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You want to know which Scrum certification you need to be successful in the most successful agile framework? Then you are in the right place! Scrum has three different roles that present you with very different challenges. Official Scrum certificates are especially crucial for two of them: the Scrum Master and the Product Owner.

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What is Scrum?

The Scrum Master: Pioneer and Coach

As a Scrum Master, it is your job to make Scrum work effectively. Therefore, there are plenty of helpful Scrum certifications to support you on your way. You are a servant leader and assist your Scrum team as well as the entire company in implementing and executing Scrum. You support the developers to organize themselves and to deliver high quality work that meets the requirements. It is also your task to remove any obstacles - technical, structural as well as personal - and to ensure a positive, productive mindset. Last but not least, you will help the product owner to develop appropriate techniques for finding the definitions he or she requires. In addition, with Scrum certification, you can and should profitably promote cooperation between all participants and stakeholders from your position.

All these different tasks demand a wealth of knowledge and skills from the Scrum Master. With a Scrum Master training, you lay the foundation for your career. Afterwards, you can choose to obtain the PSM1 certification from or the SM1 certificate from PeopleCert. These are the basic Scrum Master certifications.

As you move forward, the Scrum PSM2 certification from is of great value. Here you will deepen your skills and learn more about dealing with complex obstacles. You will also learn advanced collaboration techniques and gain a deep understanding of different perspectives on Scrum inside and outside your team.

Further certifications are Scrum with Kanban (PSK) as well as Scrum with Nexus (SPS) is an advantage. Kanban helps you and your team to constantly improve work throughput and efficiency. Nexus, on the other hand, is particularly interesting if you want to link several Scrum teams and coordinate them in a targeted manner. As an alternative to Nexus, you can of course also use SAFe® choose as a framework to successfully scale Scrum.

If you want to learn additional techniques to give your Scrum team new impulses, a training course in Design Thinking is a good idea. In your everyday life as a manager, OKR knowledge is also extremely helpful in order to motivate your team authentically and sustainably.

With SERVIEW, you can take all relevant training directly onsite, or experience it live online to earn your Scrum certification online.

The Scrum Certification Product Owner: Ruler of the Backlog

If you choose to be a product owner, backlog management is one of your primary tools to maximize the value of the resulting product. Which features are tackled by the Scrum team and in what order is entirely up to you. To ensure that product goals and backlog entries are transparent, visible, and understood by all stakeholders at all times, your key Scrum certification skill is flawless, accurate communication.

You are responsible for the results of the product - this means you have significant decision-making power and bear the corresponding responsibility. A goal-oriented product owner course and the PSPO1 certification from will prepare you extensively for this role. In the Scrum certification, you will not only learn the basics of Scrum, but also gain deep insights into successful prioritization and effort estimation methods. With such a Scrum Product Owner certification, nothing stands in the way of your career as a "backlog ruler" and full-fledged team member.

In addition, it is possible to acquire more advanced techniques and knowledge in a PSPO2 training course. If you are interested in this advanced course, please contact us directly.

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