What is a Scrum Master? Tasks, skills, competencies

He is indispensable for agile product development according to Scrum: the Scrum Master maintains an overview of the Scrum process. But what exactly does a Scrum Master do? Find out here what a Scrum Master is, what tasks are involved, what skills are required for this position and whether you need certification.

The Scrum Master as ambassador and servant leader

The Scrum Master supports the introduction and implementation of agile work processes according to Scrum. In doing so, they take on the role of a teacher and ambassador for the principles and rules of the Scrum framework. Teams that are new to Scrum in particular are often not yet fully familiar with the agile way of thinking. It is up to the Scrum Master to familiarize the team with Scrum and get everyone involved excited about this approach.

The Scrum Master leads the Scrum team, but does not take on a traditional leadership role. Instead, he acts as a "leader who serves" who is fully committed to the well-being of others. He supports the team in organizing itself and helps the members to grow and develop personally.

What exactly is a Scrum Master?

A Scrum Master is a problem solver, process optimizer, mentor and coach in one person. Another task of the Scrum Master is to moderate events such as sprint planning or sprint reviews and to conduct reflective meetings to follow up on sprints - so-called retrospectives. In these retrospectives, the participants evaluate the positive and negative aspects of the sprint and work together to develop measures for improvement. The Scrum Master acts as a supporter and moderator here to ensure effective communication within the team. Scrum masters do not intervene in the content of product development, but concentrate on optimizing the Scrum processes.

What else does a Scrum Master do? Another task of the Scrum Master is to act as a point of contact for interpersonal and organizational problems within and outside the team. They remove internal and external obstacles to make the team's work easier and ensure that everything runs smoothly. For example, they keep unsuitable tasks away from the scrum team so that they can work in a focused and undisturbed manner.

Last but not least, the Scrum Master always acts as a coach and mentor. He supports the team in organizing itself and offers help for self-help.

Mediator between the parties involved: Another role of the Scrum Master

The collaboration of the Scrum Master is not limited to the developers of the Scrum team. Their tasks also include supporting the Product Owner. Although he does not intervene directly in operational tasks, the Scrum Master helps with the selection of techniques to clearly define the product goal, among other things. They also work with the Product Owner to develop approaches for managing the product backlog. In the event of conflicts that cannot be resolved jointly by the Product Owner and the Developers, the Scrum Master acts as a mediator between the two parties.

Here is a brief summary of the most important tasks:

What is a Scrum Master and what does he do?

  • Organizes agile product development
  • Organizes and moderates meetings and events
  • Familiarizes team members and the organization with Scrum
  • Is a "servant leader" (leader who serves)
  • Is neutral in terms of content
  • Problem solver
  • Process optimizer
  • Intermediary
  • Coach
  • Mentor
  • "Protects" the entire Scrum team from unsuitable tasks

Characteristics of a successful Scrum Master

Now you know what a Scrum Master does. But who is suitable for this position? Above all, interpersonal and methodological skills are crucial for the job of Scrum Master. Thanks to their communicative and mediating role, the Scrum Master establishes numerous connections within the company.

If you want to become a Scrum Master, you should enjoy working in a team and be able to communicate well with others. In addition, knowledge of agile approaches and project management, communication skills, motivation and commitment are fundamental prerequisites for this role.

With a certification, you can prove your knowledge and skills as a Scrum Master and increase your attractiveness on the job market. SERVIEW offers recognized certifications from scrum.org and PeopleCert - for beginners and advanced learners, as a combined or individual course, on site or live online. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Scrum with us!

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