FAQ: Re-certification for ITIL®& Co

FAQ: Re-certification for ITIL® & Co

This is new in the cosmos of Global Best Practices from rights holder PeopleCert: For up-to-date knowledge in ITIL®, PRINCE2® and Co., the rights holder is offering recertification starting this year. Find out what this means, by when you should take care of your recertification and much more in our FAQ.

First of all: Are all PeopleCert certifications basically only valid for three years?

No, that is not true. What is true is that all so-called global best practice certifications from PeopleCert will only be considered current for three years, retroactively from June 30, 2020. However, there is no obligation to recertify. According to rights holder PeopleCert, Global Best Practices include the following certification areas: ITIL®, PRINCE2®, PRINCE2® Agile, M_o_R®, MSP® and MoP®.

For which certifications is renewal required?

In the near future, a renewal is particularly suitable for certifications issued before June 30, 2020. These can be renewed until July 01, 2023.

If your certification was issued after June 30, 2020, you have three years to successfully renew your exam.

Is the renewal of the certification mandatory?

No, you are not required to take care of recertification. However, renewal has the advantage that you always have the latest knowledge and the latest status of the frameworks. After all, community feedback is constantly flowing into the frameworks and the certification process, so keeping your certification up to date will be worth your while.

How can you renew your certification?

There are three ways of renewing certificates:

  • Successfully passing the same exam again before the certificate renewal date expires.
  • Collect and register CPD (Continual Professional Development) points. For this you need an active "MyAxelos Subscription". For more information on renewing certificates using CPD points, see this link: https://peoplecert.org/ways-to-get-certified/keep-your-certification-current/renew-your-certifications
  • Successfully passing an exam from the same product family. PeopleCert has divided the products affected by the renewal scheme into product families:
  1. Product family ITIL®4

         i. All ITIL®4 certifications

     2. product family project, program and portfolio management

         i. PRINCE2®
         ii. PRINCE2® Agile
         iii. MoR®
         iv. MSP®
         v. MoV®
         vi. MoP®
         vii. P3O®

     3. agileSHIFT® Product family

         i. All AgileSHIFT® Certifications

     4. RESILIA® Product family

         i. All RESILIA® Certifications

A successful certification within a product family will postpone the renewal date of ALL other certificates within that product family. Here are a few examples:

  1. They have the following certifications:
  • PRINCE2® Foundation from 15.10.2020
  • PRINCE2® Practitioner from 14.11.2020
  • MoP® Foundation from 17.07.2020

The renewal date for all three certificates is 11/14/2023 (date of last exam taken plus 3 years).

For renewal, you must now successfully pass ANY exam from the "Project, Program, and Portfolio Management" product family by 11/14/2023. It does not matter for the renewal which exam this is.

So you could:

  • One MSP® Foundation,
  • the MoP® Practitioner or
  • a PRINCE2® Agile certification

attain. Your two existing PRINCE2® and the existing MoP® Foundation certificate would be renewed as a result. Even the renewed, successful passing of a PRINCE2® Foundation exam renews all existing certifications from the product family - including the PRINCE2® Practitioner.

They have the following certificates:

  • ITIL®4 Foundation from 02/11/2019
  • ITIL®4 Specialist: Create, Deliver & Support from 01.07.2021
  • ITIL®4 Specialist: High Velocity IT from 31.08.2022

The renewal date for all three certificates is Aug. 31, 2025 (date of last exam taken plus 3 years).

For the renewal, you now have until 31.08.2025 to take ANY exam from the product family "ITIL®4" successfully. It does not matter at all which exam this is for the renewal. The ITIL®4 product family offers a very wide variety for further training. But even the renewed successful passing of an ITIL®4 Foundation exam on 08/30/2025 results in postponement of renewal date of ALL existing ITIL®4 certificates to 30.08.2028.

You can also find more information about renewing your PeopleCERT certificates at the following link.

Where can you book a renewal exam?

You can purchase the renewal exam from SERVIEW as an accredited training organization (ATO) at special conditions. Direct booking via PeopleCert is possible, but you pay a significantly higher price there and also do not benefit from our support.

Why is the price of the retest higher at PeopleCert than at SERVIEW?

SERVIEW is one of the six largest PeopleCert partners worldwide. As the only accredited training organization with platinum status from the rights holder in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, we have the opportunity to pass on our good purchasing conditions to you. 

How much does a renewal inspection cost?

The prices for renewal exams can be found on our website in the corresponding topic area, e.g. ITIL Foundation "Renewal Exam".

How will I know when my certification "expires"?

You will receive a message from PeopleCert in good time before your certificates expire. At the latest then, you should contact us so that we can show you the best way to maintain your certifications.

Does a renewal inspection correspond to the scope of an initial inspection?

Yes, the renewal exam does not differ in scope and difficulty from the initial exam. That is, an ITIL Foundation renewal exam consists of 40 questions just like the initial exam, takes one hour to complete, and requires the same minimum score to pass.

How does the renewal test take place?

The exam takes place as an online proctored exam, i.e. a proctored online exam. For you, this means: You can take your exam when and where you want. Anytime and anywhere. You will be accompanied by the exam proctor via webcam and loudspeaker.

This should answer the most important questions. If you are still unclear about anything, please feel free to contact us personally. You can also find more information about the PeopleCert examination conditions in our PeopleCert FAQ. 

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