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We know our stuff and we can help your company to develop and implement efficient and effective IT service management processes. This service is aimed at organizations that want to professionalize their IT processes and structure them in accordance with ITIL4 best practice guidelines.

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"We send your processes onto the catwalk - with proven design!"

In the dynamic world of IT, your ITSM process design is not just part of the backdrop - it is the catwalk on which you present the excellence and elegance of your IT services. With our specialized ITSM process design services, we dress your company in the latest trends in IT efficiency and customer focus. We understand that every company has its unique vision and mission - our role is to translate these into customized ITSM processes that not only work, but also impress.

As in the world of haute couture, where every creation on the catwalk tells a story, so does our approach to ITSM process design. We believe that your IT services are an extension of your corporate identity and therefore offer you a customized service that reflects your specific requirements and goals. Our experts will work closely with you to design processes that are not only relevant today, but will last well into the future.

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Our service begins with a thorough analysis of your current IT processes. Based on this analysis and taking into account your specific business goals and requirements, we develop a customized ITSM process framework. This framework includes clear and standardized processes for all areas of IT service management, such as incident management, problem management, change management and service level management. Each process is described in detail, including the process steps, roles and responsibilities, required tools and technologies, as well as the relevant metrics for measuring process performance.

With our " ITSM Process Design & Modeling " service you get:

ITSM process framework:

A customized ITSM process framework tailored to your specific requirements and business objectives.

Process documentation:

Detailed documentation for each ITSM process, including process steps, roles and responsibilities, required tools and technologies, and relevant metrics.

Implementation plan:

A detailed plan for implementing your ITSM processes, including timeline, resource requirements and risk management.

Training and support:

Support in training your employees in the new ITSM processes and ongoing support in implementing and optimizing the processes.

Our service enables you to professionalize your IT processes and structure them according to ITIL4 best practice guidelines. Benefit from more efficient and effective IT processes that support your business goals and make your IT organization the value driver in your company.

Our other ITSM areas of expertise:

We put it bluntly: Implementing service management is a challenging and complex process. That's why you absolutely must not embark on this journey alone. The danger of tackling the change project half-heartedly or losing sight of important aspects is too great. With an experienced partner like SERVIEW, your service management implementation gets the necessary weight internally and externally.

In addition, you benefit from the more than 20 years of experience of our service management professionals, who really know every pitfall. Our team does not limit itself to providing you with concrete advice and competent recommendations for action - but actively lends a hand to achieve the best result for your organization. In short: We know what you need. Take advantage of this wealth of knowledge and put your service management implementation in our hands!

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