SERVIEW becomes official ITIL-Tool Assessor of PEOPLECERT (ATVA)

For 20 years, we have been awarding software solutions that truly deserve the SERVIEW CERTIFIEDTOOL seal of approval - and we make no compromises in the selection process. A tool must pass around 600 criteria before it receives the seal. Now there is news:

SERVIEW CERTIFIEDTOOL becomes the world's official and only accreditation program for software vendors of ITIL®-compliant tools. This program is called "ITIL Accredited Tool Vendor", ATV for short.

In cooperation with ITIL rights holder PeopleCert, we have developed the new program over the last 12 months. We incorporated 100% of the over 20 years of experience from our SERVIEW CERTIFEDTOOL program into the ATV program. As a result, providers now have an official opportunity to have their software tested for ITIL conformity and their organization tested for ITIL know-how. This is confirmed with a seal of approval directly from the rights holder.

Users looking for ITIL 4 compliant software solutions for their organization will thus directly meet vendors who have proven that ...

  • ... their software maps the ITIL 4 practices cleanly,
  • ... their organization can demonstrate the necessary understanding of ITIL 4 and
  • ... your company complies with applicable trademark law.

With the publication of the "ITIL Accredited Tool Vendor" program, all other ITIL seals of approval on the market (e.g. PINKVerify) no longer have official permission to award an ITIL badge for a tool. Only official "Accredited Tool Vendor Assessors" (ATVA for short) are allowed to accredit software vendors on behalf of PeopleCert. SERVIEW is the first and only ATVA worldwide. Please contact us!

What does this mean for you as a user? Quite simply:

With the ATV seal of approval, buyers of software not only receive a solution that has been thoroughly tested by a manufacturer who specifically trains and educates its employees in ITIL. At the same time, you can be sure that your investment does not violate PeopleCert's trademark rights.

As a user, you should therefore always make sure that the ITIL software you want bears the "ATV" seal and actively ask for this seal during the selection process. If a manufacturer does not have the seal, its software may not be bad in principle. Regardless of its quality, however, it violates the copyright of the rights holder if it uses the contents and ideas of ITIL.

From now on you can find all accredited tool vendors on the official ATV website. This includes all solutions certified so far in the ITIL 4 category as SERVIEW CERTIFIEDTOOL.

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