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Twenty years of training expertise and an uncompromising passion for the best training quality: We know how to do training right. That's why we fight for a forward-looking training culture in your company with our Managed Training Services.

Our core mission as an education partner is not to save costs - because that happens incidentally with smart education management. Our true mission is much more crucial to your success: we ensure that your employees emerge from highly effective training sessions perfectly trained and full of drive. Because your company's greatest strength is qualified people who are on fire for your cause.


What is MTS?

Managed Training Services, MTS for short, are your way out of training chaos. Put your training measures or parts of them in our hands without hesitation! This saves you time, costs and nerves, because you get all the services you need from a single source. But the best is: Your employees effectively and motivated reach the level of knowledge they need for the success of your company. Your HR effort therefore decreases, while the motivation and expertise of your employees increase - a victory all along the line.

Would you have known?

Woman sitting outside at laptop 2

Training without a seminar room?

Of course, online is the trend.


Was the training successful?

An evaluation brings the answer.


If you're thirsty, you switch off.

Invigorate drinks in training.


Interactive instead of soporific:

That's how knowledge stays in your head.

Indoor climate

Brightness, ventilation, size:

A good indoor climate is decisive.


Interference undesirable:

Noise and noise stay outside!


Text on foil? No, thanks!

Modern documents are the trump card.


Vegan, gluten-free & more:

So that everyone can strengthen themselves.


Who has which certificate?

Overview vs. privacy.

A combination of many different factors determines whether a workout is successful or not. Some of them seem self-evident.But would you have immediately thought of the small selection of factors you can discover in our interactive seminar room?

Advantages of Managed Training Services

An exciting setting and engaging training delivery ensure satisfied participants - and thus maximum learning success. But it's not just our experience with a wide variety of training formats or our accreditations for over one hundred trainings that make us the best choice for you.

At SERVIEW, you get everything from a single source. This means: We are your permanent contact for all topics. We provide you with an overview of all booked training measures, take care of smooth processes and fast processing of the training courses. If you wish, we can set up an individual customer portal for you, which employees can use to independently book the training courses you have planned for them.

You only negotiate with us as a contractual partner and only receive invoices from us, because we take care of everything else for you. As a result, you always have controllable, consistent payment targets with simultaneous unconditional quality control of all partners by SERVIEW. In short: We make complexity controllable. Contact us!

SERVIEW Consulting Service


Do you have questions? We have answers! With over twenty years of training experience, we know what challenges you face when it comes to continuing education - and how to overcome them fearlessly. Often there is no up-to-date infrastructure to efficiently identify and meet qualification needs among your own employees. Cumbersome or unclear processes, a confusing network of training providers and expensive but ineffective training courses turn the hot topic of training into an unloved stepchild.

But that's the end of it: We work with you to determine what you currently have, what you really need - and how to get it. We help minimize legacy burdens, prune the process undergrowth sensibly and make room for a modern training culture. Of course, sustainability also plays a decisive role here. We would be happy to provide you and your HR or training department with comprehensive and independent advice on the following and other questions. Please contact us!



  • What role does personnel development play today?
  • How do you effectively use the modern learning culture?
  • Which HR processes should you digitize?
  • How do you digitally track certificates?
  • How do you start a corporate academy?

Continuing education

  • How do you determine your training needs?
  • How do you cover it efficiently?
  • Can you take care of it yourself or do you need help?
  • How do you achieve effective learning outcomes?
  • How do you make continuing education ecologically sustainable?


  • What does your process landscape look like?
  • How do you optimize your training efforts?
  • Which learning process fits your corporate culture?
  • How do you automate processes in a meaningful way?

Learning technology

  • What are your requirements?
  • Which learning system suits you?
  • What makes for successful learning technology?
  • How can you make better use of existing systems?
  • How do you implement new solutions?

Your watch list: What do you want to talk about?


Further education

From needs analysis to quality management, from course development to setting up a digital training environment to creating smart training materials: Depending on your needs, we can take over your entire training area or individual parts of it. A complete takeover does not always make sense. That's why we offer you exactly the Managed Training Services you really need. Unconditionally. Curious? Click on the individual modules to find out more.


We manage your educational offer


Customized training for all departments: We take over your catalog management for internal and external training. For example

  • we create and maintain your training selection ("measures catalog").
  • we incorporate your own learning opportunities and those of your existing partners.
  • we recommend suitable training courses from the SERVIEW portfolio.
  • we complement your learning offer with trainings from selected partners.



We supervise and manage your participants


Competent support for you and your employees: We take over the entire communication around your training measures. For example

  • we invite all participants and remind them shortly before the training date.
  • we inform all participants about the venue and time of the event, necessary preparations, dress code, etc.
  • we answer all your participants' burning questions via service hotline - from "Where is the seminar room again?" to "Which training do I attend next?".



We organize your training measures


Efficient organization from a single source: We know what has to happen to make a training successful. That's why we support you by, for example

  • Coordinate appointments.
  • Book training rooms, hotels and trainers.
  • Set a meaningful agenda.
  • provide for contemporary, allergy-compatible catering.
  • Evaluate feedback forms.
  • Issue certificates of attendance.
  • give regular status updates to you.
  • Use your existing system or our own.



We are your single point of contact


Put an end to chaos: We communicate for you with all trainers and partners involved. In this way, we relieve the burden on your HR department, because we can

  • put together a suitable team of trainers for you, who will convince you with their qualifications and personality.
  • Consider your existing network of trainers.
  • Maintain relationship with existing trainers through constant contact, audits and certifications.
  • bundle communication with all stakeholders.
  • settle all suppliers and partners for you.



We take care of your analog infrastructure


Professional service around your event rooms: With the right location, we ensure ideal training conditions by, for example

  • provide training and event facilities nationwide.
  • manage the bookings of your premises.
  • Prepare seminar rooms for upcoming trainings.
  • Manage and maintain your existing training facilities.
  • provide for the optimal equipment.

We design your digital infrastructure


Smooth entry into the digital age: We support you in digitizing your educational offerings. This applies to individual measures or your complete educational program, as we can, for example

  • Optimize your digital training environment.
  • realize an individual learning platform ("Learning Management System") for you.
  • Provide ready-made e-learning courses, webinars, online trainings as well as blended learning.
  • tailor digital training from our current portfolio to your needs.

We develop your trainings and documents


Pioneering impulses for full learning success: We develop seminars and documents that fit your requirements. For example

  • we elaborate your content into captivating training - as virtual live training, e-learning, blended course or classic classroom training.
  • we prepare your documents and training media in a CI-compatible manner.
  • we create explainer videos, virtual 3D presentations and user manuals.
  • we plan, design, print, send and distribute your documents - worldwide on request

Your watch list: What do you want to talk about?

SERVIEW Consulting Service

Successful training with SERVIEW

We not only know what training rooms should look like, what is legally required and what is practically essential for learning success - with twenty years of concentrated experience in organizing and conducting training, we are experts in the complex topic of continuing education.

Boring PowerPoint presentations, after which your employees are just as smart as before, do not exist with us. Because we're passionate about ensuring that every participant comes away from their training with real knowledge and added value for your organization. That's why we rely on interactive, moving formats like the innovative SERVIEW Workbook Principle® for exceptional training results. Does it work? Absolutely! Over 150,000 enthusiastic participants we've trained with our own trainers speak for themselves.

With SERVIEW, you get everything from a single source and thus achieve not only new training successes but also a significant reduction in the workload of your HR or training department. With seventy permanent employees, including our own graphics department and a team for the creation of digital training formats, we can provide exactly the capacities you lack in your company. We also professionally take care of additional infrastructures: our own Learning Management System, a TV studio for professional recordings, and our training center with hotel offer a wide range of possibilities here. In addition, we maintain a partner network with all leading training companies to cover all topics that are important for your organization.

Speaking of important: Whatever we do, quality is our focus. Close communication with you is a matter of course for us in all Managed Training Services. We take comprehensive care of feedback, evaluation and documentation of all measures carried out, so that you always have an overview. This includes not only conscientious cost control, target-oriented project controlling and continuous improvement processes, but also data protection-compliant status reports to you.

You have questions about our services or would like a quote:

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For United States: +1 (646) 537 7672 

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