PeopleCert exam acceptance now possible via "Web Based Version"

PeopleCert exam acceptance now possible via "Web Based Version"

SERVIEW is pleased to announce an important innovation from PeopleCert. PeopleCert has recently launched the "Web Based Exam Driver", an innovative online exam taking solution that allows candidates to take their certification exams directly from their web browser (Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Opera or Safari).

This development marks a significant advance in the accessibility and convenience of certification exams, as candidates no longer need to install special software on their computers. The Web Based Exam Driver provides a seamless and user-friendly platform that simplifies the process of taking exams online. This solution underscores PeopleCert's commitment to using innovative technology to improve educational access and flexibility while maintaining the highest standards of security and integrity. Live monitoring by trained exam invigilators ensures that exam standards are consistently met.

SERVIEW fully supports this initiative by PeopleCert as it aligns with our commitment to ensure the best possible learning experience and accessibility for our course participants. "PeopleCert's introduction of the Web Based Exam Driver is a significant step forward in the world of certifications and reflects the changing needs and expectations of today's learners and professionals," said Managing Director Michael Kresse of SERVIEW. "We are proud to offer our course participants access to such advanced solutions that support and enhance their career development." Interested candidates can register for courses through the SERVIEW website and receive all the necessary information and support to prepare for their online exam with the Web Based Exam Driver.

By supporting such innovations, SERVIEW continues its commitment to providing leading training and certification services that pave the way for our students' success in an ever-changing professional landscape. 

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