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We touch and help their companies extend agile working methods beyond individual teams to the entire organization. This service aims to harness the benefits of agility - such as flexibility, efficiency, and customer centricity - at higher levels and at larger scales.

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At a time when markets are moving faster than ever before, it's not enough for individual teams to be agile. The real challenge—and opportunity—lies in extending that agility to the entire enterprise. Scaled Scrum is an approach that enables just that: applying Scrum principles and practices across individual teams to make the entire organization flexible, responsive, and innovative.

Enterprise-level agility means more than just introducing agile methodologies to the IT department. It's about creating a culture that focuses on flexibility, customer centricity, and continuous improvement. Scaled Scrum fosters this culture by providing a framework that allows agile practices to be coordinated and integrated across teams and departments.

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Our experts first analyze the current agile practice in your company to gain a clear understanding of your specific requirements and challenges. Based on this analysis, we create a customized Scaling Agile strategy based on proven frameworks such as LeSS (Large Scale Scrum), SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) or Nexus. Our service includes adapting and implementing the selected framework, training your employees, supporting the formation of agile teams and establishing processes and practices for effective coordination and collaboration at company level.

With our "Scaling Agile" service you get:

Scaling Agile strategy:

A Scaling Agile strategy tailored to your specific requirements and challenges.

Implementation plan:

A detailed plan for implementing the selected Scaling Agile framework, including timeline, resource requirements and risk management.

Training and coaching:

A comprehensive training and coaching program to prepare your employees for working in a scaled agile environment and to develop their skills.

Support with implementation:

Provide ongoing support in the implementation of the Scaling Agile framework, including building agile teams, establishing processes and practices, and overcoming challenges and obstacles.

With our Scaling Agile service, you can extend the benefits of agile to your entire organization and achieve a real competitive advantage. Use our expertise and experience to successfully scale your agile transformation and make your company fit for the future.

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