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Our PRINCE2 company training courses are far more than just courses - they are a partnership for the success of your company. From the initial consultation to the individual design of the training measures and follow-up support, we accompany you to ensure that your learning objectives are not only achieved, but exceeded. Our passion is to empower your team to reach their full potential and make a measurable contribution to the success of your business. 

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Choose a daily training rate or the flexible "seats model" for your corporate training?

When it comes to the organization and financing of further training measures, companies are often familiar with the training day rate model. At SERVIEW, we are familiar with two models: the daily training rate and the SERVIEW Seats model. Both models have their advantages, but for certain scenarios and objectives, the SERVIEW Seats pricing model can offer significant benefits. Below you will find a comparison of the models:


  • Training daily rate: A flat daily rate for training a group, regardless of the number of participants up to a certain maximum. This model offers little flexibility in the event of fluctuating numbers of participants or individual learning needs.
  • Seats model: payment per participant and training unit. This model allows companies to book exactly the number of seats they need and easily adjust them as required. This offers unrivaled flexibility, especially for companies with varying training needs.

Cost efficiency

  • Daily training rate: Can be cost-efficient if the maximum number of participants is fully utilized, but leads to inefficient costs per person if the number of participants is lower.
  • Seats model: Enables precise budgeting and cost control, as payment is only made for the employees who actually take part. This model is particularly advantageous for companies that require targeted training for individual employees or small teams without overpaying for unused seats.

Personalization and targeted training

  • Training day rate: Offers little scope for adapting the content to the specific needs of individual participants, as the training is usually aimed at a larger group.
  • Seats model: Promotes personalized learning experiences as companies can book specific courses for employees with different needs and at different skill levels. This maximizes learning success and the applicability of the content in everyday working life.


The Seats model stands out in particular when it comes to flexibility, cost efficiency and the ability to personalize learning content. It helps companies to invest in the individual development of their employees and offers a transparent cost structure that adapts seamlessly to varying needs and budgets. Especially in dynamic business environments where rapid adaptation and targeted skills development are required, the Seat pricing model proves to be the superior choice for training. Get in touch with us!

This is how it works:

1. make contact:

Let us know your wishes and requirements. You can find all contact details here !

2. needs analysis:

Together we analyze the training needs of your team.

3. offer preparation:

You will receive an individual offer that is precisely tailored to your requirements.

4. implementation:

Our experienced trainers carry out the training at your premises, tailored to your operational processes.

5. aftercare

We are also there for you after the training to ensure learning success and provide further support.

Your company training at the SERVIEW Education Center

Would you like to hold a company training course and are looking for the right environment? You've found it! The SERVIEW Education Center with adjoining hotel is a place of learning and inspiration. You can find out all about the Education Center here.


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