ITSM Video Library

24x7 ITSM Awareness Tool and Reference Guide

The unique ITSM Video Library is the premium online reference work and awareness tool consisting of 40 specialist videos with over 300 minutes of content on the entire IT Service Management. The library was produced by SERVIEW at great expense and is unique in the world. All IT employees can refresh their knowledge 24 hours a day for 180 days or simply look up content on specific issues.

The ITSM Video Library

  • 40 videos 
  • Over 5 hours of expertise
  • 180 days - 24x7 access
  • Two real studios - no green screen
  • Professional speaker / presenter
  • Made by SERVIEW

ITSM Video Library for companies

We make this video reference work available for 180 days via our excellent Learning Management System or directly to your IT department as a company license. This means that you and your employees can access it at any time via the various devices (desktop, tablet or smartphone). 

The ITSM Video Library is your faithful companion that not only prepares you and your IT organization for the ITIL journey, but also stays by your side afterwards to guide you through the ups and downs of ITSM implementation. And best of all, we can brand the videos with your company and project logo to raise awareness of ITSM projects.

How can you use the ITSM Video Library in your IT organization?

Our ITSM Video Library is a carefully compiled collection of specialist videos covering the entire spectrum of IT service management. From basic knowledge and best practices to the latest trends and developments in the ITSM world. 

  • Onboarding of new IT staff: New team members can be quickly and efficiently introduced to your company's ITSM processes and policies with the help of the library.
  • Ongoing training: Keep your team's knowledge current. Give your employees access to the library so they can keep up to date with the latest ITSM techniques and methodologies.
  • Support in day-to-day business: In the event of specific challenges or questions, the library can serve as a quick reference work to find solution approaches and best practices.
  • Standardize processes: Use the content contained in the library to review your internal processes and adapt or implement recognized ITSM standards.
  • Preparation for certifications: If you or your staff want to prepare for ITSM certifications, the Library offers valuable resources and learning materials.

Regardless of whether you want to introduce or optimize ITSM processes in your company or simply train your team: Our ITSM Video Library is the tool that will provide you with optimal support. Rely on in-depth knowledge and practical insights to take your IT organization to the next level!

Advantages of the ITSM Video Library

The ITSM Video Library is not only a complementary tool to an ITIL training initiative, but also an essential reference work for anyone working in IT. It prepares you optimally for the world of ITSM and supports you afterwards by serving as a continuous learning and information resource. Make all ITSM knowledge available to your IT organization with the ITSM Video Library. At any time!

Contents of the ITSM Video Library

  • 01 - Welcome (2:15)
  • 02 - The service (10:179
  • 03 - Roles in the service relationship (7:41)
  • 04 - What is good service? (6:57)
  • 05 - Service Management (11:10)
  • 06 - ITSM as a best practice (10:42)
  • 07 - Overview of ITSM approaches (7:31)
  • 08 - The Service Management System (5:22)
  • 09 - Processes and practices (8:45)
  • 10 - Typical ITSM processes (14:37)
  • 11 - Typical roles (7:52)
  • 12 - Organizational structures (5:32)
  • 13 - Success principles (8:23)
  • 14 - Continuous improvement (6:03)
  • 15 - Implementation (5:23)
  • 16 - ITSM tools (7:39)
  • 17 - Success factors (7:23)
  • 18 - Practice: Benefits & Risks (5:58)
  • 19 - ITSM & Agility (5:11)
  • 20 - Service Portfolio Management (6:33)
  • 21 - Service Level Management (10:58)
  • 22 - Service catalog (7:23)
  • 23 - Service Agreements (6:31)
  • 24 - Service Reporting Management (4:02)
  • 25 - Service Availability & Continuity (10:22)
  • 26 - Capacity Management (8:34)
  • 27 - Information Security Management (6:56)
  • 28 - Key processes (5:16)
  • 29 - Customer Relationship Management (4:50)
  • 30 - Supplier Relationship Management (6:40)
  • 31 - Service Desk (9:14)
  • 32 - Incident Management (14:34)
  • 33 - Service Request Management (7:20)
  • 34 - Problem Management (9:45)
  • 35 - Configuration Management (8:35)
  • 36 - Change Management (12:42)
  • 37 - Release & Deployment Management (8:48)
  • 38 - Continual Improvement (5:24)
  • 39 - Financial Management (5:20)
  • 40 - Farewell (3:49)

Your advantages

  • Reliability: The SERVIEW Video Library is written and presented by experts in their respective fields.
  • Comprehensive coverage: The SERVIEW Video Library covers a wide range of topics, providing a comprehensive source of information and awareness.
  • Easy to understand: The SERVIEW Video Library is produced in simple and easy-to-understand language. This makes it easier to understand complex topics and find out about a subject quickly. 
  • Flexibility: The SERVIEW Video Library can be viewed anytime and anywhere. They can be played on various devices such as tablets, smartphones or laptops, which increases flexibility and access to the learning content.
  • Time saving: Learning videos can save time because they are quick and easy to consume. Unlike reading texts, learners can learn more efficiently and quickly by watching learning videos.
  • Personalization: Learning videos can be tailored to the learner's needs. Learners can skip certain parts of the video to focus on relevant information, or pause the video to deepen their understanding of a particular concept
  • Quick access to information: The SERVIEW Video Library makes it possible to access information quickly without having to search for it for a long time.

ITSM Video Library Demo

ITSM Video Library made by SERVIEW

  • Two real studios
  • no green screen
  • Professional speaker / presenter
  • Each video with two camera perspectives
  • Additional zoom
  • Animated overlays
  • Examples throughout
  • Livening up with expert tips

Questions about the ITSM Video Library?

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The ITSM Video Library is intended as a reference tool for companies and individuals who want to establish or optimize ITSM and ITIL practices in their IT organization. 

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