Scrum trainings - as classroom training, blended learning, e-learning or live online

Agile, flexible, successful: Scrum is a widespread framework for product development that has been used successfully for over 20 years. In our Scrum training courses, you will learn how to use the framework effectively and in a target-oriented manner.

All Scrum courses follow the Scrum Guide 2020 and use the interactive SERVIEW Workbook Principle®, with which you learn all training content in a practical and entertaining way. To do this, you can choose one of four unique training formats. Would you like an overview of all training courses? Put together your individual training catalog here!

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Scrum Compact

Become a Scrum professional in the shortest possible time: In our compact training courses based on the Scrum Guide 2020, you will gain extensive knowledge for your role as Scrum Master and Product Owner - as always with guaranteed deadlines and according to the unique SERVIEW Workbook principle. Complete the course with an additional intensive practical simulation or the "Scaled Scrum with Nexus" extension.


Learn agile principles in an entertaining way according to the Scrum Guide 2020! In the Scrum Master Training you will internalize your role as a servant leader in a targeted and practical way. Choose the PSM training to learn the basics of product development with Scrum, or the upgrading PSM2 course to get an even deeper understanding of the different roles.


You want to lead Scrum products to success and support agile projects dynamically? Then get certified as a Product Owner! In our PSPO training courses, you will develop a comprehensive understanding of agile product development and learn to move confidently in your role. Get the official PSPO1 certificate and successfully accompany product teams of any size according to the Scrum Guide 2020!


Successfully coordinate multiple teams: With the Scaled Professional Scrum Certificate (SPS), you will gain extensive knowledge of the Nexus framework to coordinate multiple Scrum teams towards an overall goal in a results-oriented manner. Simply choose the course concept that suits your needs - in any selectable format you will learn all content hands-on with the interactive SERVIEW Workbook principle.


You are already a Scrum Master or Product Owner and want to integrate Kanban into your process? Then the PSK training is the right place for you! Here you will learn interactively and entertainingly how Kanban influences the artifacts, events and roles of Scrum and how you can regulate the work throughput in a meaningful way.


The quick overview of Scrum and agile project management: In this Scrum training course, you will learn all the important basics of the Scrum Guide 2020 digitally and at your own pace, gaining an understanding of the various roles of the framework. Thanks to small practical scenarios and memorable examples, you do not need any prior knowledge for this course.


Agile best practices up close: Experience the Scrum Framework in practice in this extraordinary and interactive simulation! In this exciting scenario, you immediately put the contents of the short theory blocks into practice. Enable the opening of the dinosaur experience park "Agile Park" after only 4 sprints and inspire investors and visitors alike.

What is Scrum?

How does Scrum work? What roles are there and what principles are used to achieve the best result? Get a quick overview.