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Only for MAG readers: 20 % off all BMPK packages

The countdown is on, the anticipation is rising! What we have been looking forward to for so long will soon come true: In a few days the BMPK 2023 will start. You still don't have a ticket? Then secure your personal last-minute bargain now: As a MAG reader, you will now receive an exclusive 20% discount on all BMPK packages - including day tickets for the trade exhibition. This means you can visit Europe's largest IT trade fair for as little as 76 euros!

If you would like to experience keynotes, practical presentations, Lean Coffee, evening events, training sessions, workshops and much more in addition to the trade exhibition, choose one of the five Performance Packages - and save up to 598 euros thanks to the 20 percent promotion!

Simply enter the code MAG20 in the order process and the discount will be deducted automatically. Please note: The discount only applies to tickets, not to exam fees.


Press release: The wait is finally over

We had to wait three years - over 1,000 long days - for the BMPK. Anyone who knows me knows that patience is not one of my strong points. But we skillfully used the long wait to come up with insanely great things for you. Hand on heart: the program has never been so spectacular!

For months, my team and I have been working intensively towards these five days in May. Because the BMPK is much more than an exchange between experts. It is an experience, a sparkling firework of emotions, coupled with specialist knowledge and the best network that exists in the industry. You MUST have experienced it yourself!

Therefore, my invitation to you: Come by and see for yourself! Let's immerse ourselves in this special atmosphere together and talk shop, discuss, exchange ideas and celebrate. And all this at a special price, because as a MAG reader:in you benefit exclusively from a 20 percent discount on the ticket price.

So do not hesitate, I look forward to eventful days full of encounters and goosebumps moments!

Your Michael Kresse

Managing Director and Owner SERVIEW GmbH

One app, everything inside: The congress in mobile format

Fancy a spin through the program? From timetable to street map, from high-speed briefing to lean coffee, from stage act to keynote: In our BMPK app, all important information is just a click away. What connects all program points? The irrepressible passion for a high-performance and future-oriented IT. Take a look and make a note of your personal highlights!

Curtain up for our special guest: Experience Craig Lieberman live!

He will bring Hollywood flair to the BMPK stage and take you behind the scenes of "The Fast and the Furious" cult films: Craig Lieberman, icon of the tuner scene and Technical Advisor for the cars in the first two installments of the series, will enrich the convention as a special guest. Flown in from L.A., he will report live on the production of the legendary films at Nitro Night. Finally, this year's congress motto "The Fast and the Reliable IT" is based directly on the cult film series. In the process, you'll learn captivating details about the filming and hear stories about the spectacular cars that will also be on display at BMPK. Goosebumps guaranteed!

Do you already know KIra and kAI?

Everyone is talking about artificial intelligence, and we at SERVIEW are already using it successfully - in the form of our AI-nfluencers named KIra and kAI! These animated helpers present the latest news in short videos. They have their own playlist on our YouTube channel, and you can also meet KIra and kAI on our social media channels. Technology of the future that's fun.

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Agile and project management

Agile Coach on the Test Bench: New Episode of "Serview Clears Up"

Want to have a good laugh and learn something at the same time? Then watch the new episode "SERVIEW cleans up" with Michael Kresse and Agile Coach Katja Bilsing! After that, there's finally an end to baseless claims about Agile Coaches. As a bonus, there are the funniest memes to go with it, so check it out!

Successful agile working: 5 popular methods and approaches

Anyone interested in agile working is spoilt for choice - after all, there are many different methods and approaches. Which one achieves the best result for you depends on your way of working, the technical focus and your team composition. While agile development projects like to be approached with Scrum, many production teams rely on Kanban or a mixture of both. For innovative solutions, Design Thinking is an excellent alternative, and you can work in a particularly goal-oriented manner with OKR. Want a compact overview?


Probably the best-known agile framework, it enables flexible, self-determined work without hierarchies. An interdisciplinary team organizes itself in order to be able to react spontaneously to changing requirements, such as new market conditions or customer wishes. To this end, the large end product is broken down into small subproducts. The customer is regularly and closely involved in the entire development process. The goal of Scrum is the rapid and cost-effective development of marketable products.

Application: Scrum is used primarily in agile product development. Ideal for all teams in a dynamic environment where requirements and priorities can change quickly.


Who is working on what, at what stage are the tasks, and when does everything have to be done? Thanks to Kanban, you always know, because the method from agile project management allows you to visually represent work processes. The central element is the Kanban board, which makes all steps and tasks visible at a glance - with the goal of ideally distributing capacities and eliminating bottlenecks. Kanban helps to keep the flow and avoid inefficient "stop & go".

Application: Ideal for any organization that needs a visual method to improve workflow and streamline processes.

Design Thinking

This can be used to find creative solutions to complex problems and develop innovative ideas. The special feature: Instead of approaching things from a technical solvability perspective, design thinking focuses on the user. Design thinkers look at problems through the eyes of the user. The multidisciplinary team is made up of people from different fields. In this way, different opinions and experiences come together, which leads to new ways of thinking and ideas for solutions.

Application: Design thinking is used in many areas - for example, in the development of new products, business models and smart services. However, design thinking can also be used as a general method for collaboration and reorientation.


The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) is the most widespread framework for scaling agility - in other words, living it "on a large scale". It combines the most important agile frameworks and best practices from the IT world such as Scrum, Kanban, Design Thinking, etc. into an overall system. In this way, agile working can be transferred from individual teams to entire companies.

Application: SAFe is particularly suitable for large organizations that want to apply agile practices and principles on a large scale.


Objectives and Key Results (OKR) help companies define and track measurable goals. The OKR system was developed in the 1990s and has since found favor with many well-known companies such as Google. The OKR system consists of two main components: Objectives describe what you want to achieve. Key Results, in turn, define the specific, measurable outcomes that must be achieved for the overall goal. This allows OKR to create a clear understanding of priorities and align teams around a common goal.

Application: The management method is used by many different types of organizations - including large corporations, start-ups, non-profit organizations, and government agencies.


The individual agile working methods differ from each other, sometimes considerably. The good news: You don't have to commit to one. It often makes sense to combine different agile methods to find the best approach for you. Whichever one you choose: Agile training forms the optimal basis for diving deeper into the topic. It's best to get started right away!


Thinking differently pays off! How Design Thinking improves your process design

Traditional process design can sometimes take forever and be nerve-wracking - after all, you have to reconcile the requirements of everyone involved. Do you want to reach your goal more quickly and efficiently? Then design thinking can pay off! In her latest blog post, Senior Consultant Dagmar König reveals how you can successfully accelerate your process design - and still achieve good results.


Service Management

Best Practice Basics: Why Business Simulations?

For a long time, business simulations were considered "gimmicks" - in reality, they are real-world practice scenarios that can take a team to the next level. Find out what simulations can do for your team in today's episode of Best Practice Basics.

Decision-makers and specialist employees in the IT sector often do not have it easy. They want to manage their department successfully and efficiently. But when it comes to introducing a new distribution of roles, new processes and frameworks, they often struggle against a lack of knowledge, outdated structures or a lack of common understanding. In addition, many topics are already emotionally charged from the past - or so abstract that it is difficult to grasp whether goals and motivations have been understood. You can meet all these challenges with a single goal-oriented simulation. Here you have the opportunity to learn and implement processes and methods in a practical way to increase the added value for your customers. And this free of existing hierarchies, role distributions and prior knowledge.

Using an entertaining practical scenario, you will internalize new principles and methods as a team. You learn to understand and execute the different roles independent of your own actual role. Typical problems can be solved realistically, but in an error-friendly environment. This promotes appropriate competencies in everyday work, while the technical input is also immense. This is because we evaluate the scenarios together with your team and work out possible improvements that you can implement directly in practice.

In the area of service management, we offer you three customized simulations in which you and your colleagues slip into the role of service providers. In this way, you will learn to manage your tasks in a targeted manner using engaging gamification in order to implement your customers' requirements in high quality. To experience service management first-hand, work with us on one of three gripping scenarios:

  • MarsLander: As a team, safely take a rocket to Mars and adapt your service processes in an agile way to enable optimal problem solving and predictive course adjustments.
  • Apollo 13: Deepen your ITSM practical knowledge in an exciting space mission and rescue the crew of Apollo 13.
  • Grab@Pizza: Learn service management on a realistic scenario and support the world's largest pizza delivery company with excellent products and services to achieve business goals.

Our business simulations are designed to be interactive, experiential and effective for learning. As a result, you can look forward to an unforgettable experience that will provide you and your team with new insights and skills. Curious? Then take a look at our simulation overview or contact us directly - in addition to the three service management simulations, other exciting topics such as the Agile Park, the DevOps simulation "Phoenix Project" and captivating project management scenarios await you.

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Become the world's first ITIL® 4 Masters?

For all ITIL professionals who already hold an ITIL 4 Managing Professional and Strategic Leader certification, BMPK23 offers a unique opportunity: you can succeed in becoming the world's first ITIL Master according to the latest certification standards. But that's not all - you will even be personally honored for this at the congress by global best practice rights holder PeopleCert. How does that work? It's simple:

  • You already hold the two certifications "ITIL 4 Managing Professional" and "ITIL 4 Strategic Leader".
  • Book the Performance Package 5 for the BMPK.
  • Select the training "ITIL 4: Monitor, Support & Fulfil (MSF)" during booking.
  • Complete your training at the pre-congress from May 22 to 24 and pass your exam directly afterwards. This will complete your certification as an ITIL Practice Manager and you will have collected all the necessary qualifications.
  • An official representative of PeopleCert will ceremonially appoint you as an ITIL 4 Master at the main BMPK congress!

We wish you every success and look forward to receiving your award. Seize your chance now and become part of the ITIL success story yourself!

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Consulting and
SERVIEW Certifiedtool

Webinar: How to successfully implement an ITIL® 4 compliant tool

Our free webinar with USU Solutions on May 16 will focus on typical challenges, common questions and tips for tool selection. Because: There are many ITSM tools, but only a few can really be considered ITIL® 4 compliant! You will learn live from the experts how to implement such a tool and which topics absolutely have to be addressed in the tool consultation.

PS: As a bonus, there's even something to win: We're giving away a "Show & Shine" ticket for BMPK23, where you can experience USU live as an exhibitor. Register now, pick up knowledge and win!

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Podcast: ITIL and the world of tools - What is really needed

What requirements does ITIL place on a modern ITSM tool to cover all aspects? What form does outstanding service take when it comes to the right software? Questions like these are discussed by the experts from SERVIEW and USU Solutions in the new podcast episode - as always entertaining, precise and without mincing words. Look forward to new insights about ITIL and its challenges!

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How to Implement ITSM: Empowerment

In the last MAG issues, we learned about a total of three important steps you need to take to launch your service management project: you have communicated the urgency of the project, built a strong leadership team with shared goals, and, in the final step, developed a suitable service management vision for your project. Our journey now moves to the next round: the time is ripe to engage your employees.

Success through targeted action

Empowerment is the gamechanger for your service management transformation. Therefore: Empower your employees to realize your vision and act accordingly! You can achieve this by giving your employees permission to make decisions independently. It also makes sense to define the decision-making scope for your employees in concrete terms. Always keep in mind: Empowerment means that you as a manager stand up for your employees and actively support them.

Empowered employees actively drive change in your organization. But to achieve true empowerment, they need help - from you as a manager and usually also from outside. After all, decision-making scope is of little use if your employees lack the knowledge and skills to fully exploit it.

Therefore, it is essential to train your employees properly so that they feel confident in their decisions. As a manager, you must constantly set a good example. Help your skilled workers and work with them to remove any obstacles that arise. To do this, give them clear instructions and provide them with the necessary tools.

So actively work on the pillars of true empowerment:

  • Trust
  • Defined scope for decision-making
  • Knowledge & Skills
  • Tools
  • Teambuilding

Overcoming silo mentalities

In this context, an essential key to your successful service management project is to overcome any silo mentality or - even better - to prevent its formation from the outset. Your employees should see the organization as a team. Setting up cross-organizational teams, for example, is a good way to do this, as they create social bonds. The motto of your workforce should always be "All of us together" - promote this idea wherever you can. A team working hand-in-hand to achieve the same vision is hard to stop. This is precisely why you should never underestimate the empowerment of your employees.

In the next issue, we'll turn to assessments - because only when you know where you stand can you determine what your path to your goal looks like.


Service management implementation with the champions

Exploded project costs, knowledge silos, products without added value for the customer - the consequences of missing or faulty service management are devastating. At the latest when departments drift apart and the proverbial left hand does not know what the right hand is doing, it is clear: You urgently need to take action! You need a service management system that focuses all your services on absolute added value for you and your customers. If you implement this service management, your organization will work efficiently. Your costs will decrease noticeably, while productivity and customer satisfaction will increase significantly.

We will be happy to tell you personally how you can introduce, anchor and continuously improve your service management in a targeted manner - and actively help you every step of the way. With over 20 years of experience in service management consulting and a proven process model. Take a look at our brand-new website on the subject and see for yourself!

Discover Service Management Consulting


The right package for everyone: step on the gas and book

Day ticket, half week or the full five days? Only trade show or also main congress? With training or without? The good news: Everything is possible at the BMPK!

 "Show and Shine" is our value-for-money day ticket for all trade show visitors. If you would also like to experience the spectacular main congress including all evening highlights, choose one of our five Performance Packages. They include:

  • at least 2,5 days main congress
  • fast-paced street racer party
  • sparking nitro night
  • Warm-up & participation in the Peter Maffay Foundation "Walk & Run
  • Catering
  • Shuttle service
  • Scrum Book Digital Edition

Depending on the package, you can also book a training course of your choice, a workshop or a high-speed briefing. Here you will find a clear list of all services:


Fulminant evening program: Get the party started!

Talking shop, networking, learning during the day - yes, of course! But we don't want to miss out on the celebrations at the BMPK. That's why we let it rip together after the work is done, at these explosive evening events:

Warm-up and starting signal for the Peter Maffay "Walk & Run

On your mark, get set, go! On May 24, 2023, the 10th Peter Maffay Foundation "Walk & Run" will start at 6:30 p.m. for the benefit of the Peter Maffay Foundation. Everyone will cross the finish line as a winner, because everyone is running for the benefit of disadvantaged and traumatized children. Be a part of it and do something good in the context of the BMPK!

P.S. Before the "Walk & Run", we heat up the crowd with a turbo-like warm-up. We let the adrenaline engines roar and celebrate the motivation of all participants until the pent-up energy is discharged in the phenomenal charity run!

Street Racer Party

After the charity run for the benefit of the Peter Maffay Foundation, the big Street Racer Party will take place on Wednesday evening. Whether you are an active runner or a cheering spectator: everyone is welcome, because the party afterwards is simply part of the event. Outside there will be a barbecue, a toast and a cozy meal.

Nitro Night

The evening of May 25, 2023 is all about adrenaline, gasoline and fun: In the BMPK23 Congress Hall, which has been converted into a drift area, we invite you to the first Nitro Night at a management congress, starting at 7:00 pm. Matching outfits are welcome, but not a must. As a hot incentive, we will select the most original costume and reward it with a prize.

Special guest Craig Lieberman is a particular highlight: Having traveled directly from L.A., he exudes Hollywood flair and takes all party guests on a road trip behind the scenes of "The Fast and the Furious" films. As Technical Advisor, Craig Lieberman experienced the making of the films up close and personal as he selected the appropriate cars, had them tuned and accompanied them through the filming process. He talks about the most moving moments from this time live on Nitro Night - and gives you pure goosebumps.

Learn more now

Last chance: Your project at the BESTEXPERT Award

Have you successfully mastered a challenging project? Overcome obstacles, creatively improved processes or introduced something innovative in your company? Then you have every right to be proud of yourself! Feel free to share your experience with us and show everyone what you have achieved - by submitting your project to the BESTEXPERT Award!

The expert jury will select 5 nominees from all applications. These teams are allowed to present themselves and their project at the BMPK23 and have the chance to receive the accolade as pioneers of IT:

  • Nominated teams will receive 5 tickets for the entire main congress (2.5 days) worth around 5,000 euros to experience BMPK23 together.
  • They present their project on stage for about 5 minutes to convince the attending professional audience.
  • The team that combines the most votes from the audience will receive the coveted trophy and the title SERVIEW BESTEXPERT 2023.

Be brave, apply now with a short project description - we are excited!


The next issue will be published on

09 June 2023