ITSM simulation video game "Global Air

Apply your IT service management know-how in this practical single-player simulation - and put your airline among the top 50 airlines in the world! You transfer your knowledge of ITSM, for example from an ITIL ® 4 Foundation, to a complex scenario. In this way, you gain confidence in dealing with numerous practices and transfer your knowledge into practice in a targeted manner.

In "Global Air" you take on the role of the transformation director of the airline Global Air. Your goal: to make your airline great through digital transformation, optimized processes and strategically positioned services. Your tools: concepts, principles and practices from modern IT service management.

In Global Air, you decide independently which strategy you want to use to drive the airline forward. Knowledge from service management will help you, but agile approaches will also play their part in the company's success. The central factor for your evaluation is customer satisfaction. Find out how you can stabilize and optimize unreliable services. But don't forget to develop new services to satisfy your customers' needs.

You experience the online simulation alone and at your own pace on your home computer or another device of your choice. You will receive direct feedback on your decisions and can thus closely monitor how your efforts affect the airline's ranking. For the maximum learning effect, you will learn via video tutorial after each game round which solution would have been optimal in the current situation.

With Global Air, you experience IT service management up close - while having the freedom to experiment in a protected environment. Get started right away!

What you bring with you

Do you want to deepen your knowledge of IT service management based on a practical scenario? Then Global Air is the right place for you!

Deepen your knowledge

To get the most out of the online simulation, you need knowledge of IT service management - for example, from an ITIL 4 Foundation or comparable training course.

Play at your pace

While in other simulations you play with or against your colleagues, you experience Global Air like an e-learning: autonomous, independent of time and at your own speed.

Use the tutorials

You don't have to read any game instructions - just let the video explain the process and functions of the online simulation to you! For the introduction and after each game round, take a look at the past challenges. You will also receive recommendations on the ideal course of action and alternative paths.

Take your time

To successfully complete Global Air, you'll need about 4 to 6 hours, which already includes watching the videos. You can flexibly divide your time: for 30 days you can pause and continue the online simulation at any point.

Experience ITSM up close

The focus of Global Air is on IT operations: practices such as Service Desk, Incident Management, Problem Management and Availability Management, but also Measurement & Reporting, Deployment Management and many more are addressed. This gives you a comprehensive practical overview and allows you to test your knowledge in full breadth.

Take a look!

Let us take you into the world of facts and figures! With Global Air, you have a whole range of practice material at your disposal to tackle the right measures at the right time. Will you manage to place your airline among the top 50 in the world?

Step by step to becoming an ITSM professional

Do you have questions? Do you not know what to do next? Do you want to know which path would have been optimal in this round? Then rely on our tutorials with ITSM specialist Michael Weber! In the seven detailed videos, you'll get valuable tips and insights about your current task.