PRINCE2 recertification: How to keep your knowledge up to date

Since 2023, all "Global Best Practice" certifications have an expiration date. You should therefore renew your PRINCE2 certificate every three years to ensure that your knowledge is always up to date. But what is required for PRINCE2 recertification and what deadlines apply? We explain.


What is the recertification process all about?    

All "Global Best Practice" certifications of the rights holder PeopleCert are only valid for three years retroactively from June 30, 2020. This also applies to PRINCE2.


Is PRINCE2 recertification mandatory?  

No, but it is still recommended - after all, frameworks such as PRINCE2 are continuously being developed and their content adapted. Feedback from the community is also constantly incorporated into the frameworks and the certification process. PRINCE2 recertification keeps your know-how up to date - and allows you to upgrade from version 6 to the current version 7, which contains important improvements for project work. It therefore makes perfect sense to keep your technical knowledge up to date with regular further training.


How can I renew my PRINCE2 certification?

There are three options for your PRINCE2 recertification:

  • Retake: Successfully pass your original exam again before expiry of the renewal date of the certificate
  • Successful completion of an exam from the same product family: PRINCE2®, PRINCE2® Agile, MoR®, MSP®, MoV®, MoP®, P3O®
  • Collect and register CPD points (Continual Professional Development). For this you need an active "MyAxelos Subscription". You can find more information here.


We would be happy to advise you on the best option for you!




What are the deadlines for PRINCE2 recertification?         

You have 3 years from the certification date to renew your certificate.
Good to know: If you hold several certificates in the same subject area, the renewal date for all certificates is the exam date of the last successfully completed exam +3 years.

An example to explain: If you successfully passed your PRINCE2 Foundation on December 15, 2020 and successfully passed the Practitioner one year later on December 15, 2021, both certificates will have a renewal date of December 15, 2024.

For your PRINCE2 recertification, you must now successfully pass ANY exam from the "Project, Program and Portfolio Management" product family by this deadline. It does not matter which exam this is for the renewal. For example, you could take the PRINCE2 7 Foundation course, PRINCE2 7 Compact course or a PRINCE2® Agile certification. Both existing PRINCE2® certificates would then be renewed.


How will I know when my certification "expires"?

You will receive a message from PeopleCert in good time before your certificates expire. You should contact us by then at the latest so that we can show you the best way to maintain your certifications.


How can I prepare for PRINCE 2 recertification?        

In our official PRINCE2 training courses, we teach you everything you need to know about the PRINCE2 method and principles - in a practical, well-founded and entertaining way. So you'll be well prepared for the exam!

To the training courses


If you opt for the retake option and want to take your original exam a second time, you can book just the respective exam instead of a training course. Learning materials, books and practice exams will then help you prepare for PRINCE2 recertification.


Does a renewal inspection correspond to the scope of an initial inspection?

Yes, the scope and level of difficulty of the renewal test does not differ from the initial test.


What happens if I do not renew the certificate?

Certifications that have passed their renewal date will continue to be recognized as a prerequisite for participation in advanced courses and will be listed in PeopleCert's publicly accessible "Successful Candidate Register" - but with the note that these certificates do not comply with the current PeopleCert certification standards.


You are also welcome to find out more about our wide range of training courses and learn more about PRINCE2.

To the PRINCE2 training courses

What is PRINCE2?

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