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What does Seeheim-Jugenheim have to do with IT?

Seeheim-Jugenheim - when you read this name, the first thing you think of is a tranquil community, the Bergstrasse or perhaps the proximity to the economically strong Frankfurt area. But insiders know: This place is closely and unshakably linked to cutting-edge IT! Once a year, executives, specialists and decision-makers from the industry come together here to discuss the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow's IT. Far-reaching exchange, networking, further education, but also fun and an overwhelming power of images characterize this top meeting - the Best Management Practice Congress with a large trade fair!

To be able to fully concentrate on innovative ideas, the right location is crucial. That's why we're delighted to have once again secured the Lufthansa Seeheim conference hotel with its 25,000+ sq. ft. convention center for BMPK23. Opened in 2009, the conference center with attached hotel is the perfect venue for the BMPK: great service, an attentive team, literally excellent rooms - including being named "Coolest Conference Room 2020" - and daylight everywhere with a view of the greenery. A central congress hall, the spacious outdoor area and numerous hotel rooms offer the approximately five hundred participants, the exhibitors and the SERVIEW crew enough space for an unrestricted exchange of ideas, fast-paced lecture action and an unforgettable time. You too can experience this extraordinary gathering - from May 22 to 26, 2023 in Seeheim-Jugenheim: for as little as €95, the Show&Shine package will get you a full day at the start of Europe's largest trade show. Don't miss this unique opportunity!

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Pure goose bumps at BMPK23

The Best Management Practice Congress keeps IT professionals and executives on their toes: More than 60 presentations and keynotes, more than 40 manufacturers of top software in the areas of service management, project management and agile working, numerous trainings, workshops and specials as well as two unforgettable evening shows make this event from May 22 to 26 the highlight of the year. Here, in 5 days, you will learn about all the latest developments in industry-leading best practices from ITIL® 4 to Scrum and SAFe®, ISTQB®, DevOps and Lean to PRINCE2® and IREB®. You will also experience live how leading companies are revolutionizing the way their IT organizations work.

Every BMPK has a gripping motto that provides the emotional framework for the entire professional exchange. You can find out what this motto will be in 2023 and what suitable highlights await you below in the MAG section "Events". What are you waiting for? Secure your ticket now and meet like-minded people to talk shop, discuss, exchange ideas and celebrate!

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Press release: I invite you!

After a three-year break, it is finally back: The Best Management Practice Congress, the major event for the entire IT industry in German-speaking countries and beyond. The BMPK not only inspires participants and exhibitors for 20 years, but above all offers solution ideas for drastic challenges. Whether service management, project management or agile methods, whether test management, DevOps or requirements engineering - between the keynotes of grandiose speakers and the largest trade fair for IT and management best practices, you will experience the know-how for all topics that move the IT of tomorrow. But that's just the beginning!

Because the BMPK is much more than a congress. It is the heart of the industry, an emotional meeting of the most diverse disciplines and specialties - a sparking fireworks display for all those who seek an open exchange with like-minded people. That's why we're creating an action-packed, rousing setting with our motto this year, "The Fast and the Reliable IT," which will inspire communication and provide genuine goosebump moments. In this way, the Lufthansa Conference Center will be the focal point for all the topics that IT service providers, executives and specialists need for their path to success. It is a true pleasure for me to promise you: You will never forget the Best Management Practice Congress. That is why I cordially invite you: Visit the BMPK, gather fresh input from leading experts, exchange ideas and let's celebrate together! You will find all the info in this MAG and of course on the BMPK website. I am looking forward to seeing you!

Your Michael Kresse

Managing Director and Owner SERVIEW GmbH

Apply now for the SERVIEW BESTEXPERT Award

Once again, the presentation of the SERVIEW BESTEXPERT Award marks a highlight at the BMPK! The award is given to the best "Business IT Alignment" innovation of an IT organization or an individual from among numerous applications. Thus the award stands - to stay with the motto of the BMPK23 - for colossal rollover action with roaring engines, sparking drifts and explosions in the background, in short: the absolute blockbuster moment for pioneers of IT.

From all applications, an independent jury will nominate 5 teams to present their innovation project to the professional audience at BMPK23. In addition, each nominated team receives 5 free tickets for the entire main congress (2.5 days) worth a total of around 5,000 euros! So you can experience the BMPK23 together and present your own innovation briefly on stage.

The final verdict on the winner will be made by the experts: All specialists and executives attending the big BESTEXPERT Awards show can cast their vote for the best business IT alignment innovation via app. For you, this means: Go full throttle and inspire the audience live with your project!

What are you waiting for? Register now and get 5 free tickets for your team!

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Accolade for SERVIEW: PeopleCert Platinum Status

We have reason to celebrate as SERVIEW is now officially one of the top 7 training providers worldwide for Global Best Practices!

As the only PeopleCert-accredited training organization with platinum status in the DACH region, we were able to impart expert knowledge for the official examinations in ITIL®, PRINCE2® and the like to over 15,000 training participants last year. In this way, we brought more expertise to the market and to the people than ever before - and provided numerous professionals with an unforgettable experience in our training courses.

We are popping the corks to celebrate the achievement of this memorable goal and will duly celebrate the pioneering position at our Best Management Practice Congress in May. Will you be there?

Win your BMPK ticket

Here you had the chance to win one of two BMPK tickets until March 20. The raffle is now closed - thanks to all who participated!  

Agile and project management

Team spirit at the BMPK: Start and save together

The more people, the more fun - and cheaper! This also applies to the BMPK: Those who bring their colleagues not only have a good time together, but also benefit from attractive team conditions:

From 3 participants there is a 10% discount on the total fee

From 5 participants there is a 20% discount on the total fee

In order to receive the discount, not all participants have to book the same package, but only demonstrably come from the same organization. Here you will find all information about your team participation:

How it works  

In addition to the discount, you can receive other goodies such as team shirts or caps for your BMPK gang. To do so, simply write an email to after registration and we will coordinate your personal outfit with you. Important: Only for participants, not for exhibitors!

Best Practice Basics: What is PRINCE2?®?

PRINCE2 is one of the best known and most effective project management methods in the world. It defines what needs to be done from the start to the end of a project.

PRINCE was developed in 1989 in Great Britain for IT projects, the abbreviation stands for "Projects in Controlled Environments". PRINCE2 represents the second, optimized version of the original method. It is no longer purely IT-specific, but follows a more general approach - and is therefore now used in all service organizations. It's no wonder that PRINCE2 is one of the most widely used project management methods in the world: More than one million people hold PRINCE2 certification. The rights to the trademark are now held by PeopleCert.

PRINCE2 consists of four basic elements: seven principles, topics and processes each. The adaptation to the respective project environment is also part of it. Each project is divided into controllable phases. This means that progress can always be seen at the end of the project and, if necessary, control measures can be taken in good time.

PRINCE2 can be used in versatile business models. The method is particularly well suited for IT projects, as it originates from the same pen as the globally respected ITIL framework. The PRINCE Agile variant is particularly suitable for agile companies, as it forms a perfect bridge between orderly project design and the flexibility and speed of agile environments.

PRINCE2 is continuously evolving so that the method is always up to date in our modern working world. In 2017, the framework was last revised at the request of the professional public. However, the basic building blocks, which are based on decades of experience, remained largely unchanged.

Join the list of well-known award winners!

We have now clarified what PRINCE2 is in the basics. Fun Fact: Did you know that the co-inventor of PRINCE2 and author of many foundational books, Colin Bentley, won the SERVIEW BESTEXPERT Award in 2019? The award recognizes the best "business IT alignment" innovation by an IT organization or individual - and honors creative, bold thought leaders. A real highlight at the BMPK!

And the best thing is: You can also apply with your innovations. Feel free to present your project to us - maybe you will soon be one of the nominees!

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Service Management

New Podcast Episode: The Untruths of ITIL4

Some information about ITIL 4 can safely be described as untruths. In an interview with SERVIEW founder Michael Kresse, Markus Bause, Vice President for the PeopleCert products, confronts these claims - and has clarifying answers and some real news in store.

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It's Tool Time: What you need to know about service management with Jira

Good news for everyone who missed our live webinar "Service Management with Jira": On March 17, you will get another chance to get to know the powerful tool! In the recording of the webinar, our expert Philip Scherer presents the new Atlassian solution, highlights key features - and reveals the added value Jira Service Management offers. Take a look!

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Enlightened: The new ITIL® certification scheme & all about recertification

The new ITIL® Certification scheme is here - and with it not only changed regulations for recertification, but also lots of questions. These will be addressed in the free SERVIEW webinar on March 10: What is the new ITIL Practice Manager title all about? Which practices will gain in importance in the future? How do you achieve the highest award, the ITIL Master? And which brand-new extension modules can we expect this year? Managing Director Michael Kresse answers all these questions personally and in detail.

In addition, he takes a look with you at another important innovation: the updated regulations for recertification for all certificates in ITIL®, PRINCE2®, PRINCE2 Agile, M_o_R®, MSP® and MoP®. If you don't want to lose your certification, you absolutely have to be there!

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What is currently happening in service management?

The answer is: plenty! New developments, practical examples and valuable ITSM input are provided by our expert presentations at the BMPK. We have compiled more than 60 for you, including these three here:

"5 stars for IT: Our path to excellent IT service in the B2B sector".
Jeannette Bastian, Henrichsen AG

What are the keys to attracting new customers and also getting young people interested in IT support? In this presentation, you will discover which services from the hotel industry are transferable to IT service.

"ITIL 4 in 2023 and beyond"
Markus Bause, VP Product PeopleCert

ITIL 4 was introduced in 2019. How time flies! Markus Bause will reflect on the journey so far, the current state of ITIL and the direction of development. What worked well, what went differently than planned, and what insights from the community are shaping the team's current work?

"From ITSM to Enterprise Service Management: Faster to the Goal without a Pit Stop".
Klaus Ziegerhofer, Product Manager Matrix42

Based on successful customer projects, Klaus Ziegerhofer will show you how you can introduce Enterprise Service Management at high speed. Look forward to fresh ideas and use cases! PS: You will find many more presentations clearly listed in our BMPK app - including information on speakers, topic, location and time. Ideal to prepare for your visit and bookmark relevant presentations!

Consulting and
SERVIEW Certifiedtool

How to Implement ITSM: Forming the Right Team

Last time, we already talked about the fact that every large-scale change requires a powerful sponsor. But that sponsor can never take on the project alone. That's why every organization that tackles the introduction of IT service management must form a leading coalition. Because a strong team can accomplish anything - and make all the difference in the transformation to a true service organization. Find out why you need a broad-based, convincing leadership coalition to implement ITSM in this edition of our "How to Implement ITSM" article series.

Let's first clarify what a leading coalition is. A leading coalition is a team that is strong enough to carry and drive the change process throughout the entire period. It is positioned and composed to meet the three challenges in particular:

  • Suppose the CIO leaves the company. As a result, the service management project is in danger of being discontinued or massively reduced in scope due to the lack of the driving sponsor. Then it's up to the leading coalition to keep the project going and keep it from being cut despite the changes.
  • Lack of credibility leads to the project being driven only by middle management and being immediately discontinued when "more strategic projects" take over the agenda and are given higher priority. Therefore, it is important to bring credible coalition members on board to give the project the necessary awareness and priority.
  • The nature of an ITSM implementation is defined by long duration, massive impact on roles, tools and responsibilities, and high complexity in large, multinational organizations. The more far-reaching changes are, the more drivers are required to see the change through to the end.

The leadership team must develop a shared understanding of the need for and goals of the change so that it can credibly and consistently advocate them as the project progresses. The composition of the coalition is critical to this. It must cover a whole range of characteristics:

  • Leadership quality - proven leaders who can drive change
  • Power position - good representation of all stakeholder groups to include all important factors.
  • Credibility - good reputation, respect and trust throughout the course of the project
  • Expertise - proven practical experience, which in turn not only ensures trust, but also positively influences implementation

The team should be similarly broad in terms of the roles represented. Four essential aspects are needed:

  • Sponsor - leadership role and ultimate owner of change
  • Advocates - representatives of the top management to support the sponsor.
  • Agents - implementers of change, they enjoy respect and credibility
  • Goals - Everyone affected by change

As the word coalition already expresses, this important entity is a group of people. The role of the leadership team can never be performed by a single champion or sponsor alone - no matter how enthusiastic, persuasive or powerful.

However, it is no easy task to reconcile the diverse interests and characters of your organization and integrate them into a strong management team. It is therefore worthwhile to get in touch with experts at this early stage in order to give the service management project the maximum chance of success right from the start. We would therefore be happy to support you with our many years of experience!

World first: SERVIEW CERTIFIEDTOOL changes fundamentally

Major events surrounding the independent SERVIEW CERTIFIEDTOOL seal of approval are casting their shadows ahead, as a world first is on the horizon! Fundamental changes to our award for uncompromisingly good software will make CERTIFIEDTOOL even more attractive in the future - for already certified manufacturers as well as for new challengers.

Which far-reaching improvement the renowned seal of approval expects is currently a well-kept secret, which we will reveal at the Best Management Practice Congress. So come by and experience in person the ceremonial announcement on how things will continue with CERTIFIEDTOOL!

Secure ticket to BMPK23

Exclusive service for CERTIFIEDTOOL manufacturers: The service catalog

The service catalog is the central source of information for your IT customers. This is where all the services provided are defined and described - structured and relevant to the target group, so that your ITSM can run smoothly. Without a service catalog, transparency is quickly lacking, especially in complex environments. The result: your customers understand neither your services nor their added value. And that's fatal for functioning IT service management! So why doesn't every service provider have a complete service catalog?

Quite simply, precisely defining IT services with a focus on the customer requires experience, intuition and in-depth know-how. In addition, it is time-consuming without suitable templates - and thus quickly appears overwhelming. But this dilemma can be easily solved: Get support for the creation of your personal IT service catalog!

With numerous examples, SERVIEW consultants help you create your own service catalog and describe the necessary customer-focused services. In this way, we jointly build a holistic catalog that focuses on the added value for the customer in a tangible and understandable way. We support you in analyzing the services, defining and completely describing all measures. In this way, you receive an excellently described service catalog in just 5 to 10 days (remote & in-house), which you can use immediately.

You can request our service catalog offer exclusively as a manufacturer of SERVIEW CERTIFIEDTOOL awarded software. The scope of the created catalog is based on your needs, the desired number of services and the complexity of your organization. Are you ready to take the critical next step in ITSM? Then contact us now!

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Excellent: ManageEngine Service Desk Plus

Only the best of the best are allowed to carry our highly coveted CERTIFIEDTOOL seal of approval, with which we award outstanding IT solutions. The software of the company ManageEngine is now one of them: It has met our high requirements and was awarded in the category "Service Management IV - ITIL® 4 compliant" certified with a full 13 practices. Congratulations!

Excellent: ITOMIG iTop Professional Plus (3)

Company ITOMIG also underwent our strict certification process with its iTop Professional Plus (3) software - and it was absolutely worth it! With a total of 15 practices in the category "Service Management IV - ITIL® 4 compliant", we were allowed to award the tool with the CERTIFIEDTOOL seal. Congratulations on this great achievement!


Clear the stage for our keynote speakers!

A talented memory trainer, a well-known soccer expert, plus high-caliber executives from top companies: Our keynote speakers have a colorful mix of exciting topics in store for you!

Thus mentalist Thorsten Havener initiates us on 24 May into the secrets of non-verbal communication and reveals, how one communicates also without words.

Nino Messaoud, Head of Information Technology at L-Bank, shares his personal experiences on digital transformation on May 26.

Also included:

  • Holger Stanislawski, expert for soccer, leadership and motivation
  • Frank Loydl, CIO Audi AG
  • Peter Meyerhans, CIO Drees & Sommer SE
  • Atilla Kücük, Head of IT / CIO, Leonhard Weiss GmbH & Co. KG
  • Michael Kresse, Managing Director SERVIEW GmbH

In total, our program includes over 60 expert presentations from a wide range of personalities. Just pick your favorites!

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"The Fast and the Reliable IT" is the hot motto of BMPK 2023: That sounds like a speed rush, squealing tires, smoking engines! In fact, we want to make the speed and performance of IT tangible - with original cars from "The Fast and the Furious" movies. That's why BMPK is literally rolling out some of the coolest cars from the cult films. Among other things, the original Hero Car from 2Fast2Furious will be on display, drawing stares from film and car fans alike. The tuned gems from the ChromeCars collection will be specially brought to us from Jena - a very special eye-catcher at the BMPK!

To the Chromecars

Our evening events will also be fast-paced: On Wednesday, after the charity run in aid of the Peter Maffay Foundation, there will be the big Street Racer Party. It doesn't matter whether you were a runner or cheered loudly at the side of the track: The party afterwards is a must for everyone.

The evening of May 25 is all about adrenaline, gasoline and fun. The BMPK23 Congress Hall, which has been converted into a drift area, will be the venue for the first Nitro Night at a management congress. Appropriate outfits are therefore welcome as clothing - but not a must. The rest is pure surprise!

Running for a good cause: Peter Maffay Foundation "Walk & Run

After a day at the congress with lots of input and conversation, do you feel like getting some exercise? Then lace up your running shoes and head for the starting line: On May 24, 2023, the Peter Maffay Foundation's BMPK "Walk & Run" will take place for the benefit of the Peter Maffay Foundation.

Starting at 6:30 p.m., you will run at the pace of your choice through the natural landscape of the Odenwald. Whether as an individual starter or with colleagues in a team: Everyone crosses the finish line as a winner, because we run for the welfare of disadvantaged and traumatized children. Of course, the Walk & Run is free of charge for all congress participants, SERVIEW takes over the starting fee. All proceeds will be donated to the Peter Maffay Foundation.

By the way: If you want to do something good even before the BMPK, you can make a financial contribution here.


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