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Find your place in the world of IT Service Management in an uncomplicated way! The ITIL certification offers a modular qualification approach. Depending on the focus, different aspects of the framework are examined. There are five ITIL certifications that can be obtained through training.

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ITIL Foundation Certification - The Start of Every ITIL Journey

The ITIL Foundation certification is the cornerstone of all certifications. Here you will gain an overview of all practices, functions and roles that can be applied in practice. Building on this, you can complete further courses to expand your ITIL certification step by step.

ITIL Overview - the easy way to get started

If you're unsure whether ITIL 4, as the leading framework for IT service management, will make all the difference for your organization or role, ITIL Overview can give you a quick insight. In this compact overview course, you'll quickly learn what ITIL is, how it can help you, and for whom ITIL certification is essential. However, you will not obtain an official certification through this ITIL training.

ITIL Practice Manager (PM) - the competent implementer

The latest ITIL certification you can achieve in the ITIL 4 certification scheme is the ITIL Practice Manager. This role focuses on the implementation of ITIL 4 in the organization and has the practical knowledge of how the individual practices combine to create a holistic, value-added IT service management. Starting in the second half of 2023, you can find relevant ITIL training courses in our course program. In order to achieve ITIL certification as a Practice Manager, on the one hand you need to complete the topic module "Create, Deliver & Support", which you can also have credited later for the ITIL 4 Managing Professional. On the other hand, you need practical knowledge of at least five of a total of fifteen core practices to be considered in detail. The easiest and fastest way to gain this knowledge is to attend one of three ITIL compact courses, each of which covers five of the practices in detail: "Monitor, Support & Fulfil", "Plan, Implement & Control" or "Collaborate, Assure & Improve". Alternatively, you can replace one or more practices with the extension modules "Business Relationship Management" or "IT Asset Management" to broaden your knowledge base.

ITIL Certification Managing Professional(MP) - the accomplished ITIL expert

ITIL 4 Managing Professional status demonstrates your practical and technical knowledge of how to successfully deploy modern and IT-enabled services, teams and workflows. The entire Managing Professional role is designed for an overall view of the tactical level of service management.

To achieve this ITIL certification, you must successfully complete four topic modules. On the one hand, these include the three courses "Create, Deliver & Support", "Drive Stakeholder Value" and "High Velocity IT". On the other hand, you need a successfully completed exam of the module "Direct, Plan & Improve" for this ITIL certification, which you can also credit later for your path to becoming a Strategic Leader. In contrast to the old ITIL v3 certification, you do not have to choose from the courses offered, but complete the specified training courses directly.

Strategic Leader (SL) - the smart decision maker

With the ITIL 4 Strategic Leader certificate, you demonstrate the ability to develop and implement an effective IT and digital strategy. As a Strategic Leader, you understand the value of ITIL not only for IT, but for all digital services - and have a clear understanding of how ITIL influences and guides digital business strategies. To achieve this level, you need the ITIL certification from the "Digital & IT Strategy" module and a completed exam from the "Direct, Plan & Improve" module.

If you are already a Managing Professional, thanks to the overlap, you only need to complete the former module for successful ITIL certification as a Strategic Leader.

ITIL 4 Master - ITIL Certification for the Champion

The Master status is the final qualification in the ITIL framework. This degree proves the secure implementation of various ITIL principles, methods and techniques in practice. To become an ITIL Master, you combine the three certifications Strategic Leader, Managing Professional and ITIL Practice Manager. This means that if you are already a Strategic Leader and Managing Professional, you only need one more compact course on ITIL Practices to complete your knowledge and obtain the ITIL Master certification. In this way, you establish yourself as a champion of the ITIL framework who understands the operational, tactical and strategic levels of service management in equal measure.

ITIL 4 Extension Modules: Up-to-date special knowledge with the ITIL certification

The additional modules "ITIL Sustainability in Digital & IT" and "ITIL Acquiring & Managing Cloud Services" equip you for the modern service management of the future. You specialize in the areas of IT sustainability and/or cloud technology - and thus crown your ITIL certification!

You can complete both courses independently of each other and without prior knowledge. Since the relevant key concepts from the ITIL 4 framework are part of the training, you theoretically do not even need an ITIL 4 Foundation certification. Each module ends with an official exam. In order to take part in it, you have to pass four Practical Assignment tasks in the Sustainability in Digital & IT training. There are no exam requirements for the Acquiring & Managing Cloud Services seminar. These ITIL certifications are aimed at anyone who wants to address important future topics in the context of ITIL and take a pioneering role with ITIL certification.

The new extension modules "Business Relationship Management" and "IT Asset Management" also address much sought-after topics in the context of ITIL. The special feature: Both training courses can be credited instead of one practice each on the way to becoming an ITIL Practice Manager. This gives you numerous opportunities to specialize at the operational level and obtain your ITIL certification in line with your personal requirements.

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