PeopleCert FAQ: All about the mock exam

PeopleCert FAQ: All about the mock exam

Want to make sure the technology is running smoothly before the actual exam? Prepare yourself optimally for your PeopleCert exam? Then the PeopleCert mock exam will help you. But how does this exam differ from a mock exam? Is the mock exam proctored? And can you write it at any time? We would like to provide all these questions with suitable answers today.

What is a mock exam?

The mock exam is a one-time run-through of an online exam. Here you can take a close look at the technicalities of your PeopleCert exam and get a feel for the sharp exam. The mock exam is the exam run-through only. So you will not receive any other documents.

Who is PeopleCert? Aren't we at SERVIEW here ...?

PeopleCert is the rights holder of numerous best-practice products such as ITIL®, PRINCE2® and MSP. This means that PeopleCert makes decisions about all framework content, takes exams, and accredits trusted companies to deliver the relevant content. We at SERVIEW are one such accredited training company.

Is the mock exam the sample exam?

Mock and sample exams are different. The mock exam is designed to help you prepare for your sharp exam in terms of content. In the mock exam, on the other hand, you can familiarize yourself with the technicalities of the exam situation. Also, the questions in the mock exam simulator are not mixed thematically, but sorted along the syllabus.

How long does a mock exam take?

A mock exam takes the same amount of time as the corresponding sharp exam (including extra time for foreign languages). This means: If your certification exam would be 60 minutes long, as is the case for ITIL 4 Foundation, for example, the mock exam would also take 60 minutes.

Is mock testing supervised?

The handling and the appearance of the mock test correspond to the sharp test. However, it is a pure web simulation. This means that the exam takes place without an exam shield and without supervision.

Do I need an appointment?

Since the exam is not supervised, you do not need to book an appointment. After redeeming the voucher on the PeopleCert website, it is valid for 1 year. Once you start the mock exam, you have 24 hours to complete it.

Can the mock exam be repeated at will?

One voucher is valid for one mock exam. This means that you can only take the exam once. If you would like to make further attempts, these are subject to a charge.

How do I get access to the mock exam?

Just like the sharp exam, you will receive access to the mock exam as a voucher code that you can redeem at PeopleCert.

Will I get a result after the exam?

Your mock exam result will be displayed and stored in your PeopleCert account immediately after the mock exam is completed. You will only receive topic-related feedback on the syllabus areas. You will not be told in detail which questions you answered correctly and to which you chose an incorrect answer.

In which languages are the mock exams available?

The mock exams are available in German and English, among other languages. Other possible languages, e.g. for the ITIL 4 Foundation, are Chinese, Dutch, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Spanish and Portuguese.

Is the proctor available in the same language as the exam language?

The mock exam takes place without a proctor because it is not proctored.

Is it possible to book the mock exam without training?

For the ITIL4 Foundation and PRINCE2 Foundation it is possible to book the mock exam without training, as even taking a sharp exam does not require training.

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