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BMPK 2023: It was a celebration for us!

We have been working towards this for months, and in the end the intensive preparations paid off in full: BMPK23 was even more sensational than we had imagined in our wildest dreams! There was everything: hot sleds, a spectacular opening show, an exuberant racing party including a US special guest, motivated exhibitors with creatively designed booths, top speakers on stage and and and ... Thank you to all visitors, exhibitors and speakers for five eventful days - you made the BMPK something very special! Together we networked, listened to inspiring keynotes, celebrated and enjoyed the unique atmosphere. We went home with lots of input and new contacts in our luggage. Who is now a little sad that everything is already over: Next year it will go on brilliantly!

Repeat? Absolutely!

After the event is before the event: We are happy to announce that there will be another BMPK next year! We can already reveal this much: The trade fair and congress will take place from 13 to 17 May 2024 under the motto "Wild Wild Best". You want to secure your exhibitor place already now? Then register by mail via

Sporting to the finish: 5,555 euros for a good cause

It was amazing how many sports enthusiasts took part in the Peter Maffay Walk & Run ! And that, although the route was anything but easy: On two challenging laps it went 7 kilometers uphill and downhill through the beautiful Odenwald. In addition to numerous individual runners, there were also a few teams that went to the start together. And of course we were also happy about all the walkers who mastered the course in walking pace. "The main thing is to participate" was the motto, because all 204 participants ran for the benefit of disadvantaged and traumatized children. SERVIEW paid the entry fee and donated the money to the Peter Maffay Foundation, raising a total of 5555 euros for the good cause. We are thrilled and say thank you for the sensational effort!

BESTEXPERT Award: And the winners are ...

One of the shining highlights at the BMPK was the presentation of the BESTEXPERT Award, with which we traditionally honor creative and courageous thought leaders from the IT sector. Four nominated projects were up for selection this time, and the audience was able to vote live via app for the winner.

The winning award in the "Projects" category went to the construction company Leonhard Weiss. The company successfully overhauled its entire IT service processes - and involved as many employees as possible under the motto "From the employees for the employees" to create deep acceptance right from the start. The broad participation was already evident from the fact that almost the entire project team was present at the BMPK to celebrate its well-deserved victory. Congratulations!

Special award in the "Leader" category

An outstanding personality accepted her award as a pioneer of international IT with a moving acceptance speech: The BESTEXPERT Award in the category "Leader" went to Byron Nicolaides, founder and CEO of PeopleCert. He had traveled all the way to Germany to receive the award in person.

"By taking over the rights to AXELOS, Byron Nicolaides has given the entire IT industry a great gift," said SERVIEW CEO Michael Kresse, explaining the award. "With his vision and dedication, he has ensured that the brands and content of globally established best practices such as ITIL, PRINCE2 and MSP will be available to all people and companies with up-to-date content for many years to come. His willingness to invest heavily in the continued development of these best practices shows that Byron Nicolaides is the right entrepreneur at the helm of these brands."

Hot summer promotion: 20% on all trainings

Yawning boredom in the summer slump? Why not use the time for your further training and save money at the same time? From now on, you will receive a 20% discount on all SERVIEW training courses that take place from 1.7.2023. And this is how it works:

  • Go to and click on "Portal Login" in the upper right corner
  • Log in with and the password"sommeraktion".
  • Choose your training at the best price.

By the way: The 20 percent special offer price also applies to our audit insurance.

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New look for our website

More modern, more uniform and more structured: We have given our website a new look! The neon colors typical of SERVIEW are now complemented by a deep black, and we have also opted for a new font and portrait photos of our management team. So you can see at a glance which heads are behind SERVIEW!

And the content has also changed: The focus is now on the three pillars of our company - consulting, training and coaching. In other words, everything that makes us special! After all, SERVIEW has long been much more than a training provider. Each topic area has its own color scheme that makes it easier to find your way around: Consulting has red accents, Training has yellow accents, Coaching can be recognized by green elements and our career site and overarching topics by the typical blue. Feel free to take a look around!

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Press release: New design, holistic cosmos

I am firmly convinced that the more you keep the big picture in mind, i.e. the more holistically you think and act, the more successful you will be. That's why we at SERVIEW offer you a comprehensive triad of consulting, training and coaching. Because all these areas are seamlessly intertwined.

The basic pillars of our company are now also visually closer together on the new SERVIEW website: three circles, each self-contained and yet connected to each other via a large circuit. Because we know very well that the whole is more than the sum of its individual parts.

The new design of our website reflects exactly this. Whether process design or tool implementation, training or coaching on the job, with us you get all steps from a single source - perfectly interlocked to bring out the best for you.

At the click of a mouse, we present each division in more detail so that you can get a clear picture: What is our philosophy, how do we work, what added value do we offer you? I think that's a well-rounded approach - and brings us full circle.

Enjoy discovering the new website, let yourself be inspired by the SERVIEW effect!

Yours Michael Kresse
Managing Director and Owner SERVIEW GmbH

Agile and project management

Best Practice Basics: What is ISTQB?

Software is ubiquitous these days and plays a crucial role in our daily lives. But what happens when software doesn't work as expected? The effects are often frustrating, affect the productivity of companies or bring security risks. That's why quality management is an essential part of forward-thinking software development. The International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB®) has made it its business to unite proven concepts and terms of test management and to pass them on through structured curricula. This includes the ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation, after which graduates perform their tests to a high quality and according to international standards.

Every software processes data by means of rules. However, the large number of possible combinations makes it impossible to formally prove correct processing of the data, even for very simple applications. In addition, not all combinations of data and rules can be tested in practice. Therefore, the ISTQB Certified Tester training imparts knowledge and skills to pursue a different, smarter approach in test management: Those who view and evaluate the test objects from as many different perspectives as possible can fulfill the quality requirements effectively and efficiently.

It is important to firmly integrate quality management into the development process from the very beginning. This is the only way that errors can be detected by test teams as early as the design stage and at the beginning of the implementation phase - and that they can be rectified without spending a great deal of time and money. Test automation can also only fully exploit its potential if initial preparatory steps have already been taken in the development phase. This is why training to become an ISTQB Certified Tester is worthwhile for all those who want to generate real added value through test management. Because test managers who are proficient in various types of review, use cases and static and dynamic tests are an invaluable asset to any development project.

In the ISTQB training courses, concrete and tangible methods are taught in order to do justice to the complex subject of test management. The courses offer practical tips for the optimum design of a test process that is ideally tailored to the respective use case. They also teach how test data, environments and tools can be used in a targeted manner and how test results can be logged in a traceable manner.

Do you also want to make your test process more efficient and less error-prone? In the ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation you lay the foundation for a sophisticated quality management.

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Service Management

Newly appointed: Three new ITIL Masters

They accepted the challenges and emerged as heroes: Three ITIL professionals made history at BMPK23 and were personally appointed ITIL Master by rights holder PeopleCert, represented by Vice President Product Markus Bause. This is how it came about: We called on all those who already have certification as ITIL 4 Managing Professional and Strategic Leader to take their ITIL 4 Practice Manager exam at BMPK23 and thus complete the path to ITIL Master. We were overwhelmed when three personalities followed our call and were celebrated at the Nitro Night on Thursday evening. Congratulations!

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Webinar: All about the ITIL 4 Master

Are you feeling inspired after the great performance of our three freshly graduated ITIL Masters and want to emulate the coveted certification? But you still have questions about how it all works and what you really need to become an ITIL Master? Then attend our free webinar on the topic! On 06/16, we'll explain everything about the new ITIL 4 certification scheme: How do you achieve the highest award, ITIL Master? What is the new title ITIL Practice Manager all about? What brand-new extension modules await us this year? And what are the updated recertification regulations? You'll get all the answers on June 16, starting at 11 am. Be there and register now for free!

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New seal of approval for tool manufacturers: CERTIFIEDTOOL becomes ITIL ATV

Since its inception 20 years ago, SERVIEW CERTIFIEDTOOL has established itself as one of the leading quality seals for IT tools. Now we have further developed the program together with PeopleCert, the rights holder of ITIL. This has resulted in ITIL ATV (Accredited Tool Vendor): A program with which ITIL tool vendors can have their organization including the tool certified by PeopleCert - worldwide!

This takes the seal of approval to the next level because PeopleCert, as the international brand owner, is now the final authority. We continue to work closely with PeopleCert and remain committed to the new ATV program - as the world's only official ATV certification partner to date.

What does this mean for CERTIFIEDTOOL?

With the new program, SERVIEW CERTIFIEDTOOL will fully merge into ITIL ATV, as ATV is based on SERVIEW CERTIFIEDTOOL. All certified vendors will transition to the new program at no cost and will be given until 12/31/2023 to meet the new requirements.

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Webinar: All about ATV

Big news often raises questions - and we'll answer them all! In the free webinar on June 13 from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m., we will devote ourselves to the ATV program in detail. How do you as a user benefit from the new seal of approval? What does it mean for the ITIL seals of approval on the market, such as PINKVerify? We will be happy to explain all this to you personally! To do justice to the international character of the ATV program, the webinar will be held in English. Register now for free and feel free to bring your questions!

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Webinar: How to successfully implement an ITIL® 4 compliant tool

There are many ITSM tools, but only a few can really be considered ITIL® 4 compliant. How do you find and implement such a tool? How do you meet common challenges, which topics must definitely be addressed in the tool consultation - and how do you profit most from the new software solution? Michael Heyn from SERVIEW and Marc Voigt from USU Solutions will reveal this and more in a webinar on July 6 at 11 a.m. It's worth attending!

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How to implement ITSM: Assessments

In the last MAG issues, you have already mastered four key steps that are important for a successful service management project: You've communicated the urgency of the project, built a strong leadership team with shared goals, developed an appropriate vision for your project, and engaged your staff. Now it's time for the fifth step: Assessments. Because only when you know where you stand can you determine what your path to the goal looks like.

Time for an inventory

Before getting down to business, it is advisable to get a complete picture of your organization's current capabilities. For this purpose, it is necessary to subject all relevant areas to an assessment. This will provide you with detailed information that will be useful for your further planning and implementation. Ideally, the assessment should cover four areas:

  • Process maturity: Is a process in place, repeatable, defined, actively controlled, self-optimizing?
  • Process-supporting tools: What are they? Do they support the processes? Which additions and adaptations are necessary?
  • Employee knowledge and general organizational culture: What level of education do your employees have? What is the prevailing culture in your company?
  • Management: What management culture (goals, control, commitment, clarity) is practiced?

Important: Such an assessment is not a one-time process. Rather, it is a constantly recurring process that helps you obtain a clear picture of the changes in the course of the project. This is why the very first assessment requires particularly careful preparation. After all, if you make significant changes to the method over time, the results will no longer be comparable.

A well-designed maturity assessment framework evaluates all of the above, as well as other factors that impact overall process effectiveness. These include culture of acceptance, process strategy and vision, process organization, process governance, business/IT alignment, process reporting/measurements, and decision making.

Get an external, objective partner at your side!

SERVIEW has proven methodologies in all areas of assessment and the necessary experience in execution. An internal self-assessment is all too often a victim of political objectives and places extremely high demands on the maturity level and culture of the organization. In contrast, an assessment that you conduct with us as your partner leaves little room for discussion because it is objective and neutral. In addition, the result provides an excellent basis for progress monitoring because our assessment is based on a proven framework.

Our approach:

  1. We determine a detailed picture of the initial situation. This enables sound detailed planning for your further service management project.
  2. We plan and conduct the following assessments:
    • Service management tool assessment including the most important quality seals
    • Process Maturity Assessment based on the SERVIEW Process Maturity Framework and ISO/IEC 20000 including culture and management assessment
    • Assessment of the service management skills of your employees
  3. We prepare assessment reports as well as an overall report, present and explain the results and derive recommendations for further planning.

The next issue will focus on the specific planning and design of the project phases. To be continued ...



Live in 3 cities: Speeddating for the best ITIL tool

Are you looking for the perfect ITIL tool for your organization? Then come to Frankfurt, Hamburg or Munich this fall and experience a rousing speed dating for your optimal service management software! At the round table, leading global vendors will present their ITIL solutions to you. You choose which of the 45-minute sessions you would like to attend, get to know all the advantages of the individual tools first-hand and can confront the tool manufacturers with personal questions. Please make a note of the following dates:

Frankfurt: Thursday, Sept. 28, 2023, 08:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Hamburg: Thursday, Oct. 5, 2023, 08:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Munich: Tuesday, 10/17/2023, 08:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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Event video: That was the BMPK23


With the largest congress for IT best practices in the DACH region, we experienced the emotional highlight of the year at BMPK23. Let's reminisce together about this great time characterized by intensive exchange: from the set-up to the last second, a fast-paced, rousing experience. Enjoy our official event film and an exclusive look behind the scenes!


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