SERVIEW Training Location LeipzigSERVIEW Training Location Leipzig

Our SRE trainings and dates in Leipzig

Imagine Leipzig, where the echoes of Bach's and Mendelssohn's masterful melodies still echo through the cobbled streets. The masterful composition and flawless performance of these musical pieces is akin to the practice of Site Reliability Engineering (SRE), the focus of our unique trainings in Leipzig.

SRE is like the fine tuning of an orchestra before a big concert. It ensures that every system, every component, runs at peak performance while remaining error-free. In our SRE trainings, you'll learn how to make systems more reliable, minimize downtime, and create a culture of learning and continuous improvement.

Each of our training sessions is like a music lesson where you learn the techniques of SRE. You'll learn how to measure system reliability, improve risk management, and perform effective incident management.

We are currently unable to offer any guaranteed dates for this training course. To view potential dates, please deactivate the 'Guaranteed dates only' option. If you are interested in one of the proposed dates and would like us to organize it for you, please contact us for a personal consultation.