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In collaboration with ITIL rights holder PeopleCert, we have developed the new Accredited Tool Vendor program (ATV). We incorporated 100% of the 20+ years of experience from SERVIEW CERTIFEDTOOL into the ATV program. As a result, vendors now have an official way to have their software tested for ITIL 4 compliance and their organization tested for ITIL 4 expertise. This is confirmed with a seal of approval directly from the rights holder.

6 reasons to talk to SERVIEW about the ATV program.

  • Credibility and reputation:
    Accreditation demonstrates that the software vendor meets PeopleCert's standards and ensures high quality. This strengthens the credibility of the company and its reputation in the industry.
  • Customer trust:
    Customers are always looking for reliable and high-quality software solutions. Accreditation signals to customers that a vendor's software has been tested and confirmed for ITIL 4 compliance. This builds trust and makes it easier for customers to decide to purchase the software.
  • Competitive advantage:
    In a highly competitive service management market, accreditation will serve as a unique selling point and set the software vendor apart from other vendors. Customers are looking for trustworthy and audited ITIL solutions.
  • Quality assurance and continuous improvement:
    To receive accreditation, a software vendor must meet certain ITIL quality standards. This requires a structured quality management system and regular reviews. Accreditation serves the manufacturer to optimize its processes, identify weak points and drive continuous improvements.
  • Access to new markets and customers:
    In the service management industries, accreditation is a prerequisite for participating in certain projects or working with certain clients. Accreditation opens up new opportunities.
  • Liability and risk minimization:
    Accreditation helps the software manufacturer minimize legal risks. It shows that the company complies with applicable laws and takes responsibility for the quality of its software. This can help reduce liability claims and increase customer confidence in terms of security and data protection.

These manufacturers bear the ATV seal (excerpt)

An award for your ITIL compliant software

With the ATV accreditation, you tell a story of commitment, of nights spent poring over codes and dedicating yourself to ITIL best practices. You tell of the passion you have to see every customer smile and how you never stop until you achieve the highest quality.

In a market where competition is as intense as a summer thunderstorm, it's these stories that capture the attention of discerning buyers. It's these stories that lay the foundation for unbreakable, long-lasting partnerships in which both sides not only survive, but thrive together.

So, are you ready to tell your ITIL-compliant story?

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The ITIL software world has changed and so have the needs and requirements for your product. It has never been more important to keep your finger on the pulse and take advantage of the ATV program. Contact me!.

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