The SERVIEW Workbook Principle®Revolution in knowledge transfer

There is no room for boredom in our training rooms. Since 2002, we have been constantly breaking through the barriers of traditional knowledge transfer to make learning an electrifying experience. For us, training without the power of fun is not true learning progress. That's why people, with all their vibrant facets, are at the epicenter of our educational world.

In a SERVIEW training course, every participant becomes an active creator of their own knowledge. Together with the trainer, you unfold the training content in a lively, humorous and perfectly paced rhythm. Vivid images and captivating metaphors are part of the transformative SERVIEW Workbook Principle®, which we use to turn learning into a fascinating journey.

Why are PowerPoint slides a discontinued model?

Proponents of ready-made PowerPoint slides have never understood the true nature of learning. These presentations stifle inspiration in a world of monotony and lifelessness. Instead of being passive spectators, we enliven each participant by inviting them to immerse themselves in the world of words and ideas, not the dullness of static slides.

Fully fleshed-out presentations extinguish the sparks of emotion that are essential for anchoring knowledge deep in our minds. We break out of the corset of the prefabricated and declare war on boredom.

Complement and understand: The heart of our workbook principle®

In a SERVIEW training course, you become an active participant in the learning process. Our training materials are a masterful combination of complete and evolving pages. You complete these pages, guided by the trainer, and transform them into a personal masterpiece of knowledge. Clear messages and everyday examples interweave with deeper technical information to create a holistic understanding.

Authenticity and dynamism: reinventing learning with the workbook principle®

Our training courses are a lively interplay of listening, seeing, experiencing and taking notes. This combination creates a deep and purposeful connection between trainer and participants, with the focus always on the shared experience.

Completing the content together creates a harmonious pace of learning that is efficient, targeted and yet empathetic.

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