New in the course program: How TOGAF® drives companies forward

Admittedly, the term sounds a bit unwieldy at first: TOGAF® stands for "The Open Group Architecture Framework" and is a framework for the development and management of enterprise architectures. TOGAF enables a holistic view of companies by linking different levels such as business architecture, application architecture, data architecture and technology architecture. And that has many advantages in our digitalized business world!

Everything standardized: TOGAF provides a standardized method for describing, defining and managing architectures. This leads to consistency in the architecture and facilitates communication between the various stakeholders.

Useful Combo: TOGAF helps align business and IT strategies. This is crucial because a company's IT strategy is closely linked to its business strategy.

More efficiency: By taking a systematic approach to IT strategy, companies can optimize processes, use resources more efficiently and avoid unnecessary duplication.

Less risk: TOGAF helps minimize the risks associated with IT investments while supporting business objectives.


Why is TOGAF certification useful?

Professional training offers IT professionals the opportunity to understand TOGAF and its application in detail - and to take full advantage of this powerful framework:

Qualification: TOGAF certification is a recognized standard in the industry. It proves that you are able to use the framework effectively.

Practical know-how: TOGAF training courses provide not only theoretical knowledge, but also practical use cases and examples. They help to apply the principles in real-life situations.

Competitive advantage: Professionals who have completed TOGAF training are better equipped to make strategic decisions. They can drive their company forward and give it a real competitive advantage.


We as SERVIEW have recently been officially accredited by the Open Group and are now allowed to inspire you with our TOGAF trainings. We offer the following 10th Edition TOGAF trainings:

  • 2 days TOGAF Foundation, as face-to-face training and live online
  • 2 days TOGAF Practitioner, as face-to-face training and live online
  • 4 days TOGAF Compact, as classroom training and live online

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