What is IREB® - Definition, explanation and certification

IREB is the abbreviation for the "International Requirements Engineering Board". Therefore, the question should also be "Who is IREB?". IREB is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to the education of requirements engineers and wants to promote further education in this field.

The history of the International Requirements Engineering Board (IREB) e.V. began in 2006, when a group of experts from industry, consulting, research and academia recognized the need to professionalize and standardize the field of requirements engineering (RE). They realized that despite the central importance of requirements engineering for the success of software projects, there was a lack of uniform standards, training and certification in this area.

The founding members of IREB were experts who brought extensive experience and knowledge in the fields of requirements engineering and software development. They shared the vision of developing a globally recognized certification scheme that would improve the quality and efficiency of requirements engineering by providing a standardized body of knowledge, clear guidelines and best practices.


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Main objectives and mission

The main goal of the IREB since its foundation has been to standardize and professionalize the practice of requirements engineering. To this end, the IREB has developed a comprehensive curriculum and certification scheme known as the Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering (CPRE). The CPRE certification is offered in three levels: Foundation Level, Advanced Level and Expert Level. This structure enables professionals to gradually expand and deepen their knowledge and skills.

Development and growth

Since its inception, IREB has worked continuously to expand its reach and influence. CPRE certification has established itself as a globally recognized standard, and thousands of professionals in over 70 countries have become certified. IREB works with a variety of training providers to make CPRE training and exams accessible.

The IREB has also expanded its offering over the years by introducing new modules and specializations within the Advanced Level to meet the changing needs and trends in software development and requirements engineering. These include topics such as Agile Requirements Engineering, Requirements Modeling and Requirements Management.

Global presence and partnerships

To increase its global presence and accessibility, IREB has established partnerships with numerous national and international organizations and training providers. These partnerships help to standardize CPRE certification worldwide and ensure that exams and materials meet IREB's high quality standards.

IREB certification path

The IREB certification path is divided into different levels that build on each other and enable professionals to gradually expand their skills:

  1. Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering - Foundation Level (CPRE-FL): This certification forms the basis and provides fundamental knowledge in the field of requirements engineering. It is aimed at anyone involved in the elicitation, analysis and management of requirements, including business analysts, product managers and system analysts.

  2. Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering - Advanced Level: After achieving the Foundation Level, professionals can deepen their knowledge by attending Advanced Level courses. This level is divided into several modules that deal with specific aspects of requirements engineering:

    • Requirements Elicitation and Consolidation
    • Requirements Modeling
    • Requirements Management
    • RE@Agile (Requirements Engineering in Agile Processes) Each module concludes with its own exam and the certificates are independent of each other.
  3. Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering - Expert Level: This is the highest level of certification and is aimed at people who wish to demonstrate comprehensive expertise and many years of experience in requirements engineering. To achieve this certification, candidates must hold several Advanced Level certificates and successfully complete a practical task and an oral exam.

Role of the ISQI

The International Software Quality Institute (iSQI) plays an important role in the administration and delivery of IREB exams. iSQI is a leading provider of certification in the software quality and IT professions. It partners with various organizations, including IREB, to provide standardized testing and certification to professionals worldwide. Through this partnership, professionals can take IREB exams through iSQI, which are available in numerous countries and in different languages.


IREB is committed to raising the level of professionalism in requirements engineering through a structured training and certification program. The certifications are recognized worldwide and offer professionals an excellent opportunity to expand and validate their skills in this critical area of software development. The collaboration with iSQI ensures wide availability and recognized quality of the certification exams, making the IREB CPRE certification program a valuable resource for anyone working in software development and in requirements engineering in particular.

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