SAFe®6.0 Update & German test

SAFe® 6.0 Update & German test

Breaking news about the Scaled Agile Framework, short SAFe®: The new version SAFe 6.0 is here and with it far-reaching updates to the framework that make it faster, better and more cost-effective. In addition, the exam and exam materials are now also available in German - another milestone in the development of SAFe. You can experience trainings according to the new version standard at SERVIEW as one of the first providers already from April 1, 2023. The corresponding SAFe Trainings can be found in our training overview. Or do you already want to get a taste of what awaits you? Then read on!

New focus areas in SAFe 6.0

SAFe 6.0 skilfully takes into account the developments of recent years. After all, organizations have never operated in such a fast-moving, changeable, and complex world as they do today. Constant external influences such as crises and new technologies, for example AI, Big Data and cloud systems, consistently offer unknown opportunities and challenges that companies have to deal with. To stay up to date with such radical changes, customer feedback and current business trends are constantly being incorporated into the agile framework. The new SAFe 6.0 version is designed to make it easier for organizations to turn disruptions and challenges into beneficial changes.

To this end, SAFe fundamentally changes the way its processes are used. Change should be sustainable and designed at all levels. To achieve this, a number of advanced practices have been integrated into the SAFe framework to accelerate, stabilize, and anchor value flow more efficiently. We take a brief look at the key improvements in the new SAFe version below.

Agile across the business: streamlining and strong teams

Leaner, more efficient approaches are to find their way into all fundamental aspects of business agility with SAFe 6.0. New values and mindsets, revised and clear responsibilities, and an updated SAFe implementation roadmap help seize business opportunities faster and more decisively. This includes improved business agility enabling an MVP for solving new challenges within 2 to 6 months.

At the same time, the responsibilities of individuals within the SAFe framework have been revised. This helps to better understand one's own role and thus supports the entire team in effectively pursuing the company's goals. Personal satisfaction is also decisively increased by clearer role models. After all, each and every individual then knows what needs to be done. For example, the previous role of the Scrum Master is redefined with SAFe 6.0 as a team coach, whose activities ensure transparency, efficiency, and a better work and value flow, among other things.

Acceleration: SAFe 6.0 goes Turbo

Speaking of flow: SAFe 6.0 places a further focus on accelerating the value flow. For this purpose, 8 flow accelerators are defined, which are no strangers in the agile world:

  • Visualize and limit work in progress
  • Identify bottle necks
  • Minimize dependencies and handovers
  • Generate faster feedback
  • Work in small units
  • Reduce long waiting lists for work
  • Optimize time "in the zone
  • Eliminate contaminated sites

Measurements form the basis for all these practices: In SAFe 6.0, it should always be known what is happening, how processes work, and how they can be improved. New articles on SAFe Scrum, SAFe Team Kanban, Built-in Quality, and Value Stream Management add flow directly into daily work. Further guidance on how to apply "value flow without disruption" to Agile Teams, ARTs, Solution Trains, and Portfolios is also addressed - so that aspects that were previously intangible or measurable can be seamlessly integrated into work with SAFe.

Shaping the future with AI, Big Data and Cloud

New technologies are radically changing the way organizations work. How AI, Big Data, and Cloud can be used profitably thanks to SAFe is an additional focus of the new SAFe 6.0 release. Because technologies like these are critical to the future, organizations would do well to embrace them as early as possible:

  • AI is not only revolutionizing the way we work, but will also have a serious impact on the business models of various companies.
  • Big Data affects the entire portfolio of an organization, as working with it places high demands on vision, investment, centralization, and governance at the highest levels.
  • Cloud technologies hold the potential to radically improve the speed of product development as well as the agility of companies.

To achieve business goals more efficiently and measurably, SAFe 6.0 also integrates enhanced instructions for handling Objectives and Key Results (OKR). This allows competence and flow to be made even more visible and measurable, making progress transparent at every level and in every respect.

We have now taken a superficial look at some of the significant changes and improvements. You can already see: SAFe 6.0 has it all and creates the conditions for scaling agility even more efficiently and sustainably for large and very large organizations. Take the opportunity now to master the new version early and thereby provide your company with the decisive competitive advantage! You will learn everything you need to do so in our Leading SAFe 6.0 trainings starting April 1, 2023. Sign up now!


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