SERVIEW Training Location StuttgartSERVIEW Training Location Stuttgart

Our SRE trainings and dates in Stuttgart

The vibrant city of Stuttgart, the heart of the German automotive industry, is home to powerful machines that embody speed and reliability. It is this impressive blend of power and precision that is the essence of Site Reliability Engineering (SRE), the focus of our unique training in Stuttgart.

SRE is like the precise inner workings of a high-performance car, where every detail is designed for performance and reliability. In our SRE trainings, you will learn how to apply these principles to optimize your IT systems and maximize their reliability while increasing your team's productivity.

Each of our training sessions is like a tour of an auto manufacturer's assembly line, where you'll learn about the state-of-the-art techniques and processes used to produce these engineering masterpieces. You'll gain deep insights into SRE concepts and practices, including defect budgets, service level objectives (SLOs), and automation that will help you make your systems more effective and reliable.

We are currently unable to offer any guaranteed dates for this training course. To view potential dates, please deactivate the 'Guaranteed dates only' option. If you are interested in one of the proposed dates and would like us to organize it for you, please contact us for a personal consultation.