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You may have already noticed: The company model on our home page looks a little different. We have brought our consulting area into sharper focus and divided it into three modules. This now makes it even clearer in which areas we offer management consulting - namely IT service management, project management and agile transformation. For each of these areas, we have our own specialists who know the subject inside out - and have done so for many years. SERVIEW has long since ceased to be a pure training company: Over the past 20 years, we have helped IT organizations of all sizes and in all industries to optimize their services and workflows and thus become even more successful. The number of our consulting projects has increased continuously, and our consulting expertise should now be reflected on our website. Feel free to browse through our extensive consulting world and get inspired!

Press release: We can do consulting - and everyone can see it!

When you think of SERVIEW, what's the first thing that comes to mind? You probably see us - like most people - as a pure training company. Of course, we successfully educate you in our trainings, and we want to keep it that way. But that is only part of our DNA, because SERVIEW has long been much more than a knowledge broker. Our heart also beats for consulting! It is not for nothing that we are considered a pioneer in ITSM consulting; our proven and constantly evolving "How to implement ITSM" model is best practice. In recent years, we have mastered many IT consulting projects, including for well-known major companies such as Debeka, TUI, Douglas, EnBW and Media-Saturn. This makes me incredibly proud and motivates us to step on the gas even more in consulting! We have everything it takes: over two decades of industry experience. Competent experts who know their field inside out and are ready to get everything out for you. And last but not least: passion for our job!

But best of all: Both worlds - knowledge transfer and consulting - do not stand separately from each other, but complement each other. So we not only accompany you on site during implementation processes, we also train your employees in the corresponding tools, frameworks and methods. Win-win for everyone!

Yours Michael Kresse, Owner & Managing Director SERVIEW GmbH

Concentrated expert power: These are our trainers

And something else new on our website: From now on you will find all our trainers there at a glance - and thus the whole range of our certified specialists! The special feature: For each team member we have linked you to the current evaluations of real training participants - so you can convince yourself even better of the quality of our courses.

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Freshly produced: The new Agile Video Library is here!

42 videos, over five hours of expertise, 365 days around the clock access on all devices: Our brand new Agile Video Library is here! Consisting of five chapters, you will learn everything about agile basics, Scrum and other methods and frameworks, agile leadership, agility in project management and agile techniques. Ideal for refreshing your knowledge or looking up content on specific issues.

You can now add the agile library to all agile training courses as an additional package at a price of 99 euros - for example, Scrum, PRINCE2® Agile, the Agile Service Manager and many other courses. A corporate license is also possible: Use the Agile Video Library in your IT organization, e.g. for onboarding new employees, for ongoing training or as support in day-to-day business.

All content, benefits and a demo video can be found here:

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Training in English? Sure!

Many of our live online training courses are now also available in English, in two different time zones: the usual Central European Time and Central Standard Time for US Americans. This means that anyone working in international business can now also train with us. Our English trainings are marked in the schedule with the blue abbreviation EN and the respective time zone. Just take a look at the live online course of your choice - and experience ITIL®, Scrum, PRINCE2® & Co. in English!

European training times

US Training Times

Agile and project management

"Seven - but not the darn one!"

On the contrary, this number brings all kinds of positives: Why the new PRINCE2 version is so special - yes, two colleagues from SERVIEW also worked on it - and how you can become an early adopter, Michael Kresse explains in his video. Take a look!

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Current podcast episode: All about the new PRINCE2 7

PRINCE2 7 is the latest version of the most successful project management method in the world. Of course, this was also the topic of our current podcast episode! Michael Kresse invited the Vice President for Products - directly from the PRINCE2 publisher - into the studio as an expert. The result is a conversation between old friends with all the relevant information about the new version. Listen in!

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Agile leadership - but the right way!

You lead an agile team - and want to really drive it forward with your vision of the future and your mindset? Do you want to confidently handle agile tools, work on your leadership skills and inspire your employees to more creative freedom and self-responsibility? Then our Agile Leader training is just right for you!

The three-day workshop is aimed at managers and role holders with leadership responsibilities who want to better understand agility and reflect on and improve their own approach to leadership in an agile context.

In addition to methods and tools for your everyday leadership, in the Agile Leader Training you will gain insights into agile working practices such as Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Scrum or Kanban. This will give you a broad overview and enable you to select the practices that are right for your organization. You will also learn which factors determine the success of the agile transformation and how you can support this as a leader.

However, a comprehensive toolset is only half the battle. With agile leadership, you need a whole new mindset: the agile mindset. Instead of classic leadership methods, your focus is on empowering self-organization and innovation. Therefore, in this Agile Leader training you will reflect intensively on your own leadership behavior, question traditional tools and work out alternatives for the agile environment in the group. In practical exercises and reflection rounds, you will experience live what agile leadership means. You will further develop your understanding of your role, discover the skills you need as a leader, and reflect intensively on your current leadership style.

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Scrum Master: A critical role in the Scrum framework

In an ever-evolving business world, it is critical for organizations to effectively achieve their goals. This is where agile frameworks like Scrum come into play, and with them roles like the Scrum Master - a catalyst for the success of agile teams. Learn about the duties and responsibilities of a Scrum Master - and why official certification for this role is invaluable.

What is a Scrum Master?
The Scrum Master plays a key role within the Scrum team. Together with the product owner and several developers, he forms a powerful unit that completes a product in iterative development steps. As an expert in agile product development, the Scrum Master takes responsibility for implementing and adhering to Scrum principles and practices. Through his or her skills and knowledge, he or she supports the team in working efficiently and removing obstacles that could impede progress.

His tasks include process coordination and improvement: The Scrum Master ensures that the team understands the Scrum process and applies it effectively. He supports the planning of sprints, moderates Scrum events if necessary, and promotes the continuous improvement process. He also supports the developers and especially the product owner with useful techniques for measuring progress, for quality assurance and, if necessary, for estimation.

In addition, the Scrum Master takes care of removing obstacles to the team's work. He also acts as a mediator between the Scrum Team and external influences. In this way, he ensures that the team can work in a productive environment. In doing so, he does not necessarily have to eliminate every single problem or obstacle himself, but above all triggers challenges to be tackled promptly.

Supporting and encouraging the team in its growth and self-organization is another central task of the Scrum Master. After all, it is the declared goal of every Scrum team to work together and learn in the best possible, self-organized way. To this end, the Scrum Master coaches his team to enable effective collaboration and further development. He helps develop skills, ensures that each team member understands and can optimally fulfill his role and responsibilities. In the course of this, he also promotes continuous, empirical learning for the entire team.

The advantages of Scrum Master certification
An official Scrum Master certification brings with it numerous advantages. For one, it signals to potential employers and clients that you have in-depth knowledge and practical experience in agile development work. This makes Scrum certification a valuable step in validating your skills and expanding your career opportunities, including, for example, future salaries.

On the other hand, a Scrum Master certification enables a deeper engagement with Scrum principles and practices. It expands the understanding of agile methods and enables the Scrum Master to effectively support the team and continuously improve the Scrum process. You could say knowledge is power - in this case the power to support your own Scrum team in the best possible way. Therefore, aspiring Scrum Masters are definitely recommended to get an official Scrum Master certification, for example as Professional Scrum Master (exam by or as PeopleCert Scrum Master (exam by PeopleCert).

SERVIEW offers first-class training courses for certification as a Scrum Master. So if you're interested in expanding and officially proving your skills as a Scrum Master, you've come to the right place. SERVIEW Scrum training courses prepare you not only for the exam, but also for practice - after all, it's being part of a real team that you'll give your all for as a Scrum Master. Take a look at our overview of all Scrum trainings!

Discover Scrum Trainings

By the way: Our popular Scrum reference book will soon be published as a hardcover edition at many online retailers. The ideal knowledge companion on your journey to becoming a Scrum Master! Of course, you can still add the e-book to your SERVIEW training for the special price of €19 (net).

Service Management

One last time Tool Time in Munich

All good things come in threes: On Tuesday, October 17, the last of our three ITIL-TOOL MEETUPs will take place in Munich. A few remaining places are still available, secure your place now quickly - and start the journey to the perfect ITIL 4 tool for your company. Are you ready for exciting sessions, intensive exchange and a unique atmosphere? Then come along!

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New ITIL® Combitraining: Plan, Implement & Control

How do you save effort, time and money on your way to becoming a Practice Manager? With a combination training instead of five individual practice trainings! In our new, three-day combination module "Plan, Implement & Control", you will deal in detail with the following five relevant core practices from the ITIL® framework:

  • Change Enablement
  • Deployment Management
  • Release Management
  • Service Configuration Management
  • IT Asset Management

"Plan, Implement & Control" provides you with the tools to successfully plan and control services. You will learn the key principles of the five practices mentioned above and how these practices can be integrated into the value-creating processes of an organization.

The certification is suitable for all IT managers, leaders, consultants and other professionals who are strategically involved in the further development and improvement of organizations - especially for those IT specialists in whose organizations ITIL is used.

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On the road to success with the guiding principles of ITIL 4

Efficient processes, satisfied customers - that's what we want from good IT service management! But how can this be achieved in practice? The guiding principles of ITIL 4 provide a clear compass: If you follow them, you can make your IT services even better. Read more in the current blog article!

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The ITSM Video Library - the ideal companion for your ITIL training

Learning aid, loyal companion, premium reference book: The ITSM Video Library is all in one! Consisting of 40 technical videos with over 300 minutes of content, it was produced by SERVIEW itself - and unfolds its full effect especially in conjunction with the ITIL 4 Foundation!

Before training begins, it offers beginners an easy-to-understand introduction to terminology, basic concepts and best practices from the ITSM world. This means you can start your training well prepared. After completing the ITIL Foundation, the video library acts as a reference work to reinforce what you have learned: Here you get insights directly from industry experts and learn from real ITSM implementation examples!

Best of all, you can brush up on your knowledge 24 hours a day, 365 days a year - and access the films at any time via desktop, tablet or smartphone.

The ITSM video library can be added to any ITIL training course as an additional option for €99 via the shopping cart. An investment that pays off for your career!

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How to Implement Service Management: ACT

In the "CHECK" step, we have identified numerous target-oriented optimization options in the best case. Now it is time to act on them! This action module is about implementing the adjustment potentials found in the previous phase in order to firmly anchor the new processes in the organization.

When this has been achieved is reflected, for example, in the statements made by your employees. Because it is an unmistakable sign that the new processes have arrived in the organization when your employees begin to defend the new ways of working. If the statements "This is the way we have to work here" is displaced by "This is the way we work here", you have overcome an amazing challenge. However, we should keep in mind that the ACT step - like PLAN, DO and CHECK - is also run through several times in a phased project approach to gradually introduce and embed all processes.

Once the necessary adjustments have been made to the service management project and the targeted maturity level has been reached, an external and formal audit against the requirements of ISO/IEC 20000 can also take place in this phase. Such an audit certifies the achievement of a high-quality performance level of your processes by an external, neutral body. If you want to see success, the audit can therefore be extremely useful beyond measurements and reports. In addition to the high level of motivation for the employees involved, it has a decisive signal effect on all those who are still reluctant to cooperate or who do so because they are instructed to do so. ISO certification also achieves considerable positive effects in the presentation to customers.

Certification that your processes meet the requirements of ISO/IEC 20000 is the ultimate proof that you take the quality of your service management seriously and really have it under control.

With the completion of this phase and the official certificate of conformity, service management can be considered implemented in your organization. Now, at last, the process passes to the responsibility of the higher-level management system for the continuous further development of service management. After all, a service management journey is never at an end. It is a continuous process of adaptation and alignment to the changing needs of your customers and your business.

Rely on our officially certified SERVIEW service management consulting approach right from the start. Then you are sure to arrive at this stage and complete it with success.

So do you now know everything you need to approach your ITSM project in a targeted manner? Almost! In the next few issues, we will focus on two continuous aspects that must accompany the entire project in order to achieve success: A well-positioned program and change management, and the overarching communications strategy. Stay tuned!

Full consulting power with our Agile Experts

More and more companies want to adopt an agile approach. That's a good thing! However, agile transformation is a process that takes time and know-how - and depends significantly on the people who drive it. This is where our experienced Agile Experts come in!

These are highly skilled professionals who specialize in integrating agility into the corporate culture. They work closely with your team to make the introduction of agile methods in your company as smooth and effective as possible. We provide you with the following Agile Experts:

Agile Coach: Our Agile Coaches provide mentoring for your entire organization, support you in the introduction and optimization of agile methods. They help identify or overcome barriers to agility and promote the agile mindset.

Scrum Master: Our Scrum Masters are experts in applying Scrum principles and practices. They help your teams implement Scrum effectively, foster collaboration, and help remove obstacles.

Product Owner: Our Product Owners take responsibility for the product vision and backlog management. They work closely with stakeholders and the development team to ensure that the product meets business objectives and delivers high customer value.

You too can benefit from the wealth of experience and knowledge of our professionals and accelerate your agile transformation!

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"Our Agile experts accelerate your transformation - immediately."

The one or none: Award for your ITIL compliant software

From now on it's valid! The transition period from CERTIFIEDTOOL to the new Accredited Tool Vendors program (ATV) is now over - many tool manufacturers have recognized the enormous importance and charisma of an official quality seal and have taken on the certification process. Several well-known companies have already successfully taken this step, and demand from customers is also growing steadily. Do you also want to have your ITIL-compliant software certified and position yourself as a leader? Then contact us!

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These companies are already ITIL4 certified:

  • KIX Service Software Ltd.
  • USU
  • Atlassian
  • 4me
  • Proactivanet
  • Arandasoft
  • Efecte
  • Freshworks
  • Matrix42
  • Plain IT 
  • DCON
  • Kyberna
  • OmniNet
  • TOPDesk
  • BMC 


Successful Tool Time: That was doubly great!

6 sessions - the world's leading software manufacturers - 45 minutes each: These were the ingredients for our business speed dating in Frankfurt and Hamburg. Two of three ITIL-TOOL MEETUPs are behind us and we are convinced: Some matches have found each other!

The atmosphere at both locations was terrific. The participants: eager to learn and with plenty of questions. The exhibitors: highly motivated to convince everyone of their solutions. The air was on fire!

As hosts, it was a great pleasure for us to talk to you and to set up this extraordinary format. Thank you to everyone who was there! Fortunately, it's not quite over yet: The last ITIL-TOOL MEETUP on October 17 in Munich is still to come. Come by, it's worth it!

Register free of charge

Online & free of charge: discover our webinars!

Want expert knowledge in 60 minutes? Our specialists have prepared three webinars on current topics for you.

Whether it's news from project management, the ITSM world or enterprise architecture: Get updated, ask questions or discuss together with other participants - we look forward to seeing you!

PRINCE2® 7 - what's in it?

Oliver Imm explains the changes and innovations of this 7th edition in the online webinar. Join us on Friday, October 13, 2023 from 11:00 to 12:00!

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TOGAF® - An overview

On Wednesday, October 25, 2023, our expert Wolfgang Krüger will introduce you to the world of the global de facto standard for enterprise architecture from 11:00 to 12:00.

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The ITIL® Role Model

Practice Owner, Practice Manager, Process Manager, Service Owner, Service Manager? Björn Hinrichs will shed light on the ITIL® role model on Friday, November 17, 2023 from 11:00 to 12:00.

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Get up on stage: Become a BMPK speaker!

Around 60 expert presentations enriched the program of the last BMPK. And in 2024, we'll be happy to hand the mic over to inspiring speakers again! Do you want to share your experiences as a specialist or executive in an IT organization and inspire people with your story? Put your company in the spotlight? Then apply for one of the coveted speaking slots at BMPK - and make the hall shake! A speaking slot lasts 45 minutes, and each speaker attends the three main congress days, including evening events, free of charge. What are you waiting for?

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First trade fair exhibitors: Welcome aboard!

Advance booking for BMPK 2024 is underway - and the first exhibitors at our big expo have already been confirmed. SVA, DCON, FUTUREDAT, OMNINET, Cordaware, Fast Lane, IBITECH, KIX, KYBERNA and TOPdesk are among the exhibitors. We're glad you're taking this Wild West journey as IT pioneers with us!

You also want to become a trade show exhibitor? You can find all the information you need about your presence and sponsorship opportunities in our exclusive exhibitor guide.

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Strong together:
Marketing for the IT industry

Hand in hand, even more can be achieved! That's why, after many years of close and successful collaboration, we joined forces with the marketing professionals from UnitedCreation in 2022. The agency from near Karlsruhe specializes in marketing for the IT industry - and is thus one of the few agencies here in the region with this special focus.

Together with UnitedCreation, we have already successfully mastered many projects. For example, the marketing experts regularly create the websites for events such as the BMPK and our ITIL TOOL MEETUPs, design program booklets and flyers, shoot videos, and handle communication on our social media platforms.

"We don't just speak your language, we also think in your codes," promises the agency team - and we can say from experience: That makes collaboration much easier. No long briefings, no awkward back and forth - here, both sides understand right away what is needed. Technically savvy and creatively visionary, UnitedCreation puts IT companies in the spotlight - be it through sophisticated brand strategies, effective campaigns and ads, professional search engine and social media marketing, web development, event planning and much more. For a radiant IT brand presence and a place at the digital forefront!

I want that too

Versatile professionals: these projects are worth seeing

Whether it's an employer branding campaign, SEO-SEA expertise or content of any kind, our corporate communications are in the best hands with UnitedCreation. In addition, the agency team was extensively involved in the event planning of BMPK this year: UnitedCreation not only implemented a wide variety of advertising materials and exhibitor stands, the marketing professionals also shot, photographed, mastered digital live switching - and coordinated the entire process on site. UnitedCreation was also involved in our ITIL-TOOL MEETUPs.

You also need support in IT marketing or in the organization of events? You now know our "wonder weapon" ...

IT marketing with WOW effect

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November 09 2023