What is IREB?

IREB is the abbreviation for the "International Requirements Engineering Board". Therefore, the question should also be "Who is IREB?". IREB is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to the education of requirements engineers and wants to promote further education in this field.

Independent and internationally recognized experts from industry, consulting, research and education joined forces in 2006 to contribute their experience to the development of a standard for requirements engineering. The IREBcertification model for CPRE (Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering) is aimed at people who are involved in business analysis or requirements engineering and have high expectations of the quality of their work. The CPRE Foundation Level is the entry level. Since 2007, more than 24,000 people in 60 countries have passed the CPRE Foundation Level exam. In German-speaking countries alone, more than 3,000 people successfully passed the IREB exam in 2015.

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Why is IREB important?

IREB provides the basis for project and service development. If requirements are not properly determined and agreed upon, the client's goals will not be achieved and often costly corrections will follow at a later point in time. Professional requirements engineering creates a transparent communication basis for all stakeholders.

The IREB certification to CPRE FL

The holder of the CPRE FL certificate is familiar with the terminology of requirements engineering / business analysis and requirements management. He understands the basic techniques and methods of IREB and their application and is familiar with the common notations for requirements.

More information about the certification can be found at: IREB Foundation

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