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All IREB® Training courses and dates on site in Leipzig

In Leipzig, where the echoes of Bach's compositions still resonate in St. Thomas Church, you can recognize the true masterpiece that is created when every note, nuance, and pause is precisely crafted. This focus on detail and harmony is reflected in the International Requirements Engineering Board (IREB) methodology that we present in our unique trainings in Leipzig.

IREB is like composing a symphony. Every part, every requirement, is carefully analyzed, documented and coordinated to create a perfect whole. In our IREB trainings you will learn how to effectively elicit, document and manage requirements to improve the quality of your software products and make your projects successful.

Each of our training sessions is like a music lesson where you learn the fine details of requirements engineering. You'll learn how to identify stakeholder needs, accurately formulate requirements, and effectively manage change to keep your projects running smoothly and successfully.

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