ITIL® Master in the Shortest Time: A Guide

With the new ITIL® Master Status, there is movement in the ITIL framework: New ITIL training courses are ready to impart knowledge in an even more practical way, and complementary ITIL certifications such as the ITIL Practice Manager are conquering the market. The ITIL Master certification is now considered the highest peak of the ITIL framework. Here you will learn how to become an ITIL Master in a targeted and efficient way. We start with the most effective way for experienced holders of existing ITIL certifications and also reveal at the end how you can quickly reach your goal as a complete ITIL beginner. Let's go!

From ITIL 4 Managing Professional to ITIL Master

If you have already completed the most widespread ITIL 4 certification to date, the Managing Professional, you can complete your qualification as an ITIL 4 Master in no time. Because if you are already a Managing Professional, you only need two more ITIL training courses to complete your path to ITIL Master:

  • Monitor, Support & Fulfil (MSF) and
  • Digital & IT Strategy (DITS)

Because both courses can be completed in three days, you can become an ITIL Master in just six days. A particular advantage is that with each of the two courses you simultaneously achieve a further certification level: With "Monitor, Support & Fulfil" you complete your profile as an ITIL 4 Practice Manager and are thus even better informed about the practical application of well-known ITIL practices. In addition, with the "Digital & IT Strategy" course, you advance to ITIL 4 Strategic Leader.

In concrete terms, this means: You complete two ITIL 4 training courses, pass the final two exams and thus earn three titles at once - because the ITIL Master crowns your certification path after just these two courses!

Become an ITIL 4 Master as a Strategic Leader

If you are an ITIL 4 Strategic Leader, you will need a little more time to achieve ITIL Master status. However, you've already laid the foundation in style, because now you're only missing four topic complexes. These can be completed in a short time thanks to our compact training courses, so that you can apply your knowledge as a newly qualified ITIL Master. To do this, you need a total of three training courses:

  • Create, Deliver & Support (CDS)
  • Compact course: Drive Stakeholder Value & High Velocity IT (DSV & HVIT) and
  • Monitor, Support & Fulfil (MSF)

With "Create, Deliver & Support" and the ITIL compact training DSV & HVIT, you will achieve Managing Professional status in just eight course days. This represents a milestone on your way to becoming an ITIL Master, because all you need to do afterwards is complete the final ITIL training course "Monitor, Support & Fulfil". With the successful completion of this exam, you will not only officially achieve the title of ITIL 4 Practice Manager, but will also be elevated to ITIL 4 Master at the same time.

ITIL 4 complete as a beginner

Even as an ITIL 4 beginner, you can make your way to the highest ITIL certification efficiently and cost-effectively. To become an ITIL Master, you only need three compact training courses of five days each and an additional individual course:

  • Compact: ITIL 4 Foundation + Monitor, Support & Fulfil (Foundation & MSF)
  • Compact: Create, Deliver & Support + Direct, Plan & Improve (CDS & DPI)
  • Compact: Drive Stakeholder Value + High Velocity IT (DSV & HVIT)
  • Digital & IT Strategy (DITS)

Start your way to becoming an ITIL Master with the compact combination of ITIL 4 Foundation and "Monitor, Support & Fulfil". Here you will learn the basics of ITIL and at the same time prepare for the certification as ITIL 4 Practice Manager.

Then continue your ITIL certification path with the compact course CDS & DPI. If you successfully pass the exam, you will achieve the title of ITIL 4 Practice Manager and take a look at the topics of ITIL 4 Managing Professional and Strategic Leader. Then expand your knowledge with the compact DSV & HVIT course to complete your ITIL certification as a Managing Professional.

Finally, we recommend the ITIL training "Digital & IT Strategy". With this last course you will secure the title ITIL 4 Strategic Leader and automatically achieve the ITIL 4 Master certification thanks to the three certifications you have collected (Practice Manager, Managing Professional, Strategic Leader)! This way you can plan your path to the ITIL Master certification in an efficient and cost-saving way.

Do you still have questions? You can find out more about the complete ITIL 4 certification scheme on our overview page "Your path to ITIL certification" - or contact us directly. We look forward to welcoming you to our training courses and helping you take that crucial career step forward!

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