What is MSP?

MSP (Managing Successful Programs) is the framework par excellence when it comes to change processes. Leading far-reaching strategic changes in companies to success is usually a truly mammoth task. After all, a multitude of change steps have to be coordinated, all participants have to be actively involved, resources have to be used sensibly and possible risks have to be reliably assessed. MSP brings structure to the transformation.

The best practice framework provides useful tools for program management and breaks down the overall process into smaller, more manageable projects. At the same time, it helps to visualize interrelationships and interactions and thus to keep an eye on the big picture at all times.

Reaching the goal with three building blocks thanks to MSP

The MSP framework relies on three core elements:

  • MSP Principles: Based on the positive and negative lessons learned from program experiences, they are the factors and scales by which transformation success can be measured.
  • MSP Governance Themes: They define an organization's particular approach to program management. Only if the company employs the right leadership, a competent implementation team, and well thought-out organizational structures and controls will the activities have a chance of success.
  • MSP Transformational Flow: It is the guide and navigator through the entire cycle of a program - from conception to final results.

Clear roles, clear action

One of the secrets of MSP's success lies in its clearly distributed roles. They create clearly defined responsibilities in program management and thus enable an organizational structure in which all participants make their respective contributions to the big picture. In constant dialog and guided by the rules of the framework, the individual projects can be perfectly planned, controlled and implemented in this way.

The individual roles are:

  • Sponsoring Group: This represents the decision-making level at which the central business and investment decisions are made. At the same time, this group defines the framework conditions for the change process and its programs.
  • Senior Responsible Owner: Serves as the primary change agent and interface between the Sponsoring Group and the Program Manager.
  • Program Manager: His task is to coordinate and control the individual projects.
  • Business Change Manager: Under his leadership, transformation takes on concrete, tangible form. His task is to achieve measurable improvements in business processes.
  • Programs Office: All information flows together at this hub. The Program Office takes on central tasks in communication and monitoring. It also brings a wide range of expertise to the change process in areas such as finance, scheduling, resource management and training.

How MSP moves organizations forward

Through the clear division of responsibilities, structured procedures, and focus on those activities that effectively advance program goals, MSP effectively helps implement change. Projects and corporate strategy are aligned, and change initiatives are realistically designed. This enables organizations to drive change to success in a targeted manner - and generate real business value by identifying, implementing, and managing the resulting benefits.

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