team celebrate on stage, make your work visible and reward yourself for your joint success! Here are a few examples of projects that were submitted last year:

Award winner Leonhard Weiss: "Experience the joy of service"
The construction company overhauled its IT service processes and won the award in 2023.

Henrichsen: "Support was yesterday, service is today "
The IT experts reorganized their service management.

VTG: "The MIPD project: Major Incident, Problem Management and Dashboard"
The rail logistics company focused on sustainability, communication and transparency as part of a "Fix the Basics" initiative.

FEV: Digitalization of business services
The development service provider in the automotive sector improved its service and support processes.

Take the opportunity and apply to us! Here's how it works: Contact us and briefly describe your innovation. A jury of experts will select two finalists per category from the applications submitted by IT organizations or individuals. These top performers will then have the opportunity to present their groundbreaking projects to the audience in short form. At the end, the visitors will decide on the winners - perhaps your company will be among them?

Submit your project now

BMPK goes LinkedIn: Become and gain followers

This year's BMPK will be the biggest ever - so it's only logical that the event has been given its own home on LinkedIn! Under "SERVIEW Summit BMPK24" you will receive all the latest information and updates on speakers, program highlights, exhibitors, webinars, promotions and much more. Stay up to date, don't miss anything and enjoy the anticipation together with us! And best of all: We are giving away 20 free Expo tickets to everyone who has subscribed to our LinkedIn BMPK channel by March 31, 2024! You can find the conditions of participation here. 

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New course version: Become a professional software tester!

Successful testing is the key to success, and to your success! With ISTQB® certification, you can really move your organization forward by

  • contribute to quality assurance
  • Reduce errors and costs
  • increase efficiency and
  • promote the trust of stakeholders.

You will now find the updated ISTQB® Certified Tester Foundation 4.0 in our course program. Here you will acquire all the knowledge and skills you need to carry out software tests according to internationally recognized standards and at the highest level of quality.

Test, test, go! 

The future of digital learning: We are at LEARNTEC

Digital learning has many facets - from mobile learning to learning nuggets and gamification to virtual reality learning. We think it's a highly exciting topic! That's why we'll be exhibiting at LEARNTEC in Karlsruhe from June 4 to 6, 2024 - together with UnitedCreation.

LEARNTEC is a congress trade fair that focuses on digital education in schools, universities and vocational training. Exhibitors present the latest technologies and solutions in the fields of e-learning, mobile learning, education management and IT-supported learning innovations. The congress offers an extensive program of lectures, workshops and discussion panels in which experts from science, business and educational institutions discuss current topics and trends in the field of digital education. LEARNTEC is therefore an important meeting place for all those involved in modern learning methods and technologies and offers a platform for the exchange of ideas, experiences and best practices. Come and visit us!

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Further training as a team: on the road to success with company training courses

Are you looking for company training for your employees? Then SERVIEW is the right place for you: we enable your team to develop its full potential. You can choose between various options:

  1. As part of our in-house training courses , we come to your company and you pay a flat daily rate for training a group. This option is particularly worthwhile if you have a large number of participants who all need the same knowledge.
  2. With the so-called Seats model , you secure a certain number of training places as a voucher and receive your contingent at a special price. The more seats you buy, the greater the discount. At the time of purchase, you do not have to specify which training courses your employees want to attend and when. The seats can be redeemed flexibly - regardless of the date, location and even the content of the training. Example: You buy a contingent of 20 seats. Of these, 5 employees can do an ITIL Foundation straight away and 5 more can do it six months later, for example. You redeem 3 seats for a Scrum Master training course and 7 for PRINCE2 - either in person at various locations or live online. Advantage: You do not have to book all training courses individually and can be flexible throughout the year. Ideal for companies with varying training needs!

Simply let us know what you want - we will make you an individual offer that is tailored precisely to your requirements!

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Agile and project management

Goodie for you: PRINCE2 7 textbook for free!

A visit to the BMPK is doubly worthwhile this year: every visitor - including day visitors - will receive a free print copy of the new PRINCE2® 7 book in German, worth 99 euros! This reference book, published by PeopleCert, serves as a guide to successful project management. So secure your ticket for BMPK24 now and benefit twice over!



On the road on a journey of knowledge: Which trail is yours?

Big, bigger, BMPK: this year, our favorite event will be even more exciting and diverse than in previous years! For the first time, we are offering three special themed trails: the ITSM trail for IT service management, the PM trail for project management and the Agile trail for agile methods. Leading experts will share their knowledge in keynotes, at exhibition stands, in workshops and specialist presentations on the themed trails. This means that the range of specialist topics this year is wider than ever before! Below we present the first two trails in more detail.

This is what awaits you on the Agile Trail:

Speakers from various industries will talk about their experiences in exciting presentations:

  • Agile working at ALDI Süd: Challenges & successes on the road to transformation
    Oliver Zilken, Aldi Süd IT, Scrum Master Chapter Lead
  • The Tribe Story: How thyssenkrupp Materials uses agile methods to make supply chains smarter and more efficient
    Yannick Fasters, Agile Project Manager, ThyssenKrupp Materials Services
  • Self-organization needs leadership
    Henning Jansen, Product Owner House of Mobile, DB Systel GmbH
    Daniel Dubbel, Agile Coach House of Mobile, DB Systel GmbH
  • Commerzbank's agile journey - our learnings
    Mohamed Thorand, Agile Coach - Group Services - Digital Transformation, Commerzbank
  • SWITCH: Changing patterns of thought and action
    Dr. Miriam Sasse, Agile Executive Consultant, S&N Group AG
  • Trends in digital transformation: the balancing act between "fixing the basics" and "agile innovation"
    CIO keynote speech by Tobias Guenthoer, Senior Vice President IT/CIO, Stada Arzneimittel

In addition, our Agile Trail also offers agile workshops and training sessions as part of the pre-congress. Ideal for anyone who wants to bring their know-how up to date!

  • Workshop: Agile methods in 180 minutes
    Everything important in three hours - then you'll have an overview!
  • Workshop: Scrum in 180 minutes
    Exciting insights into the number 1 agile framework.
  • Training: Scrum Master & Product Owner ( or PeopleCert)
    Become a certified Scrum professional in no time!
  • Simulation Agile Park - with a focus on Scrum
    Practical exercises based on gamification: the aim here is to plan, design and open an amusement park full of dinosaurs - using building blocks. You and your team will lay the foundations for successful collaboration!

    The Agile Trail is calling!


What awaits you on the project management trail:

How are project management and digitalization connected? How can AI be put to good use? And what can be learned from sport for project management? Find out all this and more from our experienced speakers! Here is an excerpt from our program:

  • How we are driving digitalization for our customers
    Sönke Iwersen, Head of Data Intelligence & Analytics, DKV Mobility
  • AI in project management
    Sebastian Hübner, artificial intelligence expert
  • Mountaineering: What can I take with me into PM and my career?
    Alexandra Hänig, Head of IT Multi Project Assurance, DB Cargo
  • Digitalization is a team sport. We make it a popular sport!
    Dr.-Ing. Maryna Feierabend, Digital Transformation, Hamburg Wasser

By the way: In our BMPK app you will find all presentations from the Project Management Trail. Feel free to browse through them!

You can experience workshops and training sessions for even more practical knowledge at our Pre-Congress - including these here:

  • PRINCE2 7 Foundation
    Learn the basics of the world's most popular project management method!
  • Simulation Agile Park - with a focus on PRINCE2 Agile
    Practical exercises based on gamification: the aim here is to plan, design and open a theme park full of dinosaurs - using building blocks. You and your team will lay the foundations for successful collaboration!
  • OKR in 180 minutes
    In this workshop you will learn how Objectives and Key Results (OKR) can be used to clearly define and achieve goals.
  • Design Thinking in 180 minutes
    Think differently with Design Thinking! How to develop creative solutions for complex problems and implement innovative ideas effectively.

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From home back to the team: how successful hybrid work can succeed

Our working world has undergone rapid change in recent years - mainly triggered by the global pandemic, which has seen an unprecedented shift towards remote working. Many employees appreciate the flexibility and time savings that working from home offers. But at the same time, the challenges and limitations of this model have also become apparent, from technical difficulties to social isolation.

As a result, many companies are now striving for a middle ground and trying to create a working model that combines the benefits of remote working with those of office life. The focus here is on striking a balance between flexibility and the desire to bring teams physically closer together again in order to strengthen collaboration and corporate culture.

This is what a successful hybrid solution could look like:

1. flexible working arrangements

Companies offer employees the opportunity to choose where and when they work within certain framework conditions. This means, for example, that employees can decide to work in the office on certain days and from home on other days - depending on the nature of their tasks and the requirements of the team.

2. technology and infrastructure

Providing the right technology and infrastructure is crucial to enable seamless integration between remote and office work. This includes powerful collaboration tools, digital whiteboards, secure VPN connections, cloud services and agile project management tools that enable effective communication and collaboration - regardless of employee location.

3. adaptation of the office space

Many companies are redesigning their office spaces to encourage collaboration and flexibility. This includes open workspaces that facilitate impromptu meetings and teamwork, as well as quiet areas for focused work. Rooms are also being equipped with multimedia for video conferencing and hybrid meetings to ensure effective communication with remote workers.

4. culture and guidelines

Developing a corporate culture that supports hybrid working is equally important. This includes establishing clear guidelines and expectations regarding availability, communication and performance evaluation. It is important to foster a culture of trust and ownership where employees feel empowered to be productive regardless of their location.

5. leadership and management

Managers play a key role in promoting hybrid working. They need to focus on results rather than attendance and learn to lead teams made up of both remote and office-based workers. This requires adapting leadership methods including regular check-ins, transparent communication and fostering a strong sense of team.

6. continuous adaptation and feedback

Finally, successful companies recognize that implementing a hybrid solution is an ongoing process. They regularly gather feedback from their employees and adapt their approaches accordingly to ensure that the hybrid model meets the needs of all stakeholders and is continuously improved.

By combining these strategies, organizations can create a work environment that offers the best of both worlds: the flexibility and autonomy of remote work with the benefits of face-to-face interaction and collaboration that the office offers. This process is not without its challenges - but it's a goal well worth the effort.

Service Management

Upskilling on a grand scale: our targeted training concept

Do you want your entire company to be aligned and trained according to a uniform ITIL or ITSM standard? Then a training and further education concept that takes into account the level of knowledge and functions of all employees makes sense: Some colleagues start with the basics, others just need a refresher, while still others require specific expert know-how.

Instead of one program for all, we design an ITSM training concept that is tailored to the respective position and future tasks of your employees. So everyone gets the knowledge they need: Not too much and not too little - precisely tailored to the individual job situation. To this end, we divide the workforce into different groups of people with different areas of focus. Example: In the back office, for IT employees and developers, the basics are often sufficient; for management and department heads, the focus is on awareness, while the "ITSM drivers", as specialists, delve deep into the subject matter and therefore have a greater need for training.

We assign suitable training modules to each group of people - from ITSM Essentials to ITIL Foundation and ITIL Master. Video libraries and simulations round off the range of knowledge on offer. Of course, we not only put together a sophisticated training concept for ITIL, but also for other frameworks such as Scrum, PRINCE2, etc. Would you like to find out more? Then please contact us!

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Let's play: Learning through play with simulations

Fly to Mars, lead a pizza delivery company to success, rescue astronauts - all with the help of service management! In our simulations, you will experience how service management and ITIL® can be used in practice using exciting gamification. Interactively and in just one day! The group and individual challenges are a lot of fun and also offer valuable learning effects:

  • Practical understanding: Simulations allow theoretical knowledge to be applied in a practical, risk-free environment. This helps to deepen understanding of ITSM processes and leads to better acceptance and application of these processes in day-to-day work.
  • Teamwork and communication: ITSM simulations often require teamwork to achieve common goals. This can improve communication skills within a group.
  • Problem-solving skills: ITSM simulations present participants with realistic challenges. This improves their troubleshooting and problem-solving skills, which is invaluable in real IT operations.
  • Effects of decisions: Simulations provide immediate feedback on the impact of decisions. Participants can see how their actions affect service quality, customer satisfaction and operating costs.


Curious? Then get out of your everyday life and into playful learning! You can experience these exciting simulations with us:

MarsLander: Agile through space
Together, you have to bring a rocket safely to Mars to collect scientific data. Different events and a constantly changing environment require you to align your service processes in an agile manner. This is the only way to ensure optimal problem solving, course adjustments and forward-looking corrections to your mission.

Apollo 13: Houston, we have a problem!
Here you take over the work of the Mission Control Center in Houston. In order to successfully complete the Apollo mission and rescue your crew after a fuel tank explosion, you must align your service processes to ensure excellent problem solving and predictive trajectory corrections at all times.

Grab@Pizza: Successful delivery
In the Grab@Pizza business simulation, you take over the service organization of the world's largest pizza supplier. Your department is tasked with supporting the business with excellent products and services - and achieving the company's goals through skillful resource and service management.

Global Air: Online video game for single player
Here you take on the role of the transformation director of the airline "Global Air". Your goal: to make your airline stand out through digital transformation, optimized processes and strategically positioned services. Your tools: concepts, principles and practices from modern IT service management.

Discover all simulations

AI in service management: opportunities and risks

Artificial intelligence has enormous potential and can be a real game changer in service management. But how can this key technology be used effectively in day-to-day work? In our new blog article, we reveal which tasks AI can usefully support you with - and which pitfalls you should avoid.

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Best Practice Basics: What does an ITIL tool assessor do?

Only those organizations that ITIL rights holder PeopleCert has appointed as an authorized testing body may call themselves ITIL Accredited Tool Vendors. These organizations are tasked with checking ITSM software solutions for ITIL compliance and carrying out the necessary qualification training - as part of the Accredited Tool Vendors program.

We are proud that SERVIEW belongs to this exclusive circle!

An ITIL tool assessor has two main tasks: It ensures that ...

  1. ... ITSM solutions meet the strict requirements and guidelines of the ITIL framework - and therefore the highest standards in the industry.
  2. ... the professionals who design, develop and implement ITSM software are highly qualified and are well-trained ITIL experts.

There are five different levels of ITIL accreditation: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Platinum Global - depending on two main factors:

  • the number of ITIL best practices implemented in the tools, which are checked against over 650 criteria
  • the number of specialists with relevant ITIL certifications.

Those who have passed the extensive evaluation and certification processes receive the official seal of approval and can call themselves Accredited Tool Vendors (ATV).

The role of an ITIL tool assessor is important because selecting a tool that fits well with an organization's business objectives and ITIL processes is essential to the effective implementation of ITIL and the achievement of service excellence. By providing an objective assessment, the assessor helps organizations make informed decisions that help increase efficiency, improve service quality and optimize IT service delivery.

Are you a tool provider and would like to have your tool certified by us - or are you a company looking for suitable software? We will be happy to advise you!

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Guide for IT managers: How to successfully implement a service desk tool

An effective service desk tool is now essential for every company. In this article, SERVIEW consultant Madlen Lipski provides IT managers who have not yet implemented IT service management, or have implemented it inadequately, with comprehensive guidance on selecting and using the right service desk tool.


1. catalog of requirements and prioritization with the MoSCoW method
The basis of every successful implementation is a thorough requirements analysis. It is important to systematically record the requirements and prioritize them using methods such as the MoSCoW method. It helps to divide the requirements into must-haves, should-haves, could-havesand won't-haves. The integration of ITIL practices ensures that the requirements are in line with the best practices for IT service management.

2. selecting the right tool
The selection of the right tool should be based strictly on the defined requirements. It is advisable to create a long list of possible tools and then refine this into a short list. Finally, a proof of concept should be carried out to test the practical suitability of the selected tool. This analytical approach helps to avoid being influenced by the sales skills of the providers and to make the decision based on the suitability of the tool.

3. planning and preparing the implementation
Careful planning is the be-all and end-all here. This includes carrying out pilot projects and taking organizational change management into account. The aim is to make the transition as smooth as possible and ensure that employees are prepared for the changes.

4. configuration and customizing of the tool
Adapting the tool to the specific needs of the company is a critical step. It is crucial that the customization of the tool reflects the previously analyzed and optimized business processes. This is not only about technical settings, but also about customizing the user interface, workflows, notifications and integrations to seamlessly integrate the tool into the existing systems and processes.

5. introduction and acceptance
The successful introduction of a new tool depends heavily on employee acceptance. It is important to allow sufficient time for training and adjustments and to actively seek feedback from employees. Open communication about the benefits of the new tool can help to reduce resistance and promote acceptance.

6. evaluation and performance measurement
After implementation, it is important to regularly evaluate the performance of the tool. This should be done using the metrics and objectives defined in advance. Continuous monitoring and adjustment of these criteria is crucial to ensure that the tool is used effectively and meets the needs of the company.

Conclusion: Implementing a service desk tool is a complex process that requires careful planning, selection and customization. By following these steps, IT managers can ensure that the selected tool not only meets the technical requirements, but is also accepted by the employees and offers real added value for the company.

Projects with brains: Smart portfolio management

Ignite the turbo in the strategic alignment of your projects - and operate more successfully, more profitably and with less risk in the long term! Our SERVIEW consultants support you with portfolio management and help you to optimize your projects. What you get from us:

  • A customized strategy to manage and optimize your project portfolio based on your business objectives, projects and resources
  • Support in prioritizing your projects based on your strategic goals and requirements
  • Regular monitoring and control of portfolio performance to ensure compliance with your targets and identify potential for improvement.

In this way, we ensure that you derive the greatest possible value from your projects. Take advantage of our expertise and experience to optimize your portfolio management and maximize the success of your projects!

We'll do it for you!


One ticket for everything: 5 days of expertise, top entertainment & networking

More is (almost) not possible: Enjoy the BMPK for five full days - with everything that goes with it! It all starts with the Pre-Congress: Here you can attend one of 14 training courses and receive a certification upon successful completion, including in the areas of ITIL, Scrum, PRINCE2, Devops, TOGAF and more. At the Pony Express, you will make contacts and network with others. On day three, the big expo with 50+ exhibitors and the extensive congress program will start - consisting of exciting keynotes, 60+ presentations and entertaining networking and evening events!

Nugget 4 at a glance:

2 days training + 0.5 days Pony Express + 2.5 days Expo & main congress

  • Participation in a training course of your choice from May 13 - 14, 2024
  • Participation in the Pony Express on May 15, 2024 from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
  • Access to the main congress from May 15 - 17, 2024
  • Access to the big BMPK Expo from May 15 - 17, 2024
  • Participation in the Peter Maffay Foundation "Walk & Run" on May 15, 2024 from 6:30 pm
  • Access to the Round Up & Bonfire on May 15, 2024 from 7:30 pm
  • Access to the "Wild Wild Best" party on May 16, 2024 from 7:00 pm
  • Free shuttle service for arrival and departure
  • Break catering and lunch buffet
  • Book PRINCE2 7th Edition as a German print edition worth 99 euros as a gift

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Free webinar: BMPK special with a chance to win

Six gold nuggets, from basic to all-inclusive - which one will end up in your wash pan? In the webinar on March 21, 2024 from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m., we will present the various BMPK ticket types and their scope of services. From the inexpensive Expo day visit to the large IT congress with lectures, discussion panels and evening specials to the pre-congress with training sessions and workshops: Here you can find out which nugget is worthwhile for you and what you get for it. A useful decision-making aid for all potential BMPK visitors! With a bit of luck, you can even win tickets at the end of the webinar: We are giving away 5 Expo day tickets and 2x Nugget 1 worth over €2,500 in total!

Register for the March date

Don't have time in March? Then simply use our second date: The webinar will take place again on April 19, 2024, also from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. We look forward to seeing you!

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Run & donate for a good cause: join in!

This sporting tradition is now an integral part of the BMPK: On May 15, 2024, the starting signal will be given for the 11th Peter Maffay Foundation "Walk & Run". The 7-kilometer route leads through the beautiful Odenwald from 6:30 pm. But the best thing about it: every participant crosses the finish line as a winner, because everyone is running for the benefit of disadvantaged and traumatized children!

Of course, the "Walk & Run" is free of charge for all congress participants, as SERVIEW will pay the entry fee. All proceeds will be donated to the Peter Maffay Foundation. The foundation has been committed to helping disadvantaged children and young people for over 20 years by providing them with therapeutic activity vacations.

So lace up your sports shoes and be there - whether running or cheering along the route.

You want to help today? Great! We have set up a donation account on the foundation's website.

Every contribution counts!


IT marketing

Fun & games in the IT world: The jester takes it with humor

In the fourth part of our archetype series, we look at the Fool: bold, mischievous and original, this archetype sees life as a crazy playground of possibilities. Fun, unconventionality and the ability to turn things upside down are paramount to the Fool - as is his sense of humor, sarcasm and silliness. He avoids doing things that are boring.

The following characteristics characterize this archetype:

  • Playful communication: The jester addresses his audience in a light, often humorous way. This quickly breaks the ice and creates an immediate emotional connection.
  • A new perspective: The Fool has the ability to see things differently. Marketing campaigns based on this archetype often surprise with unconventional approaches and innovative ideas.
  • Often different: the fool is not afraid to cross boundaries or break taboos. He takes the freedom to think outside the box and question established norms.
  • Always flexible: Like the joker in a deck of cards, the jester can take on any form required to achieve his goals. This adaptability makes him particularly versatile and unpredictable.

The fool meets the IT world

The IT industry, known for its rapid development and innovative character, is the perfect breeding ground for the jester archetype: IT companies often use humorous and unconventional marketing campaigns to promote their products. Such campaigns reflect the spirit of the Fool by attracting attention while making complex technological concepts accessible. Companies that embrace this archetype encourage their employees to push boundaries and challenge conventional ways of thinking and working. In this way, the Jester helps to clear the way for ground-breaking ideas. He reminds us that progress is often achieved by breaking the rules and leaving the beaten track.

Examples of brands that successfully use the jester archetype include companies such as M&M, Sixt, Media Markt, Fanta, Pringles and Old Spice.

What is the archetype behind your IT brand?

Find out - with archetypal brand positioning from UnitedCreation! In the workshop, agency head Andreas Lehnert introduces you to the archetype model, locates your brand between the different poles and works with you to identify your archetype. Both the values of your company and the character traits of your brand translated from them play a role here. You will also be given methods for bringing your archetype to life.

I want my brand to shine

Content creation: What does that actually mean?

Content is king: what Bill Gates said back in 1996 applies today more than ever. With content that is informative, helpful and original, companies can address their customers in a targeted manner, build a long-term relationship with them and increase the visibility of their own brand at the same time.

The process of creating content, usually for digital media, is known as content creation. The spectrum of different formats ranges from texts (blog posts, articles, white papers) to graphics (infographics, visual guides) and videos to podcasts, social media posts and more.

A content creation process usually comprises the following steps:

  • Target group analysis: Understanding who the target group is, what interests them and what problems or needs they have.
  • Topic research: Finding ideas for content that is of interest and benefit to the target group.
  • Content planning: Development of a content plan or calendar that determines when and on which platforms the content will be published.
  • Creation: Production of content taking into account quality, relevance and search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Publication: Publication of the content on various channels to ensure optimal distribution and visibility.
  • Analysis: Monitoring and, if necessary, adjustment of the strategy based on feedback and usage data.

Content creation is therefore more than just producing content: It is also planning and communication strategy - and therefore a valuable tool for companies to strengthen their brand and spread their message. Do you need support with this? The marketing professionals at UnitedCreation will be happy to assist you!

Wow content, please!

Storytelling: the art of telling gripping stories

In the daily flood of information, it is not so easy to stand out from the crowd and be remembered. This is exactly where storytelling comes in: It is the art of telling stories that captivate and create an emotional connection. It's about engaging readers or viewers with a story that conveys values, messages or a brand's identity - often by depicting human experiences, challenges and successes.

Storytelling is characterized by the following key elements:

  • Characters with whom the audience can identify: These characters experience challenges or adventures that reflect relevant problems or situations.
  • A plot that attracts attention: it usually involves a conflict or a problem that needs to be solved and leads the recipients through ups and downs.
  • An emotional connection created by the narrative: Stories that evoke feelings are remembered longer and promote a deeper connection to the brand.
  • Educational moments or insights that provide value to the audience - be it through entertainment, information or inspiration.
  • Authenticity, which ensures that the story appears credible and genuine. Authentic storytelling increases trust in the brand.



In the digital age, companies use different formats for storytelling, including text, video, audio and interactive platforms.

Do you want to know how to approach and implement good storytelling? The "Storytelling in 180 minutes" workshop at BMPK24 will give you the most important basics.

To the workshop

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