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Learn about the #1 agile framework in the world: Scrum is the most popular and widely used agile framework for product development. In our Scrum training courses, you will learn in a practical and interactive way how to use the framework successfully.

Beginners start with our compact courses, which last two or three days, depending on your choice. We do not separate the content of Scrum Master and Product Owner, because we believe that if you want to become a Scrum Master, you also need to know what a Product Owner does - and vice versa. In our compact courses, you will therefore gain knowledge about both roles, so that you know all the connections. After the training, you decide which exam you want to take: Scrum Master, Product Owner or both. In any case, you will be fully prepared.

We offer all Scrum training courses in different learning formats, including face-to-face or live online - so you can continue your education in the way that best suits you and your circumstances. Would you like a comprehensive overview? Then feel free to create your own individual training catalog.

Scrum Master & Product Owner
(2 days)

The basis for all beginners is our Scrum compact training, in which we prepare you optimally for your role as Scrum Master and Product Owner. Here, you will learn all the important contents in just two days. This way, you will reach your goal even more efficiently and become a Scrum professional in the shortest possible time!

  • PeopleCert: Training, documentation and examination in German.
  • Training, documents available in German or English - exam only in English (or in other languages via Google translator).

Scrum with Kanban

You are already a Scrum Master or Product Owner and want to integrate Kanban into your process? Then the PSK training is the right place for you! Here you will learn interactively and entertainingly how Kanban influences the artifacts, events and roles of Scrum and how you can regulate the work throughput in a meaningful way.

Agile Video Library

The Agile Video Library is your trusty companion that not only prepares you and your organization for the agile journey, but stays by your side afterwards to guide you through the ups and downs of agile transformation.

Scrum Essentials

The quick overview of Scrum and agile project management: In this Scrum training course, you will learn all the important basics of the Scrum Guide 2020 digitally and at your own pace, gaining an understanding of the various roles of the framework. Thanks to small practical scenarios and memorable examples, you do not need any prior knowledge for this course.

Scrum Master & Product Owner

Would you like to take a little more time on your way to becoming a Scrum professional and benefit from clear practical exercises? Then our three-day basic training is ideal. Here you will gain extensive knowledge about your role as Scrum Master and Product Owner, with a special focus on practical application.

Scrum Simulation

Agile best practices up close: Experience the Scrum Framework in practice in this extraordinary and interactive simulation! In this exciting scenario, you immediately put the contents of the short theory blocks into practice. Enable the opening of the dinosaur experience park "Agile Park" after only 4 sprints and inspire investors and visitors alike.

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