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As an official assessor, we have the perfect insight into the global ITSM / ESM / ITAM / ITOM tool landscape and its manufacturers. Our tool selection is therefore a customized service specifically designed to help companies select the best possible tool. 

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For example, as a worldwide official tool assessor on behalf of the ITIL rights holder PeopleCert, we can look back on over 20 years of experience. During this time, we have acquired a unique expertise and in-depth understanding of all the challenges and nuances associated with ITSM / ESM / ITOM / ITAM solutions and their vendors. These years of experience and our privileged position allow us to take an absolutely neutral perspective. Our extensive knowledge and impartiality guarantee an objective assessment and advice aimed at identifying and implementing the optimal tool solution for each organization.

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Our "Tool Selection" service specializes in helping your company identify and implement the optimal ITSM / ESM / ITOM / ITAM tool tailored to your specific needs, requirements and objectives. This customized support usually includes a detailed analysis of your business processes, a careful assessment of your technical needs and consideration of your budget and long-term IT strategy.

Whether ServiceNow, USU, Atlassian, TOPdesk or OpenText, as an official ITSM tool assessor we know all the software manufacturers and their strengths and weaknesses:


ServiceNow is known for its extensive automation and customization capabilities that enable the standardization and optimization of complex IT processes. ServiceNow offers a wide range of options, especially for large and medium-sized companies looking for a scalable, cloud-based solution with extensive integration options.

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HaloITSM is a company that offers a software called IT Service Management (ITSM). This software solution is designed to meet the needs of IT service teams of all sizes by providing comprehensive functionality for the management of IT services and processes.

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USU offers a variety of ITSM and ITAM solutions aimed at improving service management and optimizing IT assets. In our selection process, we focus on USU's strengths in the integration of asset and service management, its adaptability and its ability to meet compliance requirements.

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Atlassian, especially with products like Jira Service Management, is known for its user-friendly interface and strong integration with other Atlassian products. Atlassian products are a suitable option for companies that already use other Atlassian tools or that prefer an agile, collaborative and modular solution.

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TOPdesk is characterized by a user-friendly, modular ITSM solution that is known for its ease of implementation and focus on service improvement. In our services, we often consider TOPdesk as an option for companies that value ease of use, clear interfaces and efficient service catalog management.

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With its range of information management solutions, OpenText also offers tools for service management that are characterized by their content management integration. In our tool selection, we often consider OpenText for companies that require a strong link between ITSM processes and document or content management.


Matrix42 offers a comprehensive suite of solutions that support not only IT departments but also end users in overcoming their daily challenges. With its expertise and a wide range of solutions for digital workplace management, Matrix42 is an important partner for companies on their journey through digital transformation.

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DCON offers specialized ITSM solutions that are characterized by their ability to efficiently automate and manage complex IT service management tasks. DCON provides companies with comprehensive functionalities that support high adaptability and deep integration into their existing IT infrastructures.

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Omninet, with its Omnitracker platform, offers a flexible and modular ITSM solution that can be tailored to the individual needs of companies. Omninet's strength lies in its adaptability and the ability to support and optimize a wide range of IT service processes.

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With Freshservice, Freshworks offers an intuitive, cloud-based ITSM solution that is characterized by its user-friendliness and quick implementation. Freshworks is ideal for companies that value ease of use, quick setup and minimal training requirements.

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Serviceware is known for its comprehensive ITSM solution that aims to optimize costs and improve service quality. Serviceware offers a wide range of functions to support service management and is particularly suitable for companies that are looking for a holistic view of their service processes and cost management.

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Cameleon is a universal digital process platform "made, run, supported in Germany".
Like its namesake, it blends almost invisibly into your company. 

Cameleon was designed and implemented by experienced consultants from IT and enterprise service management and is therefore based on decades of experience from implementation projects.

Cameleon has ready-made solution modules with certified practices for IT Service and Configuration Management, IT Asset and Software Asset Management, Project and Portfolio Management Agile, Enterprise Service Management and Customer Relationship Management. 


Our tool selection service includes a deep analysis of these and other tools to enable an informed decision based on a comprehensive evaluation of functionality, cost, integration options and customization capabilities. The aim is not only to select a tool that meets current requirements, but also supports the future growth and development of your business.

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