What is Cobit

Nowadays, nothing works without powerful, secure and reliable IT. The greater the role of IT in a company's processes, the more pressing the question becomes: How professional and up-to-date is the organizational alignment and control of this - often very complex - IT?

This is where COBIT (short for Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology) comes into play. It is considered the most internationally recognized framework for IT governance and management. COBIT owes its good reputation not least to its genesis: the framework, which was developed by the International Society of IT Professionals and Accountants (ISACA), is based on concepts from several recognized frameworks, best practices and standards. These include prominent representatives such as COSO, ITIL, PRINCE2, ISO 38500 and ISO 27000.

COBIT essentially focuses on what is required to achieve appropriate governance and efficient IT management, rather than on how. At the same time, the framework looks at the subject as a large whole. It understands IT to be much more than the narrowly defined area of a company that deals with the hardware and software used on a daily basis: namely, everything that has to do with information and the technologies related to it.

COBIT with clear goals 

COBIT 5 defines a total of 37 governance and management objectives, which will be expanded to 40 in COBIT 2019. A company should successfully implement these requirements for its organization so that all business processes function smoothly. The framework combines IT and process goals with corporate goals to form a common strategy. It provides metrics and capability assessment models, transparently identifies individual tasks and responsibilities on the business and IT sides, and emphasizes the importance of the "human factor" for the success of all governance and management activities.

With its governance and management objectives, COBIT provides users with rules for an internal organizational structure. This allows companies to advance and develop in several areas at once:

  • Effective and innovative use of IT increases its benefits for the company.
  • Reliable and efficient use of technology enables operational excellence.
  • The risks associated with IT are limited to an acceptable level.
  • The costs for IT services and technologies can be optimized.
  • The constantly increasing legal and regulatory requirements are met.

Purpose and objectives

COBIT aims to help organizations effectively govern and manage their IT resources to achieve business objectives, manage IT risks, comply with relevant laws and regulations, and generate value from their IT investments. It provides a comprehensive approach that covers both business and IT objectives by bridging the gap between business objectives and IT objectives.

Structure and components

COBIT is made up of several components that work together to provide comprehensive guidelines for IT governance and management:

  • Principles: COBIT is based on a set of principles that are central to IT governance. These principles help organizations to design their IT in such a way that it meets business needs.

  • Processes: The framework defines a set of processes within a structured model that helps to organize and monitor key IT governance and management activities.

  • Control objectives: For each process, there are specific goals to be achieved to ensure that IT contributes effectively and efficiently to the achievement of business objectives.

  • Maturity models: COBIT includes maturity models that enable organizations to assess the maturity of their IT processes and identify areas for improvement.

  • Guidelines and metrics: The framework provides guidelines and metrics to measure and manage the performance of IT processes.


COBIT has gone through several versions to keep pace with the changing requirements of IT governance. The latest version, COBIT 2019, builds on previous versions and integrates new insights and practices that address current trends and challenges in IT governance. COBIT 2019 offers a more flexible approach and allows organizations to adapt the framework to their specific needs and contexts.


COBIT is used worldwide by companies of all sizes and industries to establish effective IT governance. It is particularly valued in areas where clear structures and controls for IT are crucial, such as financial institutions, healthcare facilities and public administrations.

In summary, COBIT is an essential framework for organizations that want to optimize their IT governance and the management of their IT resources in order to achieve their business goals more effectively and maximize the value of their IT investments.

Training and certifications

For COBIT, ISACA offers various training and certification programs aimed at providing professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively apply and use COBIT within their organizations. These programs are designed for a range of roles and experience levels, from newcomers to IT governance to experienced professionals. Here are some of the key qualifications and certifications offered in relation to COBIT:

COBIT 2019 Foundation

  • Target group: Beginners and other interested parties who want to gain a basic understanding of COBIT 2019 and its application.
  • Contents: The basics of COBIT 2019, including the principles, governance system components and performance management. Participants will learn how COBIT can be used in their organization to improve IT governance and management.

COBIT 2019 Design and Implementation

  • Target group: People who already have a basic knowledge of COBIT and want to learn how to design and implement a customized governance system for their organization.
  • Content: In-depth insights into planning, implementing and optimizing a governance system based on COBIT 2019. This course focuses on how to adapt COBIT 2019 practices to specific business objectives and priorities.

COBIT 2019 Bridge

  • Target group: Professionals who already have COBIT 5 certification and want to update their knowledge to the latest version, COBIT 2019.
  • Contents: An overview of the changes and innovations in COBIT 2019 compared to COBIT 5. This course helps participants to quickly familiarize themselves with the new concepts and tools.

Specialized courses and workshops

In addition to these certification courses, ISACA also offers specialized courses and workshops that focus on specific aspects of COBIT or on the application of COBIT in specific industries or technology areas. These offerings vary according to need and interest and may include topics such as risk management, information security and compliance using COBIT principles.

ISACA membership and other resources

As a member of ISACA, professionals have access to a wide range of resources, including industry research, white papers and case studies that can further enhance the understanding and practical application of COBIT. ISACA also offers forums and conferences that provide valuable networking and learning opportunities.

These training and certification programs are designed to enhance the skills of IT and business professionals so that they can effectively apply the principles and practices of COBIT to improve IT governance and management in their organizations. Specific course content, prerequisites and certification requirements may vary by program, so it is recommended to check the current details and offerings directly on the ISACA website or with authorized training partners.

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