What is ISTQB®? Definition, explanation and certification

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The International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB®), based in Belgium, brings together tried-and-tested concepts and terms of test management as a subarea of quality management. This results in curricula that make this knowledge communicable in a structured manner.

The idea behind it: Software has long since become a self-evident as well as indispensable part of our everyday lives. If software products do not function as they should, this is not only annoying, but often also detrimental to the productivity of a company or even security-relevant. Quality management should therefore be a central component of forward-thinking software development.

Fathom sources of error and quality requirements in a structured manner: The ISTQB method

Every software processes data by means of rules. However, the large number of possible combinations makes it impossible to formally prove correct processing even for very simple applications. This is also because not all combinations of data and rules can be tested in practice.

ISTQB training therefore provides the knowledge and skills to take a different, smarter approach to test management: Those who view and evaluate the test objects from as many different perspectives as possible can meet the quality requirements effectively and efficiently.

The watchful eye of quality management - indispensable from the very beginning

Software development is like building a house: Great things can only be built on a solid foundation. Only if quality management is firmly integrated into the development process right from the start and errors are detected by test teams already in the design and at the beginning of the implementation phase, can they be remedied without great expenditure of time and money. Test automation can also only fully exploit its potential if initial preparatory steps have already been taken in the development phase.

Of course, test management does not stand on its own. Ideally, it is integrated into agile(Scrum, DevOps) or traditional development models, uses the results of requirements management(IREB) and shares the goals of IT service management(ITIL: Utility and Warranty).

ISTQB projects benefit from test managers

What may sound complex at first takes on concrete, tangible form in the ISTQB training courses: The courses provide practical tips for the optimum structure of a test process that is ideally suited to the respective use case. After all, a test manager who masters the different types of review, use cases and static as well as dynamic tests with confidence is an invaluable asset to any development project. To achieve this, ISTQB training courses teach how test data, environments and tools can be used in a targeted manner and how test results can be recorded in a traceable manner. In this way, the efficiency of the entire test process becomes and remains controllable.

Do you also want to make your test process more efficient and less error-prone? In the ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation you lay the foundation for a sophisticated quality management.

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