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Persuasion is everything: How to implement Service Management, Part 1

Persuasion is everything: How to implement Service Management, Part 1

If you stand behind something, you can make a big difference - and get others on board with your enthusiasm. This also applies to service management. In the first part of our new blog article series, "How to implement Service Management," you'll learn why the initial work of persuasion is so important and how you can find influential supporters for your service management project.

A new tool will not revolutionize the way a company works. Nevertheless, it is usually easier to get expensive technology approved than a moderate budget for a service management project. Why is that? The answer is: Because it gets down to the nitty-gritty! The transformation from technology provider to service provider takes time, is strenuous and involves major changes. It requires assertiveness and persuasiveness. Familiar habits and ways of working, personal spheres of power and established structures are put to the test and - where necessary - reorganized. At the same time, it takes time for progress to become apparent: making service management successful is a marathon, not a sprint. What you need is a business justification to take on this marathon - and an influential partner to support you.

Right from the start: How to drive your service management project forward in a targeted manner

In practice, unfortunately, half of all service management initiatives fail at precisely this point: too few managers and employees see a real need for change or give it a chance. Without this backing, your project unfortunately crumbles before it has even begun.

So what to do? To convince all stakeholders, the question "What will happen if we do nothing?" must lead to a real sense of urgency. And it needs to happen at all levels. This is where your sponsor, as a member of top management, can help drive the project forward. He or she is convinced of the need for change, represents the initiative to top management, and ensures that the necessary resources and budgets are in place.

The decisive step ahead with consulting

In this context, it is important that the sponsor actively sponsors your service management project at the strategic level throughout the entire term. Therefore, the better and more convincingly you can communicate the feeling of necessity and back it up with hard facts, the easier it will be for you to find a real supporter.

Good to know: Your persuasion partner does not necessarily have to come from within the company. External support can also pay off for you. Our experienced consulting team does a great job of making your organization's vision a reality and anchoring change with purpose. The SERVIEW consulting experts accompany you from the first to the last step - and help you to successfully advance the mammoth project of service management.


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