Empowerment as a Gamechanger: How to implement ITSM,
Part 4

In the last parts of our series, you have learned about a total of three important steps you need to take to launch your service management project: you have communicated the urgency of the project, built a strong leadership team with common goals, and, in the last step, developed a suitable service management vision for your project. Our journey now moves to the next round: the time is ripe to engage your employees.

Success through targeted action

Empowerment is the gamechanger for your service management transformation. Therefore: Empower your employees to realize your vision and act accordingly! You can achieve this by giving your employees permission to make decisions independently. It also makes sense to define the decision-making scope for your employees in concrete terms. Always keep in mind: Empowerment means that you as a manager stand up for your employees and actively support them.

Empowered employees actively drive change in your organization. But to achieve true empowerment, they need help - from you as a manager and usually also from outside. After all, decision-making scope is of little use if your employees lack the knowledge and skills to fully exploit it.

Therefore, it is essential to train your employees properly so that they feel confident in their decisions. As a manager, you must constantly set a good example. Help your skilled workers and work with them to remove any obstacles that arise. To do this, give them clear instructions and provide them with the necessary tools.


So actively work on the pillars of true empowerment:

  • Trust
  • Defined scope for decision-making
  • Knowledge & Skills
  • Tools
  • Teambuilding
  • Overcoming silo mentalities


In this context, an essential key to your successful service management project is to overcome any silo mentality or - even better - to prevent its formation from the outset. Your employees should see the organization as a team. Setting up cross-organizational teams, for example, is a good way to do this, as they create social bonds. The motto of your workforce should always be "All of us together" - promote this idea wherever you can. A team working hand-in-hand to achieve the same vision is hard to stop. This is precisely why you should never underestimate the empowerment of your employees.


If you need help with this, we will be happy to assist you - with over 20 years of consulting experience in ITSM projects, we will actively support you in your service management implementation.

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