Michael Heyn, Head of Consulting
Michael Heyn, Head of Consulting
Focus on Best Management Practices
"We leverage established methodologies to realize your IT organization's vision."

We know from hundreds of completed consulting projects for IT organizations: The best solution for your individual challenges cannot be found in any book in the world. That's why we create exactly the right combination of established methods and frameworks for your company - and support you in the implementation process.

There is no one panacea. But there is a solution to every challenge that will surprise and inspire you, and enable your company to perform at its best. We will find exactly this solution together with you.

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SERVIEW Consulting. The champions at your side.

For us, consulting means going ahead, questioning, analyzing and working together. In a spirit of partnership and independence, we determine the current state of your company and fearlessly uncover potential for improvement. In doing so, we focus completely on the added value created by the optimizations. From over twenty years of experience, we can tell you which measures are worthwhile - and how you can anchor the changes unerringly throughout the entire organization.

Sonia Timm, Team Leader Consulting
Sonia Timm, Team Leader Consulting
Integer, powerful, committed
"Our customers are the center of the action. Not means. Period."

We give everything for our customers, because only full commitment results in effective measures. We are aware that individual obstacles and hurdles stand in the way of your success in a very concrete way. That's why, unlike other consulting firms, we fight on the front lines for a practical solution.

SERVIEW consultants are not theoreticians, but dynamic masters of their trade. We accompany you energetically until your company has found and implemented the best course. We stay by your side - and write with you the most extraordinary success story your business has ever seen. Let us inspire you!

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Torsten Schneider, Team Leader Consulting
Torsten Schneider, Team Leader Consulting
Uncompromisingly in action for you
"If you want to move your company forward, you're willing to fight for it."

We don't do things by halves. In developing your ideal business solution, we inexorably get to the heart of the problem. To do this, we go into depth and, as consultants, also speak out unpleasant truths. Companies that want to make a difference benefit maximally from our expertise.

Only those who are looking for the comfortable way or would prefer not to change anything are wrong here. Because our mission is to really move you forward. This is only possible if we deal with each other openly and at eye level - and commit ourselves to your vision together.

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