The PeopleCert Story - The Global Leader for Global Best Practices

PeopleCert is a global company specializing in providing exams and certifications in various fields, including IT and languages. The company was founded with the aim of certifying and promoting the competencies and qualifications of individuals worldwide to support their career development and professional success.

Since its inception, PeopleCert has taken a leading role in the certification industry by providing innovative testing and certification solutions based on state-of-the-art technology and strict quality standards. PeopleCert works closely with educational institutions, governments, and businesses to develop customized certification programs tailored to the specific needs and requirements of each target audience.

The guardian of ITIL, PRINCE2 & Co.

The company is particularly known for its role in managing and executing ITIL and PRINCE2 certifications, two of the world's leading IT service management and project management frameworks, respectively. These certifications are considered the gold standard in their respective fields and have helped advance the careers of millions of IT and project management professionals worldwide.

PeopleCert has steadily expanded its footprint and now offers exams in more than 200 countries, supported by an extensive network of test centers and the ability to take exams online. This global approach has enabled people from all over the world to gain recognised qualifications and improve their career prospects.

By constantly evolving its technology platform and testing processes, PeopleCert strives to make the certification process as accessible, efficient, and user-friendly as possible. The firm attaches great importance to integrity and fairness in the assessment of competencies and is committed to the highest standards in audit administration.

Overall, PeopleCert represents a commitment to lifelong learning and professional development. Through its certification programs, the company helps to increase the competence and effectiveness of professionals worldwide, which ultimately contributes to a more productive and innovative global economy.

The world-class family business

PeopleCert has its roots in Greece, where it was founded. Since its inception, the company has grown to become a global leader in the testing and certification industry, managing its global operations from multiple locations.

PeopleCert is a privately held company led by its founder and CEO, Byron Nicolaides. Nicolaides has led PeopleCert from its inception and has been instrumental in the company's direction, expansion and success.

As a privately held company, PeopleCert does not publish detailed information about its ownership or the exact structure of its shareholders. However, the company is known to have a strong focus on growth and expansion, with a clear vision to strengthen the role of certification in the professional and personal development of people worldwide.

The acquisition of AXELOS

The acquisition of AXELOS by PeopleCert is a significant milestone in the history of both companies. AXELOS was originally established as a joint venture between the UK Cabinet Office and Capita PLC to manage a range of best practice methodologies, including prominent and globally recognised frameworks such as ITIL (for IT service management) and PRINCE2 (for project management).

PeopleCert already had a close relationship with AXELOS before it acquired the company. It was the exclusive testing institute partner for AXELOS certifications, which meant that PeopleCert was responsible for conducting the exams and issuing the certificates for ITIL, PRINCE2 and other AXELOS qualifications. This partnership placed PeopleCert at the forefront of certification exam providers for professional best practice methodologies.

PeopleCert's acquisition of AXELOS, which was officially announced, strengthened PeopleCert's position as a leading provider of certifications and exams in the field of professional best practices and methodologies. Through this move, PeopleCert has been able to expand its range of certifications and training, improve the efficiency of certification processes, and deepen its commitment to promoting best practices in various professional fields worldwide.

This acquisition also symbolizes PeopleCert's ambitions to expand its portfolio of skills and services and strengthen its global presence. It also demonstrates the company's commitment to providing high-quality education and certification solutions that address the needs and challenges of professionals in an ever-changing world of work.

The key figure Byron Nicolaides 

Byron Nicolaides, the founder and CEO of PeopleCert, is one of the key figures in the company, known for his visionary leadership and commitment to innovation and excellence in the field of professional certifications. Under his leadership, PeopleCert has experienced significant expansion, primarily through strategic partnerships, acquisitions, and the introduction of new products and services.

PeopleCert's Accredited Training Organization (ATO) Program

PeopleCert's Accredited Training Organization (ATO) program is an initiative that aims to accredit and certify education providers so that only they can offer official training courses for PeopleCert certifications. This program is an integral part of PeopleCert's strategy to make quality education and certification opportunities accessible worldwide. Here are some key aspects of the ATO program:

Aim and Purpose

The ATO program enables educational institutions, training providers, and consulting firms to offer officially recognized courses on topics such as ITIL,® PRINCE2®, Lean Six Sigma, and many other best-practice frameworks. This accreditation signals that the provider meets PeopleCert's high quality standards and requirements to provide an effective and valuable learning experience.

Accreditation Process

The process for achieving ATO status typically involves an assessment of the provider's curricula, teaching methods, and trainer qualifications. PeopleCert ensures that the courses offered adhere to the official curricula and that the trainers have the necessary certifications and expertise to deliver the content effectively.

Benefits for ATOs

As an accredited training organization, providers benefit from recognition by PeopleCert, a leading global certification company. They get access to official educational materials, marketing support, and can offer their courses to a global audience. Also, ATO status boosts their credibility and can help them stand out from competitors.

Benefits for learners

For learners, the ATO programme provides certainty about the quality and relevance of the training. Courses from accredited providers follow the latest curricula and are delivered by qualified trainers. Participants can be sure that they will acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to successfully complete the official PeopleCert exams and advance their professional development.

Continuous Quality Assurance

PeopleCert regularly monitors and reviews the performance of accredited training organizations to ensure they continue to meet the program's high standards. This may include regular audits, student feedback collections, and reviewing certification exam pass rates.

PeopleCert's ATO program is a central element of its efforts to promote education and professional development worldwide. It supports the company's mission to validate and certify the competencies of professionals by ensuring that the training they receive is of the highest quality.

SERVIEW, the ATO with Platinum status

PeopleCert classifies its Accredited Training Organizations (ATOs) according to different levels to recognize their commitment, quality and success in delivering training and certification. The highest level is Platinum status, which represents some of the highest standards in terms of performance, customer satisfaction and contribution to the dissemination of best practice. The ATOs that achieve this status (e.g. SERVIEW) typically have a high level of expertise, extensive experience and a strong track record of delivering training.

However, the specific ATOs that hold Platinum status at any given time are subject to change as PeopleCert regularly reviews the performance and standards of its accredited partners. In addition, new organizations may achieve this status, while others may not maintain it, depending on how they meet the established criteria and requirements.

It is important to note that Platinum status is an indicator of high standards in the delivery of educational programs and student satisfaction, which helps potential candidates identify trustworthy and high-performing providers for their certification needs.

The Claim of Forgery-Proof Testing

The exam taker at PeopleCert is known for its flexibility, ease of use, and use of modern technology to provide candidates with access to certifications worldwide. Here are some key points that make the exam experience at PeopleCert stand out:

Online-Proctored Exams

PeopleCert offers online proctored exams, which means that candidates can take their exams from virtually anywhere, as long as they have a stable internet connection, a computer with a webcam, and the necessary privacy. This flexibility is especially beneficial for professionals and those who are in remote areas.

Technology & Security

For the monitoring of the exams, PeopleCert relies on advanced technologies that ensure a safe and fair exam environment. This includes identity verification, monitoring by live proctors, and specialized software that detects illicit acts or materials. These measures ensure that the integrity of the exam and the value of the certification are maintained.

Wide range of certifications

PeopleCert manages a wide range of certifications, particularly in areas such as IT service management (e.g. ITIL®), project, program and portfolio management (e.g. PRINCE2®, MSP®) as well as various other best practice and language certifications. This diversity makes PeopleCert a one-stop shop for professionals who want to have their knowledge and skills officially recognized.

Customer Support & Resources

PeopleCert offers extensive support and resources for candidates before, during, and after the exam. These include detailed instructions on how to prepare for exams, FAQ sections on their website, and a customer support team to help with technical or administrative questions. This support is designed to make the audit process as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Sustainability and innovation

The company emphasizes sustainability and innovation, both in terms of its audit platform and the content it offers. PeopleCert regularly adjusts its certification programs to keep them up-to-date and ensure they reflect the evolving needs of the market and professionals.

Overall, PeopleCert stands for a modern, accessible and secure approach to exam delivery that takes into account the needs of candidates and organizations worldwide. Their innovations in online exam takers have helped set standards in the certification industry and greatly expanded access to professional qualifications.

PeopleCert's Take2 "exam insurance"

The "Take2" exam insurance is an innovative option offered by PeopleCert for many of its exams. This offer allows candidates who are unsuccessful on their first exam attempt to take a second chance to retake the exam. The idea behind this is to take the pressure off and give candidates more peace of mind by offering them a cost-effective way to retake the exam without having to pay the full price of a retake. You can order this exam insurance at a special price when you book your training course via SERVIEW.

How does Take2 work?

  • When booking the exam: Candidates must purchase the Take2 option at the time of the original exam booking. It is an advance payment for the possibility of taking the exam again if the first attempt is not successful.
  • After the first exam attempt: If a candidate fails the exam the first time, they will automatically be offered the opportunity to take the exam a second time. The retest can be taken within a specified period of time after the results of the first attempt are announced.
  • Flexibility and preparation time: The Take2 option gives candidates extra time to prepare and the flexibility to take the retest at a time of their choice that is within the available time frame.

Advantages of Take2

  • Cost effectiveness: The Take2 option is significantly cheaper than the full fee for re-registering for an exam, making it an attractive choice for candidates who want extra security.
  • Stress reduction: Knowing that a second chance is available can significantly reduce exam pressure for candidates and allow them to go into the exam more relaxed.
  • Increased chances of success: With the opportunity to learn from mistakes and better prepare, the chances of succeeding on the second attempt increase.

Take2 exemplifies PeopleCert's commitment to providing innovative solutions that meet the needs of candidates worldwide and help them achieve their career goals.

The PeopleCert Plus - Membership

PeopleCert Plus members have access to numerous resources aimed at supporting professional development and keeping qualifications up to date. The platform provides tools for renewing certifications as well as opportunities for continuing education, networking and exclusive offers. PeopleCert Plus enables members to effectively pursue and achieve their career goals. SERVIEW gives you the opportunity to purchase this Plus membership at a special price.

  • Current certifications: As a member of our community, you have the opportunity to renew your certificates by simply registering the professional activities that you carry out anyway.
  • Digital badges: Strengthen your personal brand and stand out in the job market. Share your verified achievements and skills through digital badges via email and social networks to increase your professional credibility.
  • Professional resources: Take advantage of exclusive guides and tools developed by the experts at Axelos and PeopleCert. Resources include job role profiles and over 200 official templates.
  • Learning resources: Enhance your learning with exam tips, glossaries, quick reference guides and other specially designed materials to help you achieve your goals.
  • Weekly webinars: Engage in our weekly webinars, led by top industry experts. Deepen your understanding of our best practice frameworks, network with peers and earn CPD points to keep your certificates up to date.
  • Practice Guides: Enjoy exclusive access to 34 updated ITIL 4 practice guides and participate in the associated Masterclass webinars to implement these practices effectively in your role.
  • Case studies and reports: Accelerate your digital governance and transformation decision-making process with access to extensive industry research, benchmarking reports and real-world case studies.
  • Exclusive offers: Take advantage of special offers and discounts that allow you to save on learning and make the most of opportunities as they arise.

The Continuing Professional Development Program (CPD)

PeopleCert's training program - the Continuing Professional Development Programme - aims to strengthen your competitiveness in the job market.

Need to recertify every three years: To ensure that your expertise remains current, the program requires that you renew your Global Best Practices certifications within three years of their initial issuance. 

Options for recertification:

  1. You can repeat your original test before the expiration date.
  2. Participation in an advanced course within the same product suite before the expiration date and passing the corresponding exam.
  3. Collecting and documenting CPD points (see below) by completing advanced certifications, which can also extend your existing certificates.

You can view your specific options for renewing your certification in your personal PeopleCert® account.

Consequences of not being recertified: Without a current certification, you will continue to be listed in the Register of Successful Candidates (SCR) and in the Candidate Verification Service, but with the note that a renewal is necessary to meet the current standards.

Recertification with the help of CPD points: Recertification can be achieved by earning CPD points, which are documented in your MyPeopleCert account, subject to PeopleCert Plus membership.

Three ways to earn CPD points:

1. professional experience: This area forms the basis of your CPD points. It is necessary to collect at least 5 points from this area. Activities that generate points include:

  • The practical application of proven methods in the workplace.
  • Coaching and supporting colleagues in the implementation of these methods.
  • Mentoring of individuals or groups to promote their expertise.

2. professional education: In this segment, you can collect points through the following activities:

  • Acquisition of certifications from PeopleCert or other recognized certification bodies.
  • Completion of professional qualifications awarded by recognized institutions.
  • Participation in in-house training courses, e-learning sessions and webinars.
  • Reading specialist books, articles, research reports, white papers or listening to relevant podcasts.

3. contribution to the community (Community Contribution): Get involved in your professional community by:

  • Organization of specialist events or best practice workshops.
  • Active participation in online forums of your specialist community.
  • Writing articles and posts that drive thought leadership in your industry.
  • Participation in or attendance at industry conferences and events.
  • Volunteering to share knowledge and experience within your community.

Awarding of points: One CPD point is awarded for each hour of commitment in each of the areas mentioned (e.g. you receive 15 CPDs for attending the SERVIEW Summit "BMPK"). You are free to choose your activities in the areas of "Professional Education" and "Community Contribution" as long as the minimum requirement in "Professional Experience" is met.

For each product family (e.g. ITIL), you must submit at least 20 CPD points in different CPD categories each year for 3 consecutive years. Your certification will then be extended for a further 3 years.


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