SERVIEW Training Location MunichSERVIEW Training Location Munich

Our DevOps trainings and dates in Munich

Imagine sitting in a modern, light-filled training room in the heart of Munich, the city with the perfect balance between traditional Bavarian culture and technological innovation. Here, in the vibrant technology capital of Germany, is where your DevOps journey begins.

Our DevOps trainings in Munich are not just trainings, but a way to improve collaboration and communication between software developers and IT professionals. You will dive into the world of DevOps and learn how this philosophy can improve the efficiency and productivity of IT projects.

Our experienced trainers will accompany you on this journey. With their deep knowledge of DevOps and passion for teaching, they will not only teach you the basics, but also show you how to implement DevOps principles in your own work environment.

We are currently unable to offer any guaranteed dates for this training course. To view potential dates, please deactivate the 'Guaranteed dates only' option. If you are interested in one of the proposed dates and would like us to organize it for you, please contact us for a personal consultation.