Brand new in the course program: Lean Six Sigma

Brand new in the course program: Lean Six Sigma

We now offer Lean Six Sigma training courses! This is a management strategy that aims to maximize the efficiency of business processes.

The combination of lean management principles and Six Sigma techniques helps organizations to improve their performance by achieving higher process quality at lower costs.

Our Lean Six Sigma training courses are available at various certification levels:

  • Yellow Belt: This entry-level certification provides basic knowledge of Lean Six Sigma methods and is ideal for those who want to gain an initial insight into the subject.
  • Green Belt: At this level, you will be able to manage medium-sized projects independently. You will acquire in-depth knowledge of the methodology and learn how to apply it to solve specific problems.
  • Black Belt: The most advanced certification prepares you to lead complex projects and manage strategic initiatives within the organization. Black Belts also act as mentors for Yellow and Green Belts.

Would you like to significantly improve your internal processes and benefit from increased customer satisfaction? Then take a closer look at our new Lean Six Sigma training courses!

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