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Agile trainings

Agile is the trump card

Agile working methods and principles have revolutionized the job market - not only in IT, but across industries and worldwide. That's why agile training is becoming increasingly popular. And rightly so: Agile projects are considered to be much more flexible. As a result, they lead to success in complex, rapidly changing environments more efficiently than conventional approaches.

What all agile methods have in common is that they put people at the center. The focus is not on rigid processes and responsibilities, but on customer benefits. This means, in particular, that feedback loops and continuous improvement have a high priority in agile methods. The individual agile working methods differ greatly from one another. But the good thing is: you and your team are free to decide which approach you choose for your agile projects. It's even common for teams to combine different agile methods to establish the approach that works best for them. So don't be shy - dive into the agile world!

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What is Agile?

What does agility mean - and does agile work itself make you successful? Learn all about the diversity and advantages of agile methods!


Get to know Agile methods

What is Scrum?

If you're interested in agile working, there's no getting around Scrum. Want a quick overview? Then this way!

Quick start in Scrum

Which agile method fits your team?

Adaptable, focused, and on fire - which agile methods achieve the best result for your team depends on your way of working, your technical focus, and your team composition. While agile development projects like to be approached with Scrum, many production teams swear by Kanban or a mixture of both. For innovative solutions, Design Thinking is an excellent alternative, and you can work in a particularly goal-oriented way with OKR. Either way, agile training is often the starting point for working with the agile method of your choice.

What agile methods there are and what agile working is all about, we will reveal to you in our blog articles, in the podcast or also gladly in a personal conversation. So what are you waiting for? Start your agile journey today!

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Agile transformation at full throttle 

From the classic model directly into the agile world - is that even possible? Yes, in small steps! Even though agile training is often the starting point for agile transformation, figuratively speaking, it is only half the battle. A successful agile transformation only really takes off with the commitment of everyone involved. The attitude and mindset behind agile methods are just as crucial as the methods themselves, if not more important.

Therefore, companies can only carry the agile transformation as far as each individual team member. In plain language: Employees need targeted support to understand, adapt and live the agile values and principles. Only in this way can the transformation to a flexible and high-performance corporate culture really succeed. An agile training - or several on different methods - is the ideal starting point for this. Are you ready? Then start your agile transformation at full throttle!