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Turn 3 into 5: ITIL-TOOL MEETUP goes international

London and New York, here we come: In addition to the three German cities of Frankfurt, Hamburg and Munich, the ITIL-TOOL MEETUP will also be making stops in the UK and the USA next year! The top tool manufacturers from around the world will be there with the best ITSM solutions. All ATV-certified, of course, and therefore officially ITIL industry champions! As many tool manufacturers operate internationally and have English-speaking customers, this "expansion" is only logical. We can hardly wait!

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P.S. If you want to know what the atmosphere was like at this year's ITIL-TOOL MEETUPs, take a look at the MAG event section below. There we have put together a short review for you, including a picture gallery.

Live concert by the country heroes: Truck Stop rock the BMPK24

Now it's out: Germany's most successful country band will provide a great atmosphere at the BMPK 2024! At our "Wild Wild Best Party", the guys from Truck Stop will perform their hits in a 45-minute live concert and create a Western feeling.

The band has released more than 45 studio albums since 1973 and sold over 20 million records. In 2023, the country heroes will celebrate their 50th anniversary and next year they will celebrate with us on stage!

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Only for a short time: 40% blind bird discount

The year is drawing to a close - and with it our amazing Blind Bird discount. Final spurt for all those who still want to save a whopping 40% on BMPK tickets! The limited contingent will soon be exhausted and you'll never be able to get tickets this cheap again. So act quickly and secure your 40% discount!

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Press release: The BMPK24 becomes legendary!

What began as a mere idea in spring is now taking shape: The BMPK 2024 is becoming more real with every item on the program. Initially, only the date, location and motto were fixed, but now we have already been able to lock in some highlights for you. I'm really looking forward to Truck Stop as the top act at our western party, the cowboys of the nation will knock your socks off with their live concert! On this evening, the congress hall will be transformed into a western town, and you can expect sparkling surprises such as lasso throwing, line dancing and, of course, a genuine saloon bar. The largest congress trade fair for IT best practices in Europe is also being planned, and numerous exhibitors and speakers are already on board. Behind the scenes, we are still going full throttle. The last few years have already been legendary, and I'm sure we'll go one better in 2024!

Yours Michael Kresse, Owner & Managing Director SERVIEW GmbH

Meetings like the pros: SERVIEW rents out seminar rooms

Whether for small teams or large groups, for webinars, coaching sessions, online training or conferences: We are now also renting out our seminar rooms to external parties. All rooms in sizes S, M, L and XL have natural daylight and WiFi and are fully equipped with the latest technology. From hybrid training and conference rooms, teamwork areas and our comfortably furnished English Library to state-of-the-art sound and social media studios, we can offer you the right room for every purpose - including a catering package on request. Feel free to send us an inquiry!

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Agile and project management

PRINCE2® 7: The first training courses have started

The first PRINCE2 training courses based on the latest 7th version have started successfully. The feedback from our participants? Positive across the board! In terms of content, the important areas of humanity, sustainability and change management have become more central. Experience and feedback from the community have also been incorporated into the new version. All PRINCE2 training courses - Foundation, Practitioner or both together in our compact training course - are available in German or English. Do you want to bring yourself up to date this year and familiarize yourself with the new features? Let's go!

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By the way: We have summarized all the important questions and answers about the new PRINCE2 7 in a video FAQ for you. Take a look!

Knowledge to watch: Film off for the Agile Video Library!

You want to learn everything about agile basics, techniques and agile leadership - but don't like reading? Then we can warmly recommend our Agile Video Library: This exclusive video collection offers you over five hours of specialist knowledge in 42 expert videos covering the entire spectrum of agility.

Your advantages:

  • The SERVIEW video library is characterized by comprehensible language and examples from everyday life. This makes it easier to understand complex topics.
  • Learning videos can save time because they are easy to consume.
  • Many people learn more efficiently with moving images than with texts.
  • You have 24/7 access across all devices.

The agile library can be added to all agile training courses for 99 euros - such as Scrum, PRINCE2® Agile, the Agile Service Manager and many other courses. A company license is also possible.

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Agile roles in comparison: What is the difference between an Agile Coach and an Agile Leader?

Both roles have one thing in common: they help to successfully master the agile transformation. However, agile coaches and agile leaders have different tasks and areas of application.

Roles and responsibilities:

  • An agile coach focuses on promoting agile principles and practices within the team. They work with groups, individuals or management to support the introduction of agile methods, provide training and workshops and remove obstacles. The Agile Coach helps teams to optimize their processes, become adaptable and self-learning.
  • An agile leader, on the other hand, is first and foremost a leader who drives the agile transformation throughout the organization. Agile leaders are often part of the management or executive level and are responsible for shaping and implementing the vision and strategy for the agile transformation. They create a framework that enables teams to work in an agile way and promote a culture of agility throughout the company.


  • The Agile Coach's main focus is on supporting and developing teams and individuals. He offers coaching and mentoring to support people in continuous improvement.
  • Agile leaders, on the other hand, focus on the big picture: They focus on strategic alignment and create an environment that fosters agility throughout the organization. They set the agile vision and strategic goals and help to remove obstacles at an organizational level.


  • Agile coaches are often not managers, but experts in agile methods and practices. They generally act on an equal footing with the teams they support.
  • Agile leaders often hold management positions and therefore operate at a higher hierarchical level. They have more influence on strategic decisions and the corporate culture.


In many agile organizations, agile coaches and agile leaders work closely together to successfully implement the agile transformation. The coaches support teams in implementing agile practices, while the leaders create the organizational framework at a higher level and ensure strategic alignment. Both roles are important in an agile organization and complement each other.

Would you like to inspire others to adopt an agile mindset or pave the way for fresh change as a coach or leader? In our workshops with a maximum practical component, we provide you with agile skills and prepare you optimally for your role.

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Service Management

Free webinar: A foray through the ITIL role model

If you are aiming for an additional ITIL qualification, you are spoiled for choice: Practice Owner, Practice Manager, Process Manager, Service Owner - or would you prefer Service Manager? There are many roles in service management. In our free webinar on Friday, November 17, Björn Hinrichs will guide you through the ITIL role model from 11:00 to 12:00. He will explain what is behind the titles and how you can qualify for them. You should not miss this!

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ITIL® TOOL DAY: This online event saves you time & money!

New ITSM software is needed, but the selection process is not so easy: it needs to be ITIL-compliant, meet all current industry standards and be a future-proof investment. Researching the right tool often takes a lot of time and effort.

Thanks to the ATV seal of approval, you can now save yourself the trouble: As part of its ITIL Accredited Tool Vendor (ATV) program, rights holder PeopleCert only certifies vendors that demonstrate ITIL compatibility and ITIL know-how. The program is based on two success factors:

  1. Experts evaluate ITSM tools against over 650 criteria to ensure that they comply with ITIL best practice.
  2. Tool vendors must have certified ITIL practice managers, implementation and sales professionals on their teams to ensure that all employees have comprehensive ITIL knowledge.

With ATV-certified software, you are investing in high-quality solutions that promote efficiency, innovation and growth - and pay off for you in the long term.

Curious? At the ITIL TOOL DAY on December 5, you will learn all about the global ATV seal of approval and the benefits it offers you. Companies that have successfully implemented ATV-certified software will share their experiences - and certified tool manufacturers will also have their say. An online event with added value!

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How to implement ITSM: Project Management & Management of Change

In previous issues of MAG, we have discussed the step-by-step implementation of sustainable, future-proof service management. However, there are aspects of an implementation that cannot be carried out step by step, but are fundamental to the entire duration of the project. We will take a closer look at these today and in the next issue.

A large-scale project such as a service management project requires professional project management in order to control the project phases in a targeted manner. This applies both to larger programs that pursue a complete implementation of service management, for example in accordance with the requirements of ISO/IEC 20000, as well as to medium-sized and smaller projects. Projects of this size usually aim to implement or improve individual processes or process areas. However, even if they appear more manageable in comparison, they should be taken seriously and approached seriously in order to achieve maximum success.

Manpower: the ratio must be right

As in other projects, the management effort at the end must be commensurate with the size of the project. A huge water head of project managers in a 20-day project would be just as inappropriate as a single project manager who is supposed to take responsibility for a multi-year service management program as a kind of side job. So don't forget that if you care about your project, your time and your money, there must be a balance between administrative effort and manpower.

A sensible approach is to bring external expertise on board to drive the project forward. Our SERVIEW consultants are fully trained and experienced project managers. They work according to the internationally recognized project management method PRINCE2®. It is particularly suitable for service management projects, as it not only originates from the same company as ITIL®, but is also process-based like ITIL and conceptually aligned with the ITSM framework as far as possible.

Strong project management as the basis for success

Good and strong project management supports and drives the project throughout its entire duration. It assumes responsibility for planning and controlling activities, maintaining important project documents, communication and, of course, achieving the desired results. In this way, a reliable project management team is also responsible for the success of the project as a whole. If you want to benefit to the maximum from our wealth of experience, we will be happy to provide you with a consultant as a project manager or as a coach for your own project manager. This is because we take many aspects of an ITSM project for granted that your own project manager may be doing for the first time or only rarely. In this way, external expertise helps to limit the effort and increase the visible quality of your project right from the start.

During implementation, we must also consider the aspect of change management. Managing organizational change is less about the "hard" facts of process design and implementation and more about the "soft" factors of the project. Dealing with the enthusiastic and impatient, for whom everything cannot go fast enough, requires just as much sensitivity as the gentle but emphatic and effective overcoming of any resistance that arises. A proven change management approach is therefore of crucial importance as the backbone of the entire implementation. Our consultants combine internationally recognized, scientifically based concepts such as the "Eight Steps to Transform Your Organization" by J. P. Kotter or the "Deming Cycle" for continuous quality management by William Edwards Deming. Our ITIL expertise and many years of practical experience from a large number of small, medium and large service management projects naturally flow into our approach. So take the plunge and set your project up for success: Talk to us!

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ITSM is our daily business: we do it for you

Admittedly, IT service management is a complex matter. It is therefore advisable to rely on structured procedures when introducing your service management. And on professionals like us!

Using the tried-and-tested "How to implement ITSM model" (which we presented to you step by step in the previous article), our consultants have been successfully introducing service management in organizations for many years.

Among other things we offer:

  • a strategy and individual roadmap for implementation, including timeline, resource requirements and risk management
  • an assessment of the current maturity level of your ITSM processes, including opportunities for improvement
  • a customized organizational design that is tailored to your specific requirements and goals
  • a clear definition of roles and responsibilities within your ITSM organization to improve collaboration
  • the training and further development of your employees
  • detailed documentation for each ITSM process, including all process steps, tools, technologies and relevant metrics
  • Support with tool selection
  • Communication strategies for employee participation
  • and much more ...

Together with you, our experienced consultants create the IT service management that best suits your business. Save yourself time and effort - and get the ITSM boost for your organization!

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ITIL®-TOOL MEETUPs 2023: Thanks for three great events!

A big round of applause to all participants and our fantastic partners of the ITIL-TOOL MEETUPs 2023! Together with us, you made the three events what they are: an exciting format and intensive exchange at eye level! Our business speed dating had only one goal: to bring together IT professionals and organizations with the right software. Mission accomplished! We are already looking forward to next year - then not only in Hamburg, Munich and Frankfurt, but also in New York and London.

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WANTED: Become an exhibitor at the BMK24! 

Over 600 employees and managers attend the BMPK every year. Take the opportunity to present yourself as an exhibitor at the largest congress trade fair for IT best practices in Europe - and give yourself the decisive edge in the competition for new customers and team colleagues!

Your 5 advantages as an exhibitor:

  1. You reach a broad audience because we take care of a versatile and powerful marketing base on all relevant channels.
  2. You present your software solutions, services and tools to exactly the right target group - without wastage.
  3. You have the chance to convince decision-makers and relevant managers of the USPs of your solutions.
  4. They benefit from the positive, energetic atmosphere of the congress - because the attractive supporting program inspires, activates and paves the way for progress-oriented decisions.
  5. You can contact specialized experts directly and at eye level.

If you are interested, please contact our event team!

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BMPK tickets at a glance: Which nugget would you like?

From May 15 to 17, 2024, there is only one place to be: the BMPK24. From the inexpensive one-day trade fair visit to the combined trade fair & congress ticket to the all-inclusive package: you decide which ticket you start your Wild West adventure with! One thing's for sure: you're on the right track with every nugget.

1 day trade fair (Expo)

BMPK-Nugget 1:
2.5-day congress trade fair including evening events and expo

BMPK-Nugget 2:
0.5 days Pony Express & 2.5 days congress trade fair, including evening events and expo

BMPK-Nugget 3:
0.5 days training & 2.5 days congress trade fair, including evening events and expo

BMPK-Nugget 4:
2 days training & 0,5 days Pony-Express & 2,5 days congress fair, incl. evening events & expo

BMPK-Nugget 5:
2.5 days training & 2.5 days congress trade fair, including evening events and expo

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IT marketing

At home in the digital matrix: marketing with an IT focus

A marketing agency that is fully specialized in IT topics: That is UnitedCreation! The team has already worked with many top players in the IT sector, supported complex topics and projects and thus built up comprehensive IT expertise. Cumbersome briefings or lengthy familiarization with the subject matter? You can save yourself that: At UnitedCreation you will find immediate understanding. Industry-specific frameworks and methods are not abstract concepts for the communication professionals, but the foundation on which your marketing strategy is built. Technically adept and creatively visionary, UnitedCreation makes IT companies visible - with customized strategies that are precisely tailored to the needs and goals of your brand in the IT sector. Ready for your brand transformation?

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Complete workshop: Your brand positioning in 21 days

Your IT brand should stand out from all the competition - but how? The answer is: your brand needs a clear profile. This is the only way to stand out from the competition and leave a lasting impression. This also has an impact on sales, as companies with a clear brand profile are measurably more successful.

Good reasons for strategic and emotional brand positioning at UnitedCreation! The workshop is suitable for all IT brands that

  • strive for fame,
  • want to touch their customers emotionally,
  • strive for greater visibility on the Internet and
  • want to sell better.

You position your brands from two coordinated perspectives: analytically and strategically with the help of the FLASH model and emotionally or "magically" with the help of an archetype. Archetypes are clearly defined identification figures; every strong brand can be assigned to one of twelve archetypes. The personification of your brand creates an emotional radiance: it brings the brand to life, creates deeper meaning, greater enthusiasm and voluntary participation among the target groups.

What you can expect in the workshop

In a process lasting around three weeks, you will work with Managing Director Andreas Lehnert to develop the strategic and emotional direction of your brand:

  1. Analysis & brand check
  2. Kick-off incl. discussion of the results
  3. 3-day workshop: Strategic brand positioning with FLASH; vision and mission; brand story; introduction to the archetype model; archetypal positioning
  4. Comprehensive follow-up including elaborated, exclusive guides

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