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Agile Park | Focus "Scrum

Thrilling 2-day simulation
Can be integrated into any Scrum training course
In the seminar room or live online

Agile Park | Focus "PRINCE2 Agile

Exciting 2-day simulation
Can be integrated into any PRINCE2 Agile training course
In the seminar room or live online

This agile simulation takes your way of working to the next level!

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Do you want your team to experience what agile collaboration really means? Would you like to experience new methods in practice, strengthen your team spirit and collaborate more efficiently? Welcome to Agile Park, the exciting simulation for agile best practices: In this interactive simulation, you can fulfill all these wishes in just 2 days!

Based on an exciting scenario, you will dive deep into agile practice. To do this, you will build an adventure park full of real dinosaurs with digital building blocks in your team and lead it to the opening - either on-site or in a dynamic online format. You will create stakeholder personas, develop user stories and create a story map. Will you succeed in implementing the requirements with the most added value in a timely and high-quality manner? Will you convince your stakeholders of the success of the Agile Park? Find out - and learn everything about agility while you're at it!

Whether you are a project or product manager, a member of a Scrum team, a managing director or an agile enthusiast, as long as you want to learn more about agile methods, Agile Park is the place to be! 

Agility in action

Discover the full range of agile principles, methods and techniques: What does a good Product Goal look like? What is the added value of transparency for team and stakeholders? How do you create effective user stories and user story maps? How do you plan releases? And how do you find out which backlog entries make sense for the next sprint? You'll learn the answers to all these questions firsthand at Agile Park. If you choose the online version of the simulation, you will also take home numerous impulses for better collaboration in remote teams.

Make mistakes, be brave!

All the experience you gain in this agile simulation is valuable. In particular, the challenging situations arm you for practice: Missteps that you make in the safe environment of the Agile Park are analyzed in moderated reflection rounds and cushioned by improvement measures. In this way, you will playfully internalize how to deal with these and similar mistakes so as not to repeat them in practice.


Among other things, you will ...

  • ... develop a basic understanding of agile methods and processes.
  • ... Gain basic knowledge of delineating agile roles in the project.
  • ... understand the importance of a good initial definition.
  • ... internalize practices for successful (remote) communication.
  • ... Learn best practices for project management and agile teams.
  • ... learn about critical success factors for agile implementation in (remote) teams.
  • ... understand the added value of transparency and a shared vision.
  • ... understand the necessary framework for agile development.
  • ... overcome typical challenges in the implementation of agile methods.
  • ... celebrate first successes in the implementation of agile methods.


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Unforgettable: learning success through gamification

Gamification conveys knowledge through fun - and the Agile Park Simulation is just the right framework for this! Here we combine short theory blocks with extended practice phases: You spend almost 90% of the time on practical tasks such as designing the adventure park or discussion rounds. This creates an unforgettable learning experience: inspiring, moving and practical.

  • You will work interactively on a gripping practical scenario.
  • Your team organizes itself on a digital board.
  • They learn by experiencing - all content is consolidated through emotional experiences.
  • Joint reflection sessions put the knowledge gained into perspective.
  • Through targeted collaboration, you strengthen team spirit and motivation.


Concentrate fully on doing, because you will receive all important information collected in a handout after the simulation! Instead of consciously learning, you actively experience the selected framework such as Scrum or PRINCE2 Agile, create personas, realize requirements in sprints and question your experiences in regular reflection rounds. In this way, you exchange new implementation options in the team, analyze critical situations, and defuse them with tailored improvement measures.

As always with SERVIEW, you will only learn together with certified trainers. All our trainers are highly qualified, have extensive practical knowledge and also work as consultants. Together with the energetic format of this simulation, we guarantee two unforgettable days in the Agile Park, where you will experience real agility with all your senses.

The agile simulation is suitable for employees and managers of all levels and is best carried out as a whole team. If you are still at the beginning of your agile collaboration, you will learn all the basics of Scrum or PRINCE2 Agile during the workshop. If you are already a well-established Scrum team, your learning objectives will change: In this case, you will dive deep into the subject matter and develop solutions for more complex challenges.

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Gripping content: This is what you can expect

The Agile Park Simulation revolves around the same gripping scenario in every manifestation: planning, designing and opening a successful amusement park full of dinosaurs from scratch - and doing so with colorful building blocks. The content focus of the simulation, on the other hand, changes with the framework you choose. For example, the Scrum Agile Park covers different topics than the PRINCE2 Agile Park. Find out exactly what you can expect here!

Agile Park | Focus "Scrum

  • Write personas
  • Writing User Stories
  • "Scrum in a nutshell"
  • Determine Story Points
  • Product and sprint backlog management
  • Define Sprint Goals
  • Define DOD
  • Product development using Scrum
  • Visualize development statuses
  • Perform process optimization
  • Define measures for practice
  • Fun, games and excitement


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Agile Park | Focus "PRINCE2 Agile

  • Stakeholder analysis with empathy map
  • Define personas
  • Writing User Stories
  • " PRINCE2 Agile® in a nutshell"
  • Determine business value
  • Define Minimal Viable Product (MVP)
  • Define release plan with milestones
  • Product development using Scrum
  • Visualize development statuses
  • Perform process optimization
  • Define measures for practice
  • Fun, games and excitement


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Your advantage: Full agile power

Not just learning, but really grasping: In the Agile Park Simulation, you and your team lay the foundation for successful collaboration.


  • Gain and deepen agile practical knowledge over 2 days.
  • Experience Scrum or PRINCE2 Agile in live action.
  • Learn agile best practices in a fun way.
  • Strengthen team cohesion and motivation through shared adventures.
  • Learn what makes remote collaboration successful.
  • Anchor knowledge using emotions.
  • Feel with us what agility really means!



This is us: The SERVIEW team introduces itself

Discover the creative minds behind SERVIEW! Our unique team consists of highly motivated professionals from a wide range of disciplines who all share a common goal: To fully utilize your skills and support you in your development. Together, we strive to develop your potential and help you progress. We combine qualifications and passion - the perfect combination to inspire you and take you further!


What is Agile?

Agile approach and its advantages explained in a nutshell: Here you get a quick overview of agile methods.


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