You want to apply processes and methods within your department in such a way that your customers demonstrably experience added value. In addition, the requirements of your customers should be implemented in projects according to plan, controlled and in high quality. In our simulations, you learn the topics and methods together with your colleagues in a realistic and interactive way.

Based on the respective scenario of a simulation, you take on a function or role in which you have to represent your interests. You do not act alone, but in groups which are given a specific profile. Not only do you have to behave according to your profile, but you also have to deal with specific interests and positions of other participants in relation to the conflict or the task.

Together as a team, we evaluate the scenario and work out possible improvements with you. In addition, we consider what was realistic about the scenario and the result and what you can implement from it in your company practice.

Our simulations:

  • Apollo 13: You work at the Mission Control Center in Houston and have the task ahead of you of bringing the damaged Apollo 13 spacecraft and its crew safely back to Earth.
  • Grab@Pizza: You work in the IT department of the largest pizza manufacturer in the world and have to organize your IT resources to reduce operational costs and increase revenue, market share and customer satisfaction.
  • The Challenge of Egypt: As project manager, the organization and planning of the construction of the Pyramid of Cheops are in your hands.
  • The Phoenix Project: A major IT project is on the horizon, and the company's success depends on you bringing the various groups in the IT department together through modern DevOps approaches.
  • Ocean's 99™: A major exhibition is overshadowed by a possible theft. Keep things running smoothly with a watertight security plan while discovering the many risks and pitfalls.

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Discover the creative minds behind SERVIEW! Our unique team consists of highly motivated professionals from a wide range of disciplines who all share a common goal: To fully utilize your skills and support you in your development. Together, we strive to develop your potential and help you progress. We combine qualifications and passion - the perfect combination to inspire you and take you further!

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