SERVIEW Training Location StuttgartSERVIEW Training Location Stuttgart

All IREB® Training courses and dates on site in Stuttgart

Think of the magnificent, multi-layered structure of the Stuttgart TV Tower, towering and dominating the city skyline. With its solid base, mature structure and clear vision, it symbolizes the principles of the International Requirements Engineering Board (IREB), the focus of our outstanding training in the dynamic city of Stuttgart.

IREB is like the firm foundation of the TV tower, providing the stability and structure for requirements analysis and management in IT projects. In our IREB trainings you will learn how to define, document and manage clear and precise requirements to ensure the quality and success of your projects.

Each of our training sessions is like an elevator ride up the TV tower, where you'll gain a new perspective on requirements engineering with each floor. You'll dive into the depths of requirements analysis, learn the subtle nuances of requirements management, and gain the skills to clearly and concisely define your project's goals.

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