Link employees, processes and products to create a high-performance IT department - with the interactive Grab@Pizza simulation! Here you will learn service management in a realistic example scenario.

Grab@Pizza is a unique business simulation in which you take over the service organization of the world's largest pizza delivery company. Your department has to support the business with excellent products and services - and achieve the company's goals through clever resource and service management.

The simulation brings you to a successful business IT alignment in several rounds. Each round goes through several phases: Step one involves making decisions about your service processes and resource provisioning, as well as potential projects and new investments. Step two confronts your team with new requirements and corresponding reporting. Finally, in the third step, you discuss optimization proposals and how to proceed in the next round. In this way, a continuously improving, agile organization is created step by step.

The knowledge gained from the simulation can be easily transferred to the real practice of your company after the training. We ensure the highest topicality and maximum simulation depth through close contact with the manufacturer. In this way, you deepen your knowledge of IT service management effectively, in the long term and with fun.

Your advantages:

    • High quality training setup
    • Experienced trainers
    • SERVIEW is platinum partner of the manufacturer

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      You do not need any previous knowledge to participate in the simulation. However, experience in service management or with ITIL will benefit the learning progress.


      For the best possible result, you tailor the agenda to your individual requirements together with our experts.

      This simulation allows you to

      Following the simulation, you and the team want to have new skills and knowledge. SERVIEW's Grab@Pizza simulation allows you to do the following:

      • You can deliver successful service on a limited budget.
      • They are able to prioritize maintenance and support as well as innovation and development in IT investments and work processes.
      • You can formulate business requirements for services.
      • You will learn to prioritize projects or plan changes using a change calendar.
      • They can minimize the economic risks posed by low service availability, capacity and security.

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